The 15 Best Value Colleges and Universities in Washington for 2021

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Washington state is known for beautiful landscapes and rainy weather – and as the home of Starbucks – but Washington is also a great place to attend college. The cost of living is somewhat lower than in many of the big cities on the East Coast, but the quality of education is just as high. The University of Washington public school system is no doubt one of the more popular choices, but both in-state and out-of-state residents can also fulfill their university wish lists at any one of the state’s esteemed private liberal arts colleges, such as Gonzaga and Whitman.

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Top 15 Colleges and Universities in Washington

15. Central Washington University

Ellensburg, WA

Looking for a reliable investment? You may find it in Central Washington University, one of the best colleges in Washington. With a 20-year ROI of $317,200, it’s hard to find a better school in Washington from a numbers’ point-of-view. CWU is a mid-size university of 10,000 students set in Ellensburg, a small town with state-wide recognition as one of Washington’s most beautiful places to live. There’s no need to worry about what Ellensburg may lack—CWU makes up for it with a dynamic, diverse, and active student body. At CWU, you have your choice of more than 125 student organizations including Cosplay & Costuming, Urban Beekeepers, CWU Hip-Hop, Russian Language, and Astronomy.
Net Price: $14,199/yr
Score: 92.70

14. University of Puget Sound

Tacoma, WA

The University of Puget Sound is a small university packing a big punch. Besides its well-reputed school of music, Puget’s science labs have also garnered national recognition from The Princeton Review. In a tight community of 2,600—where it’s said “Once a Logger, always a Logger”—you are sure to find the support that you need every step of the way to graduation. Speaking of graduation, Puget graduates 76% of its students within six years and, among graduates, the average 20-year ROI is a comfortable $240,900. In addition to sound academics, you can count on heavy community engagement. As the school says, they like to put “the ivory tower at street level.”
Net Price: $38,590/yr
Score: 94.0

13. Seattle Pacific University

Seattle, WA

Seattle Pacific University is a Christian school with a well-known reputation for professors with knowledge and heart who care deeply about their students. That sort of investment from faculty has lead SPU to earn a #2 ranking for best value universities in the West from U.S. News & World Report and also helps SPU maintain a 78% graduation rate. Originally established in 1891 as Seattle Seminary, today you will find 4,000 students passionately engaged in their academics—and spiritual calling—in Seattle’s scenic Queen Anne Hill neighborhood. In addition to its standing as a solid academic and spiritual investment, you can also look forward to a strong financial return as SPU’s 20-year ROI is $356,500.
Net Price: $26,584/yr
Score: 95.10

12. Pacific Lutheran University

Tacoma, WA

It’s pretty safe to say that Pacific Lutheran University is not your typical Christian college. Few schools—religiously affiliated or otherwise—can claim the same level of engagement with the larger world as PLU. In addition to hosting denominational and inter-faith conferences on campus, the school recently stepped up to help welcome Chinese President Xi Jinping to Tacoma. On campus, PLU is home to a diverse group of students; nearly one in three identifies as a person of color. Interested in media production? PLU’s MediaLab has produced 15 documentaries in nine years, winning numerous awards along the way—including an Emmy! Be sure to include PLU on your list of top Washington colleges.
Net Price: $25,086/yr
Score: 97.80

11. Whitworth University

Spokane, WA

Located in Washington’s second-largest city, Whitworth has been investing considerable time and money in developing its campus. In recent years, the school has poured $100 million of investment into its infrastructure – and all construction projects since 2010 have been LEED-certified. Next up? The Cowles Music Center is undergoing substantial renovations and a 37,000 sq. ft. expansion. Continued investments such as these have helped Whitworth go toe-to-toe against the best Washington colleges around. As an affiliate of the Presbyterian Church, students are equipped to follow Christ, serve their community and thrive academically. And thrive they do: the graduation rate stands at a steady 75%.
Net Price: $26,037/yr
Score: 98.60

10. Eastern Washington University

Cheney, WA

Minutes away from Spokane, Eastern Washington University offers students a mix of urban and rural living, combining a small campus atmosphere with robust NCAA Division I athletics. The student body includes 13,000 individuals who hail from 43 states and 70 countries. And while the school is officially mid-size, the Eagles adopt a small-size attitude where you can count on a safe, friendly atmosphere. EWU is sure to have programs of interest to even the most eclectic and undecided of students, making it a fixture on any list of cheap Washington colleges. Offerings include Disability Studies and Universal Access, Military Science, Creative Writing, and American Indian Studies. As compensation for your time, you’ll be well-rewarded with an average ROI of $231,700 over 20 years.
Net Price: $11,954/yr
Score: 102.50

9. Walla Walla University

College Place, WA

For a small school, Walla Walla University offers a surprising range of programs, including Aviation, Cytotechnology/Clinical Lab Science, Entrepreneurship/Small Business, Web Design, and more. WWU is just shy of 2000 students (the majority of whom are undergraduates), which ensures young learners get all the attention they need. Affiliated with the Seventh-day Adventist Church, students have numerous ways to get engaged in the world through missions programs and service learning. When you’re not in class, you have plenty of options to enjoy the world around you. For example the town of Walla Walla, which sits just down the road, has a long reputation as one of America’s favorite small towns. If you prefer the outdoors, there’s nowhere better. The region’s mild climate will let you make the most of the surrounding Blue Mountains year-round.
Net Price: $23,766/yr
Score: 103

8. Western Washington University

Bellingham, WA

Western Washington University, undoubtedly one of the best universities in Washington, is home to both challenging academics and spirited Vikings athletic teams. But WWU’s appeal isn’t limited to the campus grounds. Take full advantage of nearby Seattle and Vancouver, B.C. – both of which offer great internship opportunities and are accessible by train and bus. While perhaps it could be said that Western Washington has less recognition than other schools in the state, WWU offers unique features that others do not. For example, a twice-weekly newspaper gives students a chance to get their hands dirty in publishing and build up a portfolio. And since the school is 95% undergrad, you’ll have opportunities to work with faculty on research that elsewhere would go to graduate students.
Net Price: $15,184/yr
Score: 103.20

7. University of Washington Bothell

Bothell, WA

The University of Washington-Bothell only just opened its doors in 1990. Already, it’s on the fast-track for a prime position as one of the best cheap colleges in Washington. The school has added 33 new majors and nearly doubled the number of faculty. For its 5,000 students (a number that’s sure to continue a steady upward climb), UW-Bothell is a strong investment that offers $287,500 in a 20-year ROI. And of those 5,000 students, nearly half represent ethnic minority communities and add an important sense of diversity to classrooms. The 36,000 sq ft Activities & Recreation Center (ARC) is designed specifically to address students’ feedback.
Net Price: $9,209/yr
Score: 104.90

6. Washington State University

Pullman, WA

Life in Pullman invites you to enjoy rural living at its finest. Bike around town or on neighboring trails, savor food fresh from the nation’s largest organic teaching farm, or get out and take advantage of the splendor of the Snake River and Bitterroot Mountains. Attending Washington State University is more than pretty scenery. Carnegie Classifications has recognized WSU for its “very high research activity”—a coveted distinction. WSU is also home to one of only two veterinary schools in the entire Pacific Northwest. Alumni are busy leading successful careers in all 50 states and help WSU maintain an average ROI of $379,500 over 20 years. All things considered, its easy to see that this is one of the top colleges in Washington.
Net Price: $16,427/yr
Score: 112.40

5. University of Washington Tacoma

Tacoma, WA

Since opening in 1990, the University of Washington in Tacoma has been a driving force behind the city’s downtown renaissance. As more and more businesses flock to this flourishing region, Tacoma students reap all the benefits – from trendy new restaurants to exciting internship opportunities. Going to school in the city is rarely this feasible, but UW-Tacoma is admirably budget-friendly and ranks among the most affordable Washington colleges. The university has also embraced the progressive thinking that so many West Coast residents espouse, and majors like Sustainable Urban Development and Environmental Studies have put UW-Tacoma on the front lines of addressing the ongoing drought in the region. With in-demand, practice degree options like these, it’s no surprise the 20-year ROI has climbed to $442,600.
Net Price: $9,410/yr
Score: 119.90

4. Seattle University

Seattle, WA

As a Jesuit institution of higher learning, Seattle University is part of a proud tradition that places service to the community at its core. SU opens its doors to just 4,500 individuals, but from its perch in Seattle’s famous Capitol Hill neighborhood students will feel like the world is at their fingertips. And yet campus life is anything but overwhelming; a 13:1 student-to-faculty ratio and attentive professors make sure you’ll feel right at home in the classroom. U.S. News consistently ranks SU among the top 10 universities in the West, and its 78% graduation rate and 20-year net ROI of more than $350k certainly don’t hurt!
Net Price: $34,360/yr
Score: 119.90

3. Whitman College

Walla Walla, WA

At Whitman, you’ll get a chance to be a part of a highly motivated, passionate student body of about 1,500 where the student-to-faculty ratio is a cozy 9:1. Crucial to your education at Whitman is “Foundations” —a two-semester program of comprehensive, multi-disciplinary courses that cover everything from philosophy and religion to anthropology and geology. Learning is a full-time pursuit for students at WC, and this genuine, passionate love of learning is what makes Whitman one of the most respected liberal arts schools in America – and of the best colleges in Washington, for that matter! And yet despite its lofty reputation, many students simply say that Whitman feels like family. Consequent of this close atmosphere, the school enjoys a nearly unmatched 87% graduation rate.
Net Price: $33,788/yr
Score: 127

2. Gonzaga University

Spokane, WA

Think you have what it takes to be a Zag? Gonzaga may not be one of the most affordable colleges in Washington, but it is certainly one of the most respected—and best remunerated. The average 20-year return on investment stands at a statewide best of $449,700. Set on a 152-acre riverfront campus just outside downtown Spokane, the campus provides a spacious and vibrant home to 7,400 students. A degree from Gonzaga portends great things. Don’t believe us? Ask Christine Grigoire, the state’s first female attorney general. Or three of the state’s Supreme Court justices. Or the 20 graduates currently serving in the Peace Corps. Whatever your experience at Gonzaga today, you can be sure that success will undoubtedly be a part of your future!
Net Price: $31,269/yr
Score: 140.70

1. University of Washington Seattle

Seattle, WA

If you want to shape the future, this is the place to do it. The University of Washington Seattle is an international hub for research activity, recently ranked as the “most innovative public university” in the world by Reuters. To that end, the school just signed an agreement with one of China’s premier research universities to collaborate on “smart city” innovations to make urban centers healthier, safer, and more environmentally sound. In fact, the school invested nearly $1.4 billion in research alone! That same year, 87% of the 467 patents filed through UW had student contributors. If it’s not already obvious, read it here: even among the absolute top universities in Washington, UW Seattle is the true king.
Net Price: $10,374/yr
Score: 145.10

  • Methodology: Here's How We Rank Schools

    At Best Value Schools, we help students of all ages get the best possible value for their education. When choosing the best schools and programs, we prioritize tuition rates, student debt, financial aid opportunities, graduation rates, and the availability of online programs.
    We source unbiased data from government and educational databases like the National Center for Education Statistics and the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics for 6,374 schools across the U.S. We organize that data into five weighted categories to compile our school rankings.

    Metric Data Used Percentage
    Academic Quality Full-time faculty percentage, student-to-faculty ratio, student retention and graduation rates 25%
    Affordability Tuition rates, median student debt, and financial aid 35%
    Reputation Admission and enrollment rates 15%
    Program Offerings Number of program options 10%
    Online Enrollment Score Portion of learners taking at least one online course 15%

    You can read more about our comprehensive evaluation process on our methodology page.

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