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Best Value Schools - The 50 Best Value Colleges for Teaching Degrees

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Teaching is one of the most admirable professions you could choose - teachers are both underpaid and under-appreciated, yet they hold a great responsibility to educate the next generation of leaders, inventors, and innovators. Teaching can be a challenging profession, and the degree programs that will lead you to the classroom can be equally challenging.

Luckily, numerous colleges have dedicated entire departments to the subject of education. Many universities offer multiple degree options, allowing undergraduates to earn their credentials in multiple subject areas and grade levels.

The 50 Top Teacher Education Programs Ranking Methodology

Selection Criteria

For this ranking, we focused on four-year, public and private (non-profit) colleges and universities that offer multiple bachelor's degrees in teaching. To be eligible for consideration on this ranking, each school had to be actively conferring degrees to students in each of its teacher education programs (at least five per program in the past year). Because of our focus on affordability, we also limited consideration to schools with an average annual net price below $30,000. Lastly, we created a minimum threshold for quality by only researching colleges with retention and graduation rates greater than 50% and admission rates below 85%.

Ranking Factors

Once we had our initial list of contenders, we ranked all the eligible programs in six categories:

  • Teaching Program Popularity: How many students earned their bachelor's degree in teaching last year, and what did that represent as a percentage of the total graduating class? (Weighted 30%)
  • Breadth/Activity of Teaching Degree Programs: How many total teacher education programs does the school offer, and what is the average number of students who graduated from each program last year? (Weighted 10%)
  • Acceptance Rate: What percentage of applicants does the school admit each year? (Weighted 10%)
  • Graduation Rate: What percentage of undergraduates earn their degree within 150% of the expected timeframe? (Weighted 15%)
  • Retention Rate: What percentage of freshmen return to the school for their sophomore year? (Weighted 15%)
  • Net Price: What is the average annual cost of attending the school after adding together the price of tuition, fees, and room/board then subtracting the average financial aid package awarded to undergrads? (Weighted 20%)

Next, we crunched the numbers, scaled the scores so that the top program earned the maximum possible points, and assigned each school a total point value out of 100. Scroll down to see our results: a ranking of the 50 best, most affordable colleges for teaching degrees in the U.S.

One of Maryland's top colleges for teaching degrees, Salisbury pairs students with mentor-teachers who provide ongoing guidance and support.

50. Salisbury University

Salisbury, MD
Seidel School of Education & Professional Studies

Thanks to a generous endowment, Salisbury University's School of Education and Professional Studies offers some of the best teaching degrees in the country. Not only can you choose from the standard options (Secondary or Elementary Education, for example), but Salisbury also offers a double major in Elementary and Early Childhood Education that would be a great choice for anyone who wants the opportunity to teach at both levels. The school also stands out for its well-developed internship program. While classroom experience is crucial to any teaching degree, Salisbury incorporates a mentorship component that pairs you with a "mentor-teacher" who can provide meaningful guidance during your internship experience.
Average Net Price: $17,678/yr
Score: 70

You can reduce the cost of FAU's affordable teacher education programs by applying for one of many education-specific scholarships.

49. Florida Atlantic University

Boca Raton, FL
College of Education

If affordability is crucial to you, give Florida Atlantic University a look. Not only does the school offer myriad cheap bachelor's degrees in teaching, but you can reduce the cost even further by applying for an education-specific scholarship. FAU awards some scholarships based on merit and some on financial need, and skill set give preference to students who meet specific requirements. For example, at least one award prioritizes Christian applicants. You can also make the most of your time at the school by earning one of a few non-degree certificates. Adding an Infant Toddler Developmental Specialist certificate to your résumé, for example, can help you stand out.
Average Net Price: $11,303/yr
Score: 70.1

On this teaching degree ranking, UNC shines for its focus on education-specific research.

48. University of North Carolina at Charlotte

Charlotte, NC
Cato College of Education

At UNC - Charlotte, you'll find a top teachers college that employs award-winning professionals and offers unique opportunities to participate in meaningful research. The school brings in significant amounts of external funding thanks to its work investigating crucial topics, including how to best help students with disabilities, why some students are more successful than others in college, and how to provide culturally relevant instruction. This work takes places at six educational institutes and research centers on campus, meaning you'll have plenty of avenues to explore. Plus, you can conduct research abroad! The Office of Education operates several education-focused international programs that match a wide variety of student interests.
Average Net Price: $12,084/yr
Score: 70.5

While earning an accredited bachelor's degree in teaching at the University of Cincinnati, you can participate in literacy-focused research.

47. University of Cincinnati

Cincinnati, OH
School of Education

Alongside its more traditional accredited teacher education programs, the University of Cincinnati also supports some atypical options. For example, you can earn a certificate in Deaf Studies and learn how to incorporate ASL topics and instructional techniques in the classroom. Or you might choose a B.S. in Human Development and Community Engagement, which grooms graduates to affect change in their communities, especially those in urban settings. And if literacy is your passion, you might consider the school's Scientific Research in Children's Literacy Lab, which investigates factors that affect how children develop reading skills.
Average Net Price: $19,978/yr
Score: 70.5

GSU might be one of the best teachers colleges for students who want to help underserved children.

46. Georgia State University

Atlanta, GA
College of Education and Human Development

Aspiring teachers who want community engagement to form a significant part of their undergrad experience should give Georgia State University a look. This affordable college for teaching degrees is involved in quite a few outreach programs that seek to keep education majors engaged with the larger Atlanta community. For example, the After-School All-Stars Atlanta program provides kids living in the inner city with tutoring, homework help, sports opportunities, and more. There's also a Reading Recovery Program, which provides intensive assistance to students struggling to meet critical literacy milestones. These options — and more — provide meaningful ways for you to flex your skills as an educator and make a real difference in your community.
Average Net Price: $14,573/yr
Score: 71.6

If you seek support and guidance as you enroll in a top teacher education program, you'll appreciate BC's year-long freshman seminar.

45. Boston College

Chestnut Hill, MA
Lynch School of Education and Human Development

From the moment you set foot on campus as a freshman, Boston College has a plan for you. The school's unique Freshman Experience, Reflection and Action (ERA) program brings together cohorts of education majors each week to participate in discussions, present work, and listen to panels. In addition, the program imparts essential information regarding time management and prioritization that are crucial for a successful college experience. You'll also have ample support from faculty as you earn your accredited teaching degree, which places a strong focus on leadership skills. In your junior and senior years, you can even sign up to become an ERA student leader.
Average Net Price: $27,167/yr
Score: 72.3

One of the best teachers colleges in New York, Niagara University helps future teachers boost their skills through an assortment of specialized minors.

44. Niagara University

Niagara University, NY
College of Education

More than a quarter of the bachelor's degrees that Niagara conferred last year were in education, and it's easy to see why. The school not only provides an impressive array of degree options, but it also offers superior career preparation through a focus on in-depth fieldwork. Plus, Niagara allows you to tack a minor onto your top bachelor's degree in teaching, giving your résumé a boost and building your skills in a specific area. For example, a minor in Developmental Disabilities will prepare you to work in special education with children or adults, while a Literacy minor can help you address a growing issue in American schools.
Average Net Price: $18,523/yr
Score: 72.5

While earning your accredited bachelor's degree in teaching at West Chester, you'll gain plenty of in-classroom experience.

43. West Chester University of Pennsylvania

West Chester, PA
College of Education and Social Work

Alongside the classic student-teaching requirement that you'll find in all the best teacher education programs, West Chester University of Pennsylvania also incorporates a field experience earlier on in the curriculum. The time requirement is much less than a typical student teaching assignment, but it gives you the chance to make sure you truly want to pursue teaching - and gives you a taste of what you'll experience as a full-time student teacher. It also allows you to get comfortable observing students in the classroom before jumping into a teaching internship, where you'll have to develop and implement your own curricula.
Average Net Price: $18,651/yr
Score: 72.5

One of Michigan's best colleges for teaching degrees, CMU offers both on-campus and online options.

42. Central Michigan University

Mount Pleasant, MI
Department of Teacher Education and Professional Development

For sheer volume of teaching programs, Central Michigan University is at the head of the pack on this teachers college ranking. With more than 20 degrees, CMU's Department of Teacher Education and Professional Development undoubtedly offers at least one that meets your interests. CMU even has an impressive selection of fully online programs, including a B.S. in Early Childhood Development and Learning and a B.S. in Integrated Science at the elementary level. But that's not all; the school also shines for its flexibility. For example, it's twice-yearly admission cycle lets you enroll in either the fall or spring, depending on your schedule.
Average Net Price: $14,275/yr
Score: 72.7

UNI's top teaching degrees prepare students for work in niche subjects.

41. University of Northern Iowa

Cedar Falls, IA
Department of Teacher Education

UNI has a reputation as "Iowa's teacher school" and one of the region's best affordable colleges for teaching degrees. Indeed, the university offers programs that focus on all education levels and myriad subjects, from Earth Science to Music to Physical Education. Faculty work alongside both state- and national-level education programs to develop curricula, and they keep abreast of trends in teacher effectiveness to ensure that graduates can meet standards and help their students succeed. And it all pays off: Most students find employment in their subject after graduation, especially those who major in niche fields (Business Teaching, for example).
Average Net Price: $14,831/yr
Score: 73

For aspiring special educators, Ball State offers some of the best teaching degrees.

40. Ball State University

Muncie, IN
Teachers College

Although Ball State has more than 20 accredited teacher education programs on offer, its special education degrees really help it stand out. As an undergraduate, you can major in five highly targeted special ed. areas, including Severe Intervention All Grade, Hearing Impaired/Deaf, and Applied Behavior Analysis (Autism). You can also choose to double major in Elementary Education and Special Education: Mild Interventions if you want to teach in a general classroom but also have the skills to provide interventions for children with learning disabilities. But regardless of your major, you can enrich your instructional competence by joining one of Ball State's many student organizations, such as Men in Education, the Student Education Association, or Students for Education Reform.
Average Net Price: $13,369/yr
Score: 73.8

The affordable bachelor's degrees in teaching at SJC all focus on secondary education.

39. St. Joseph's College-New York

Brooklyn, NY
Department of Adolescence Education

Whereas many top teachers colleges offer a wide variety of programs, St. Joseph's prefers to do one thing - and do it well. As such, it offers degrees exclusively in adolescent education; from there, you can focus on one of six specific subjects. The programs frequently earn accolades as some of the best in the New York metropolitan area thanks to a curriculum that covers myriad learning methods, theories of intelligence, and contemporary pedagogy. Of course, the degrees also incorporate ample hands-on experience through a combination of field observations and student teaching, and you'll need to sum up your work with a comprehensive e-portfolio.
Average Net Price: $16,831/yr
Score: 74.3

If you want to study abroad as part of your affordable teacher education program, give Nebraska a look.

38. University of Nebraska-Lincoln

Lincoln, NE
Department of Teaching, Learning, and Teacher Education

The University of Nebraska - Lincoln earns a spot on this teaching degree ranking in part for its smattering of unique "endorsement areas." If you major in secondary education, for example, you might choose to earn an endorsement in Business, Marketing, and Information Education, which would make you extra appealing to schools that need teachers for vocational subjects. UNL is also a great choice if you want to study education abroad thanks to a dedicated program in the Netherlands. This immersive experience examines how Dutch schools meet the needs of immigrant students and includes meetings, site visits, and more.
Average Net Price: $16,462/yr
Score: 74.7

Thanks to its scholarships and liberal arts-focused curriculum, GVSU is one of the best colleges for teaching degrees.

37. Grand Valley State University

Allendale, MI
College of Education

While earning an affordable bachelor's degree in teaching at Grand Valley State University, you'll benefit from a curriculum that is both grounded in the traditional liberal arts and focused on career-based learning. In fact, GVSU's education program has a reputation for top-notch experiential learning opportunities. This hands-on training starts as soon as you declare your major in the field, when you'll complete your first teacher assistantship. Later, you'll graduate to a more traditional student-teaching placement that will test your ability to lead a classroom. And if cost is a factor, know that the school has both need- and merit-based scholarships available to education students, many of which are renewable for future semesters.
Average Net Price: $15,904/yr
Score: 74.7

Western Carolina has a long history as one of the best teachers colleges in the region.

36. Western Carolina University

Cullowhee, NC
School of Teaching and Learning

Interestingly, Western Carolina University started out as a dedicated teachers college when it first opened in 1889. Today, though it's broadened its focus, the school remains one of the top colleges for teaching degrees in the state — and it has impressive teacher placement rates to prove it. Along with numerous on-campus programs at both the undergraduate and graduate levels, WCU also has an attractive online B.S. degree in Birth Through Kindergarten. You can take one of two tracks with this degree; one prepares you for professional teaching, while the other will train you for positions outside the public school system, such as a daycare coordinator or academic administrator.
Average Net Price: $13,646/yr
Score: 75.1

Auburn is one of the best teachers colleges for those who want teach physical education.

35. Auburn University

Auburn, AL
College of Education

If you want to become certified to teach in Alabama, Auburn is likely the place to go. The university's comprehensive range of programs is in high demand, and none more so than its degree in elementary education. Auburn also stands out for its variety of tightly-focused specializations. For example, the College of Education runs six separate accredited teacher education programs in physical education and related subjects, like Rehabilitation and Disability Studies. And if you're in the market for a graduate degree, Auburn can offer you a similarly varied yet highly specialized selection, from programs in ESL to Career and Technical Education.
Average Net Price: $21,698/yr
Score: 75.5

Check out the affordable bachelor's degree in teaching at ECU if you'd like to teach rural students.

34. East Carolina University

Greenville, NC
College of Education

Look to East Carolina University if you want a top teachers college that goes above and beyond to meet its students' needs. And nothing exemplifies this dedication like ECU's one-of-a-kind "Mursion" program. Mursion is an immersive training program that employs virtual classroom technologies to help aspiring educators practice their skills - from lecturing to collaborating with other educators - in a low-stakes environment. ECU's other main claim to fame is its Rural Education Institute. This grant-funded research center uses "targeted research, policy development, and professional learning" initiatives to meet the needs of underserved populations living in rural areas.
Average Net Price: $12,817/yr
Score: 75.6

You can mix and match an undergrad major with a graduate-level teaching degree as part of Temple's accelerated dual-degree teacher education program.

33. Temple University

Philadelphia, PA
College of Education

Niche programs in Industrial Education, Human Development and Community Engagement, and Marketing Education are all on offer at Philly's top college for teaching degrees. The school even has an accelerated dual-degree option, which is a rare find - even on our ranking of top programs. Dual-degree student pick an undergraduate major in their desired field and then pair it with a Master's in Education. This paves the way for some neat pairings; for example, you could earn your B.A. in Sociology and an M.Ed. in Urban Education. And while the school's degrees are only guaranteed to qualify you for certification in Pennsylvania, Temple takes pains to help non-resident applicants navigate their home-state requirements.
Average Net Price: $21,237/yr
Score: 75.9

Not only does Missouri offer some of the best teaching degrees in the state, but it also supports meaningful research projects.

32. University of Missouri-Columbia

Columbia, MO
Department of Learning, Teaching & Curriculum

The University of Missouri - Columbia isn't content to simply provide cheap bachelor's degrees in teaching. Indeed, the school also offers a healthy selection of graduate programs at both the master's and Ph.D. levels - plus online and hybrid offerings. In addition, faculty members at Missouri lead important research initiatives that seek to change the way educators reach their students. The Flipped Project, for example, investigates how using class time to solve problems and "homework time" to watch video lectures could be more beneficial than the typical arrangement. Another project explores how performance outcomes differ when elementary-level teachers have special training in mathematics versus general education.
Average Net Price: $16,317/yr
Score: 76.3

One of New York State's top colleges for teaching degrees, Geneseo awards an array of education-specific scholarships.

31. SUNY College at Geneseo

Geneseo, NY
Ella Cline Shear School of Education

Of all the schools on this affordable teaching degree ranking, SUNY College at Geneseo has some of the best and most targeted scholarships. No matter your area of focus (Early Childhood Education, Special Education, etc.), you'll likely qualify for at least one of Geneseo's education-specific financial awards. Many seek to reward students who demonstrate academic excellence, but others look at character or an intention to pursue graduate-level study at the school. Faculty members can even nominate education majors who demonstrate outstanding student teaching skills. Other appealing attributes include the School of Education's helpful list of student resources, and its on-campus testing site for the New York State teacher certification exam.
Average Net Price: $17,283/yr
Score: 76.5

The affordable bachelor's degree in teaching at Oneonta gives you the chance to take part in an immersive residency program.

30. SUNY Oneonta

Oneonta, NY
School of Education and Human Ecology

According to multiple rankings, SUNY Oneonta's accredited teacher education programs are some of the best in the country. The school's esteemed reputation is due in part to its innovative teaching methods, such as its cohort model. Each cohort, or group of students, progresses through a series of courses as a cohesive unit. This strategy gives participants the chance to collaborate and help one another develop their skills. And if you're lucky, you may have an opportunity to participate in Oneonta's immersive Teacher Residency Program. If chosen, you'll join a dozen classmates for an extended student-teaching experience in a nearby elementary school, allowing you to get to know the kids and your mentors on a deeper level.
Average Net Price: $15,498/yr
Score: 76.5

On this teachers college ranking, Clemson provides one of the best opportunities to participate in research.

29. Clemson University

Clemson, SC
Department of Teaching and Learning

Clemson University's dedication to teacher education is most evident in its impactful research initiatives. The school's dedicated Center for Research and Collaborative Activities helps secure funding, find collaborators, and generally make research accessible to faculty and students alike. This means that as you pursue a top teaching degree at Clemson, you can take part in cutting-edge, interdisciplinary research to augment your classroom studies and student teaching. Currently, dropout prevention and early literacy are among the center's top areas of exploration, and the school participates in many statewide initiatives that bring this work to the children of South Carolina.
Average Net Price: $17,797/yr
Score: 77.8

One of NYC's best colleges for teaching degrees, Brooklyn College has a particularly strong program in bilingual education.

28. CUNY Brooklyn College

Brooklyn, NY
School of Education

With an average net price of just under $10,000, CUNY Brooklyn College offers an eminently affordable path to earning a teaching degree. Alongside the more common cheap bachelor's degrees in teaching, Brooklyn College also supports a few niche options. For example, you can major in Art Education if you'd like to bring your passion for art to the classroom. An even more unique choice is the Bilingual Education "extension," through which students who are fluent in both English and Spanish can earn certification to teach in both languages. This could be a great choice if you want to stay in New York City and reach the area's many bilingual students.
Average Net Price: $9,771/yr
Score: 77.9

The University of Alabama's top teaching degrees include a unique focus on leadership.

27. University of Alabama

Tuscaloosa, AL
College of Education

For more than 150 years, the College of Education at the University of Alabama has been producing exceptional leaders in the field. This accredited college for teaching degrees is a particularly fitting choice if you intend to pursue graduate-level studies; it offers several targeted programs to develop your leadership skills and prepare you for work in education administration. At the undergraduate level, specializations in kinesiology, music education, and special ed. complement standard programs in elementary and secondary education. But no matter which path you choose, you'll gain exposure to contemporary teaching methods that are culturally sensitive and grounded in the latest research.
Average Net Price: $20,133/yr
Score: 80.1

Towson's affordable teacher education program produces educators who are committed to serving students from diverse backgrounds.

26. Towson University

Towson, MD
College of Education

With accreditations at both the national and state levels, a focus on social justice, and a targeted and individualized advising program, Towson easily ranks as one of the best teachers colleges. The school puts a premium on diversity and aims to produce teachers who can work with students from widely divergent backgrounds. The curriculum also incorporates the latest technology to prepare aspiring teachers for work in the digital age. And Towson should be particularly appealing to students who are interested in teaching at multiple levels, as Elementary Education majors have the flexibility to minor in another subject while also completing a field experience in Secondary Education.
Average Net Price: $15,597/yr
Score: 80.8

A unique opportunity to study abroad helps New Paltz's top teacher education program stand out from the crowd.

25. SUNY New Paltz

New Paltz, NY
Department of Teaching and Learning

Although SUNY New Paltz offers just a smattering of undergraduate degrees, the school ensures that you can make the most of your four years. As you earn a cheap bachelor's degree in teaching at New Paltz, you can take part in one of many community-based programs — both close to home and further afield. For example, the Urban Teacher Education Center focuses on the special skills required to teach in an urban setting, while a special student teaching program in Australia gives you a crash-course in the country's teaching system and then lets you practice your skills Down Under.
Average Net Price: $14,605/yr
Score: 81.1

Penn State's comprehensive and tech-focused programs stand out on this teaching degree ranking.

24. Pennsylvania State University

University Park, PA
Department of Curriculum and Instruction

Undergraduate education majors can feel confident in the quality and breadth of preparation they'll receive at Penn State. The school's teaching curriculum incorporates three hands-on internship and practicum experiences to ensure that students are well-equipped for their future jobs. Through your training experiences at this accredited teachers college, you'll work with children of varying ages, backgrounds, and learning abilities to maximize your versatility as an educator. You'll also learn how to incorporate technology into lesson plans thanks to Penn State's unique Exploring Directions in Ubiquitous Computing and Teacher Education (EDUCATE) program.
Average Net Price: $25,055/yr
Score: 81.3

SUNY Cortland's truly innovative programs make it one of the best colleges for teaching degrees.

23. SUNY Cortland

Cortland, NY
School of Education

SUNY Cortland boasts one of the most popular options on this teacher education program ranking, at least relative to the other degrees the school offers. In fact, nearly a quarter of BS/BA graduates last year earned their degree in teaching or another education-related field. Cortland's programs are undoubtedly popular for many reasons - one of which is that they come with the support of high-minded initiatives like the Center for the 4th and 5th R's (Respect and Responsibility). This center seeks to develop classroom strategies that "promote the development of performance character and moral character" in schools. Another example is the Urban Recruitment of Educators, which aims to find future teachers in some of the state's high-poverty areas.
Average Net Price: $17,422/yr
Score: 81.4

FIU has one of the best bachelor's degrees in teaching reading at the elementary level.

22. Florida International University

Miami, FL
Department of Teaching and Learning

Among its many merits - including a low cost and a faculty that remains involved in local schools - Florida International University is particularly impressive for its commitment to reading education. At this cheap college for teaching degrees, you can opt for a Reading Endorsement as part of your B.S. in Elementary Education to take advantage of its nationally recognized elementary-level reading education program. On another note, nontraditional students will love FIU's 100% online B.S. in Early Childhood Development Track. Note, however, that the online degree doesn't lead directly to certification; you'll have to pursue licensure in your own state.
Average Net Price: $12,966/yr
Score: 81.5

Tennessee's top teachers college has brag-worthy graduation and retention rates.

21. Vanderbilt University

Nashville, TN
Department of Teaching and Learning

If you want to earn an accredited teaching degree at a top school, look to Vanderbilt University. Its 97% graduation rate, 92% retention rate, and robust alumni giving program all speak to the school's stellar reputation. All education programs incorporate the so-called "liberal education" core, which gives you a broad understanding of universal concepts such as communication, humanities, and more. And Vanderbilt is also a great choice if you hope to participate in research. Faculty members pursue work focused on ESL instruction, media and technology usage in the classroom, and more.
Average Net Price: $23,150/yr
Score: 81.7

Students at LSU are asked to think about the broad impact of curriculum theory as they pursue an affordable bachelor's degree in teaching.

20. Louisiana State University

Baton Rouge, LA
School of Education

Alongside the typical student teaching requirement, Louisiana State University also provides a few other ways to get hands-on training. For example, the August Experience places you in a classroom on both the day before and the first day of school, giving you the chance to see how teachers prepare for a new school year. This accredited college for teaching degrees also engages in global-minded work through its Curriculum Theory Project, which investigates the role of education in democracies and how different societies value knowledge. The goal is to promote curricula that apply worldwide, and you can get involved by joining a research project or attending the yearly Curriculum Camp.
Average Net Price: $15,095/yr
Score: 82.1

Study abroad options and a year-long immersion help ASU's top teacher education program stand out.

19. Arizona State University

Tempe, AZ
Mary Lou Fulton Teachers College

ASU offers plenty of targeted affordable teaching degrees, with specializations available in subjects such as STEM, Bilingual Education, and Earth and Space Sciences. No matter which you choose, you can take advantage of the school's generous iTeachAZ program. This year-long immersion program places students in a classroom for an entire year, giving them the chance to not only practice their skills, but also witness the results! In addition, the school shines for its education-specific study abroad programs, which include a cultural exchange program in Costa Rica and a service-learning experience in Spain.
Average Net Price: $13,007/yr
Score: 82.5

CUNY Queens College is the most affordable option on this teachers college ranking.

18. CUNY Queens College

Queens, NY
Division of Education

Not only will you find an extremely cheap bachelor's degree in teaching at CUNY Queens College, but you'll also find a school that seeks meaningful engagement with its community. Thanks to the Center for the Improvement of Education, you can be part of a city-wide effort to bring together schools, agencies, businesses, and other organizations to help children flourish and grow. Another benefit of these partnerships is that it helps the school design teaching degrees that meet the needs of local students. Of course, you'll have plenty of opportunities to help local students yourself when you complete a field experience in the city.
Average Net Price: $8,704/yr
Score: 83.3

The urban-focused accredited teaching degree at Miami University prepares you for work in high-need settings.

17. Miami University-Oxford

Oxford, OH
Department of Teacher Education

The accredited teacher education programs at Miami University - Oxford will definitely prepare you for work in Ohio, but reciprocity agreements with other states mean you may also be able to transfer your skills elsewhere. This is good news for aspiring teachers who want to specialize in niche subjects, as Miami offers a wealth of programs in highly specific areas. For example, the Foreign Language Education program includes rarer languages like Chinese and Latin, while the Science Education program comes with subspecialties in Earth Science, Physical Science, Life Science, and more. Another option is to join the Urban Teaching Cohort, which pairs students with teaching opportunities in underserved communities.
Average Net Price: $20,186/yr
Score: 84.4

Illinois' best college for teaching degrees includes a strong non-licensure program.

16. University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign

Champaign, IL
College of Education

Although most students will want to enroll in a degree program that leads to licensure, the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign also has a strong non-licensure degree. At this top teachers college, you can pursue a B.S. in Learning and Education Studies with one of four concentrations, including "Educational Equality and Cultural Understanding" and "Digital Environments for Learning, Teaching and Agency." These programs prepare you for work in training or management positions in diverse fields and can help you stand out from the competition. On the other hand, those who pursue the typical education degree will benefit from a dedicated advising team, targeted field placements, and more.
Average Net Price: $16,683/yr
Score: 85.2

The top teacher education program at NC State includes an optional residence program where you'll mentor a local student.

15. North Carolina State University at Raleigh

Raleigh, NC
College of Education

North Carolina State has all the usual suspects in its lineup of affordable teaching degrees, including programs at every education level and in targeted fields like special education. But the university also provides some unusual offerings, including an Agriculture and Extension Education option at the undergraduate level. Another strength of NCSU's program is its emphasis on hands-on experience - even for students in their first year. For example, the residential SAY (Students Advocating for Youth) Village runs a comprehensive mentoring program that pairs freshmen with local fourth and fifth graders, granting future educators an early opportunity to bond with young learners and receive training from experienced professionals.
Average Net Price: $13,066/yr
Score: 85.4

The accelerated B.S./M.S. option at FSU makes the school's already cheap teaching degree even more valuable.

14. Florida State University

Tallahassee, FL
College of Education

When you consider the myriad scholarships available to education majors at Florida State University, it's easy to see why the school earns a spot on this affordable teachers college ranking. Scholarships are available for all education students, and minority applicants in particular have a bevy of opportunities to receive financial assistance. Another way to save money is by enrolling in FSU's accelerated B.S./M.S. program, where you'll earn both degrees in just 10 terms. And you won't have to compromise your career goals in exchange for this faster pace; the accelerated option offers specialization areas in everything from Social Science to Visual Disabilities.
Average Net Price: $16,506/yr
Score: 85.5

At MSU, a cohort model means you can specialize in global or urban education as part of your affordable bachelor's degree in teaching.

13. Michigan State University

East Lansing, MI
College of Education

In terms of pure numbers, Michigan State doesn't have a particularly impressive selection of accredited teacher education programs at the undergraduate level. However, its unique cohort system helps you bring focus to whichever degree you choose. From the beginning of your first year as an education major, you'll join either the Global or Urban cohort depending on the type of setting in which you'd like to teach. The benefits of this model are to ensure that your classes are tailored to your area of interest and that your classmates express similar goals and can help you grow as an educator.
Average Net Price: $14,970/yr
Score: 86.8

This top teachers college offers an Honors Program for highly motivated students.

12. University of Delaware

Newark, DE
Delaware Center for Teacher Education

Traditional students will find plenty to like at the University of Delaware, including its rich variety of programs, low average net price, and robust set of student services. But non-traditional students are also likely to see Delaware as one of the best colleges for teaching degrees. This reputation is due in part to the university's Alternative Routes program, which enables current teachers to pursue certification in "critical need" areas while continuing to work full-time. Aspiring educators in search of an intellectual challenge will also find great options at Delaware, thanks to an Honors Program that requires participants to complete a teaching-related thesis paper or research project.
Average Net Price: $15,894/yr
Score: 88.2

Indiana University is one of the best colleges for teaching degrees if you want to add a minor in a highly specialized field.

11. Indiana University-Bloomington

Bloomington, IN
School of Education

While earning your accredited bachelor's degree in teaching at Indiana University, you can strengthen your skillset - and your résumé - by also pursuing a minor. For example, the school's minor in Education Policy gives you a big-picture look at education systems in the U.S., while the Counseling minor focuses on the power of interpersonal communication. Another option is to earn a certificate in a field such as Higher Education and Student Affairs, which could be useful if your long-term plan is to work on a college campus. And veterans who are considering a career in teaching should seriously consider IUB's Second Service program, which offers tuition discounts, dedicated advising, and credit for relevant military experience.
Average Net Price: $12,621/yr
Score: 88.9

If you'd like to teach students who are Deaf or hard of hearing, give this top teachers college in New Jersey a look.

10. The College of New Jersey

Ewing, NJ
School of Education

The College of New Jersey offers one of the best teaching degrees for Education of the Deaf/Hard of Hearing. This dual B.S./M.S. incorporates intense instruction in ASL as part of a compressed five-year program (which does require some summer study) and will earn you three separate certifications by the time you graduate. As an undergrad, you'll start by choosing a major in a field that is relevant to your long-term teaching goals. You can go with one of the more common options, or branch out into a subject like gender studies, psychology, or sociology. Plus, you can join TCNJ's Deaf-Hearing Connection Club, which raises awareness of - and provides services to - the local Deaf community.
Average Net Price: $22,421/yr
Score: 89

Among Florida's top colleges for teaching degrees, USF stands out for its focus on social justice.

9. University of South Florida

Tampa, FL
Department of Teaching and Learning

At USF, the ultimate goal of its affordable teacher education program is to produce educators who contribute to a "just and productive society." As such, the school values collaboration with the community, research into the most effective teaching methods, and a focus on excellence. One example? Its on-site Preschool for Creative Learning, which brings local children and aspiring educators together for the benefit of both groups. As an undergraduate, you can choose from a wealth of teaching degrees, and there are plenty more options at the graduate level — including a few fully online programs. USF is also a great choice if you want to augment your major with a related minor, such as Foreign Language Education or the Science of Physical Activity.
Average Net Price: $11,398/yr
Score: 90.9

Alongside the more common accredited bachelor's degrees in teaching at Ohio State, you'll find a program for helping visually impaired students.

8. Ohio State University

Columbus, OH
Department of Teaching and Learning

There are several schools on this teachers college ranking that have developed education programs for Deaf students, but Ohio State is one of a very few that offers training for Vision Intervention Specialists. This licensure-only program prepares grads for work as classroom consultants, teachers at state schools for the blind, or advisors on classroom adaptations to help visually impaired students. Beyond this highly targeted option, Ohio State also provides a full range of B.S.Ed. degrees, including a TESOL program, one in Integrated Language Arts Education, and a non-licensure program in Child and Youth Studies.
Average Net Price: $17,971/yr
Score: 92.8

The U of M's top teaching degrees incorporate evidence-based practices and the latest research.

7. University of Minnesota-Twin Cities

Minneapolis, MN
College of Education and Human Development

If you want to combine an interdisciplinary curriculum with the opportunity to participate in research, you'll appreciate the University of Minnesota's education program. This affordable college for teaching degrees brings to bear the resources of a large university, enabling you to join one of many funded research projects focused on the achievement gap, developmental disabilities, cooperative learning, and more. As a result, the school's bachelor-level teaching degrees incorporate the latest research and evidence-based approaches. You'll graduate ready to use proven methods in your classroom and to find creative solutions to problems you encounter.
Average Net Price: $16,242/yr
Score: 93.2

Appalachian State's cheap teacher education program has close ties to the Boone, North Carolina community.

6. Appalachian State University

Boone, NC
Reich College of Education

To reduce the cost of your already cheap bachelor's degree in teaching at Appalachian State, you can take advantage of generous scholarships for education majors. Aimed at attracting teachers to high-need communities in North Carolina, the largest scholarship program is available for anyone majoring in elementary education, the middle grades, or special education. What's more, this sense of duty to the community infuses all of Appalachian State's programs. A dedicated Center of Appalachian Educators provides support for education majors, while a Public School Partnership connects students with local schools and parents to foster collaboration and solve problems.
Average Net Price: $10,167/yr
Score: 93.5

Purdue might be one of the best teachers colleges for aspiring special educators.

5. Purdue University

West Lafayette, IN
College of Education

You might be surprised that a big-name school such as Purdue boasts one of the most affordable teacher education programs in the country, but its average net price of just over $11,000 makes it one of this ranking's more financially accessible schools. Purdue is an especially strong choice if you want to major in Special Education. It offers three separate programs in this area: one for mild interventions, one for both mild and intense interventions, and an attractive dual Elementary/Special Education licensure option. No matter which major you choose, you'll benefit from a robust student experience program that gets you in the classroom as early as your freshman year.
Average Net Price: $11,693/yr
Score: 94.1

Students pursuing an accredited teaching degree at UCF can customize their experience with myriad minors and certificate programs.

4. University of Central Florida

Orlando, FL
College of Education and Human Performance

UCF earns a spot on this teachers college ranking for several reasons, but perhaps the most significant is its affordability and robust selection of laser-focused degrees. On the academic side, UCF is one of the few schools to offer Exceptional Student Education, a community-based program that prepares you to work with students who have disabilities, as both a major and minor. The school also offers minors in ESOL, Human Services, and a smattering of other subjects, giving you the chance to shore up your skills in niche areas. It also boasts a number of undergraduate certificates - including ones in Substitute Teaching, Civics Teaching, and Service Learning - that can bring even more strength to your undergraduate degree.
Average Net Price: $15,533/yr
Score: 94.3

Maryland's top college for teaching degrees wants you to inspire the next generation of mathematicians and scientists.

3. University of Maryland

College Park, MD
College of Education

Although UMD produces a relatively small percentage of teachers, it stands out on this teaching degree ranking for sheer numbers. In fact, it offers more than 20 education programs in total! UMD is also a top choice for future educators who want to work in STEM fields. These students can join the "Terrapin Teachers" program, which aims both to develop strong STEM teachers and provide engaging math and science lessons to local students. Through this program, you'll also get hands-on experience with "inquiry-based" classroom learning — and you can even earn a small scholarship for participating. And if the humanities are more your style, UMD offers degrees in subjects ranging from Social Studies to World Languages.
Average Net Price: $15,757/yr
Score: 99.1

Nearly all of the top teacher education programs at UGA use the cohort model.

2. University of Georgia

Athens, GA
College of Education

At the University of Georgia, you can pursue an accredited bachelor's degree in teaching (officially a B.S.Ed degree) in a number of different fields and education levels. You can even narrow down your focus with a concentration area. For example, Science Education majors can specialize in Biology, Chemistry, Earth/Space Science, or Physics. Most programs use the cohort model, in which you take all classes with the same small group of students, and all of them provide access to a dedicated advisor who keeps you on track to meet requirements. Plus, a variety of student organizations (including chapters of national associations) will help enrich your time on campus.
Average Net Price: $14,956/yr
Score: 99.3

You can earn some of the best bachelor's degrees in teaching the arts at BYU.

1. Brigham Young University

Provo, UT
David O. McKay School of Education

Although Brigham Young University is an obvious choice for Mormon students, it's also open to applicants of any (or no) religion. This cheap college for teaching degrees puts a special emphasis on learning through art, with hard-to-find bachelor's programs in Dance Education, Theatre Arts Education, and more. It even hosts an annual Learning Edge conference, which invites leaders in the field to Provo to discuss how arts education can make a difference in classroom outcomes. Of course, BYU also provides plenty of choices outside the arts, too, including targeted education programs in Family and Consumer Sciences, Latin, Technology and Engineering, and more.
Average Net Price: $12,864/yr
Score: 100

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By BVS Staff
January 2018

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