Top 30 Cheap Psychology Degree Online Programs (Bachelor’s)

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Online psychology degree programs are among the most popular majors for undergraduate students who want to take courses through distance education.

Many people choose to major in psychology because it allows them to explore a range of topics and prepares them for a wide array of careers. Others choose the degree program because it gives them the opportunity for personal growth and allows them to explore a fascinating subject: the human mind. After graduation, students can find jobs in schools, hospitals, treatment centers, and social service agencies, or explore graduate studies. Fortunately, the demand for professional psychologists (as well as related jobs like therapists, social workers, and researchers) are currently growing at a rate much faster than the national average. In other words, there’s never been a better time to earn your psychology degree online!

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online psychology degree programs

The 30 Best Online Psychology Programs Ranking Methodology

Selection Criteria

For this ranking, we looked for public and private (non-profit) colleges and universities that offer undergraduate psychology degrees online. Because the focus of this list is on affordability, we only considered programs with average* tuition rates of $20,000/year or less.

We also narrowed our search to include only schools that offer full, four-year bachelor’s degrees in psychology online (no degree completion programs).

*For public schools, we calculated the average value of their in-state and out-of-state rates.

Ranking Factors

After compiling a list of all the colleges that offer online psychology bachelor’s degrees and meet the above criteria, we then collected data in three categories:

  • Program Popularity: Out of all undergraduates, how many choose specifically to major in psychology? In other words, how successful is the psychology program at attracting undergraduates to their degree, especially since psychology is typically one of the most popular programs at any college? To find out, we considered both the number of students who earned a bachelor’s degree in psychology in the 2016-16 school year as well as what percentage those students comprised of the entire undergraduate senior class.
  • Specialization Options: What sort of academic variety and customization opportunities does the program provide? This is a particularly important consideration for psychology majors who want to prepare for specific careers, as the field is notoriously broad. To test this metric, we looked at how many concentration/emphasis options each program offers (if any).
  • Affordability: What is the average annual cost of attendance?

After collecting and sorting all the information, we ranked the candidates according to their performance in each area. Finally, we summed up the results and gave each school a final score using a curve so that the top-scoring program earned an even 100 points.

Read more about the best cheap online bachelor’s degrees in psychology below!

Cheap Online Psychology Programs Ranking

Mercy College Psychology Degree Online Programs
While earning this BS in Psychology online, you’ll have the option to participate in hands-on training through an internship or cooperative experience.

30. Mercy College

Online Psychology B.S

For a practical psychology degree that will prepare you for the career of your choosing, take a look at Mercy College. Although the program lacks specific concentrations, it does provide a list of targeted opportunities to match your aspirations in teaching, research, substance abuse, or another area of the field. For example, you could use some of your elective credits within Mercy’s accredited online psychology program to earn a special credential in alcoholism and substance abuse. Another option is to complete a 5-year dual degree, which would allow you to tack on a master’s degree in either psychology or education with just one additional year of study.
Average Tuition & Fees: $18,392/yr
Score: 52.34

Tarleton State University Psychology Degree Online Programs
Before graduating from Tarleton State University’s psychology degree online program, you’ll complete an integrative senior capstone course.

29. Tarleton State University

Online B.S. in Psychology

Students who live near Tarleton’s campus in Stephenville, Texas will appreciate the flexibility that this program offers. Coursework is available online as well as in hybrid and face-to-face formats, so you can mix-and-match delivery methods as it suits your schedule. Another nice feature of TSU’s affordable online bachelor’s degree in psychology is that it supplies a solid breadth of understanding across all the core areas of the field, including developmental, behavioral, cognitive, and social psychology. And once you’ve completed all the core requirements, you’re free to diversify your studies with unique upper-level electives like “Psychopharmacology” and “Cultural Anthropology.”
Average Tuition & Fees: $11,934/yr
Score: 53.55

Old Dominion University Psychology Degree Online Programs
ODU’s top online psychology program doesn’t offer concentrations, but you can still focus your electives around a specific “area,” such as applied or biological psychology.

28. Old Dominion University

Online Bachelor of Science in Psychology

Old Dominion University’s undergraduate psychology program comes in both four-year and degree completion forms. This means that you will have a lot of flexibility in how you complete classes. That is, you can take all four years at ODU, or you can transfer in the home stretch (you just need to complete a minimum 30 credits through Old Dominion). Either way, this accredited online psychology bachelor’s degree comes with a comprehensive curriculum that hits on key concepts in biological, social, developmental, and applied psych. Plus, you’ll enjoy stellar distance education services that include personal advising, technical assistance, virtual conference rooms, and even free online storage space for all your assignments.
Average Tuition & Fees: $18,240/yr
Score: 53.55

University of Houston Victoria Psychology Degree Online Programs
Although the general education requirements differ, the major curriculum for both of UHV’s online bachelor’s degrees in psychology are virtually identical.

27. University of Houston-Victoria

Online Bachelor of Arts/Science in Psychology

The University of Houston at Victoria takes the study of psychology very seriously. Its program not only makes our online psychology bachelor’s degrees ranking but also lands on Open Education Database’s list of top schools. And this reputation is well-deserved; UHV offers both BS and BA options, each of which features a curriculum based on the tenants laid out by the American Psychological Association. You’ll also appreciate the customizability of these programs, which set aside 33 credits just for electives. These give you the freedom to populate your course plan with all sorts of unique upper-level classes like “Psychology of Happiness,” “Human Sexuality,” and “Principles of Psychopharmacology.”
Average Tuition & Fees: $10,892/yr
Score: 54.36

Northwest University Psychology Degree Online Programs
Northwest University is home to an affordable online psychology program for Christians.

26. Northwest University

Online Bachelor of Arts in Psychology Degree

In many ways, Northwest University has the best cheap psychology degree online for Christian students who want a broad-based educational experience. The core curriculum incorporates classes that span the full range of the social sciences, from “Survey of Sociology” to “Cultural Psychology” and “Statistics for the Behavioral Sciences.” At the same time, instructors work to infuse coursework with a “distinctive Christian worldview.” Ultimately, the goal is to produce graduates who will use their faith and understanding of human behavior to make a difference in their communities. After earning your degree, you might even consider staying at NU to earn your master’s in counseling or community development.
Average Tuition & Fees: $12,075/yr
Score: 55.57

Northwestern State University of Louisiana Psychology Degree Online Programs
In addition to its cheap online bachelor’s degree in psychology, NSU also offers a highly focused BS in Addiction Studies.

25. Northwestern State University of Louisiana

Online Bachelor of Science in Psychology

If you’re interested in a specific career as a substance abuse counselor or prevention specialist, take a close look at the Northwestern State University of Louisiana. After enrolling in this accredited BS in Psychology online and completing your core classes, you’ll have a chance to concentrate in one of two career-focused topics. In the Substance Abuse Track, you’ll take classes in addictive disorders, drug/alcohol use and awareness, and a “Seminar in Alcoholism.” Alternatively, the Prevention Specialist Track covers community health, organization and management, and personnel supervision. Note that a concentration is not mandatory; you can also pick a variety of upper-level psych electives with no particular focus.
Average Tuition & Fees: $13,014/yr
Score: 55.9

Central Michigan University Psychology Degree Online Programs
If you’re interested in joining a bunch of student clubs, Central Michigan University has perhaps the top online psychology bachelor’s degree for you.

24. Central Michigan University

Online B.S. in Psychology

The goal of CMU’s BS in Psychology program is to prepare you for a wide range of career fields in human development and welfare. As such, the curriculum maintains a big-picture view and aims to provide a broad set of basic social science skills, like research and statistics. But perhaps most notably, Central Michigan stands out on this psychology degrees online ranking for its impressive support of student clubs and professional organizations. You can join Psi Chi (the national honor society in psychology), the Central Neuroscience Society, the Central Multitrack Behavioral Analysis Association, or one of several other groups that will introduce you to like-minded classmates and help boost your professional networking skills.
Average Tuition & Fees: $17,313/yr
Score: 55.98

Peru State College Psychology Degree Online Programs
Coming in at less than $7k a year (on average), Peru State has one of the most affordable psychology degrees online.

23. Peru State College

Online Psychology Degree

Rather than prepare students for a specific set of careers, Peru State College’s cheap BS in Psychology online program focuses on skill development. Specifically, it emphasizes critical thinking and interpersonal communication skills – both of which are equally crucial for success in graduate school or the human services industry. Another distinguishing feature of PSC’s program is that it provides an opportunity for you to become a Provisional Licensed Alcohol and Drug Counselors (PLADC). However, some substance abuse counseling classes may only be available on campus, so this option is ideal for undergrads who live near the campus in Peru, Nebraska.
Average Tuition & Fees: $6,790/yr
Score: 58.4

National University Psychology Degree Online Programs
National University’s comprehensive, cheap online psychology program will prepare you for careers in criminal justice, business, counseling, and more.

22. National University

Online Bachelor of Arts in Psychology

If you’re looking for a program that offers a wide range of course options and electives, your best bet is to choose a primarily online college – like National University, for example. With so many web-based courses, there are few limitations to earning this affordable online psychology bachelor’s degree. From the beginning, you’ll take unique core classes like “Global Psychology” and “Drugs, Values, and Society.” Not only that, but you’ll get to choose from a cornucopia of interesting electives like “Sociology of Deviance,” “Applied Sport Psychology,” and “Animal Behavior.” Plus, you’ll have the option to cap off your studies by writing a cumulative paper or designing your own research project.
Average Tuition & Fees: $13,016/yr
Score: 58.8

University of Maine at Presque Isle Psychology Degree Online Programs
While earning this affordable BS in Psychology online, you’ll have access to a dedicated, full-time advisor who will help you plan your course schedule.

21. University of Maine at Presque Isle

Online Bachelor’s Degree in Psychology

Students who want a career in social services or plan to earn their master’s degree in psychology will find their perfect fit at the University of Maine at Presque Isle. With classes that run 12 months a year, it’s also an ideal choice for adult learners who need flexibility in their course schedules. Speaking of flexibility, this top online bachelor’s degree in psychology also provides two ways for you to fulfill your capstone requirement – by completing a research project or participating in a hands-on practicum. And as if you didn’t already have enough choices, UMPI goes even further by providing psych majors with three concentration options: General, Business Psychology, and Biopsychology.
Average Tuition & Fees: $9,251/yr
Score: 61.39

Granite State College Psychology Degree Online Programs
A top psychology degree online, GSC’s program emphasizes hands-on learning by requiring students to complete an integrative project or internship.

20. Granite State College

Online B.S. in Psychology

Of all the schools on this online psychology programs ranking, Granite State College boasts one of the best options for transfer students. Although the college provides a full four-year degree, 84% of program participants began their education at another institution. As such, GSC has designed a convenient Transfer Pathway that helps applicants get the most out of their previous coursework. Upon entering the program, you might even be able to get all your general education requirements waived! Doing so will allow you to focus on accruing the upper-level credits you need. And at Granite State, these include intriguing classes like “The Human Brain” and “Social Psychology, Society, and the Individual.”
Average Tuition & Fees: $7,845/yr
Score: 61.63

Central Methodist University Psychology Degree Online Programs
CMU’s cheap online psychology bachelor’s degree offers exceptional value for an extraordinarily low price.

19. Central Methodist University

Online Bachelor of Arts/Science in Psychology

Flexibility is the name of the game at Central Methodist University. First off, you’ll have the option not just to complete courses online, but also on CMU’s main campus and at any number of the school’s ten satellite campuses across the state. But perhaps more importantly, this accredited online bachelor’s degree in psychology also offers plenty of academic flexibility. Not only can you pick between earning a BA or BS, but the dynamic curriculum allows you to pick from a long list of courses to fulfill your major requirements. The only catch? You’ll need to complete at least one course in each of four designated areas: biological, applied, developmental/social, and abnormal/personality psychology.
Average Tuition & Fees: $5,870/yr
Score: 62.6

For more info: Central Methodist University

Pennsylvania State University World Campus Psychology Degree Online Programs
If you’re looking for an accredited psychology degree online but aren’t sure if you need hands-on training, note that Penn State’s program provides an optional internship.

18. Pennsylvania State University-World Campus

Online Bachelor of Arts in Psychology

Penn State’s World Campus enjoys an international reputation as one of the best options for online learning. And it’s no wonder why, as the university leverages the resources and faculty expertise typical of one of the nation’s premier state schools. Of course, these benefits readily extend to Penn State’s online psychology program, which features a robust, broad-based curriculum in the social sciences. The course plan is designed to prepare you equally well for careers in research, human services, corporate work, or graduate school. To this end, core classes aim to impart widely applicable skills through foundational classes like “Basic Research Methods in Psychology” and “Psychology as a Science and Profession.”
Average Tuition & Fees: $13,678/yr
Score: 63.49

University of Memphis Psychology Degree Online Programs
Of all the options on this online bachelor’s degrees in psychology ranking, ambitious students will likely gravitate to UM for its unique honors program.

17. University of Memphis

Online Bachelor of Arts degree in Psychology

At the University of Memphis, psychology classes focus less on vocational training and more on fundamental skill development. That’s because the program sees psychology as a discipline better suited to “increase students understanding of their cultural and natural worlds” and improve communication and reasoning abilities than prepare them for a specific career. This philosophy extends to the concentration options available within the online psychology bachelor’s degree curriculum. Each of the three tracks (General, Behavioral Neuroscience, and Cognitive Science) will help you hone your interests without limiting your future job options.
Average Tuition & Fees: $14,981/yr
Score: 64.78

Sam Houston State University Psychology Degree Online Programs
SHSU offers a top BS in Psychology online program for local students who want to engage in research and are willing (and able) to take some on-campus classes.

16. Sam Houston State University

Online Psychology Program

Unlike most schools in this BS in Psychology online ranking article, Sam Houston State University doesn’t cater to all types of applicants. Instead, it has designed its psychology program specifically to prepare candidates for graduate school. As such, the professors emphasize the importance of research throughout the coursework and encourage all students to contribute to faculty projects. Note that these activities will likely require you to visit campus, which will be necessary anyway given that about 25% of classes are not available online. Because of the program’s focus on grad school preparation, instructors also expect you to maintain a 3.0 GPA in your major coursework.
Average Tuition & Fees: $12,658/yr
Score: 64.86

Northern Arizona University Psychology Degree Online Programs
Because it’s a blended program, you may need to take some classes on campus while earning your psychology degree online from NAU.

15. Northern Arizona University

Online Bachelor’s Degree in Psychology

Some people explain the psychology major’s overwhelming popularity among undergrads by suggesting that it’s the ideal degree for students who are undecided about their future. This idea has some merit, given that many psych programs strive to provide a broad liberal arts education with virtually no career limitations. Indeed, that is exactly how Northern Arizona University has designed its affordable online bachelor’s degree in psychology. The school’s website lists possible career options spanning from human resources to marketing to rehabilitation, with a wide-ranging curriculum to match. For example, you’ll take a diverse mix of classes that include everything from “Human Cognition” and “Group Behavior” to “Motivation and Emotion.”
Average Tuition & Fees: $12,831/yr
Score: 65.51

Wilmington University Psychology Degree Online Programs
Although not required, you have the option to complete an internship or guided practicum while pursuing your BS in Psychology online from Wilmington.

14. Wilmington University

Online Bachelor of Science in Psychology

In almost any career field, the ability to understand human behavior and thinking is essential to success. This belief forms the basis of Wilmington University’s accredited online psychology bachelor’s degree program. The goals of the program include not just a knowledge of psychology, but also the abilities to think and inquire critically, communicate effectively, and behave ethically and responsibly in diverse settings. And it’s easy to see how these goals manifest in the comprehensive, 42-credit core curriculum, which covers topics like group dynamics, ethics and values, research, the basis of behavior, and much more.
Average Tuition & Fees: $10,670/yr
Score: 65.59

Fort Valley State University Psychology Degree Online Programs
Penny pinchers, take notice: Fort Valley State University is the most affordable school on this online psychology programs ranking!

13. Fort Valley State University

Online Bachelor of Arts in Psychology

If value is what you’re after, you’ll be hard-pressed to find a better choice than Fort Valley State University. Not only does the school offer supremely cheap tuition rates, but it even supports two merit-based scholarships just for undergrads in the behavioral sciences! That means you could knock up to $1,000 off the cost of this already affordable online psychology bachelor’s degree program. But financial savings aren’t the only reason to consider attending FVSU. The school’s psychology degree also stands out for its strong curriculum, which includes a required internship and seminar plus unique electives like “Forensic Psychology” and “Psychology of Religion.”
Average Tuition & Fees: $5,594/yr
Score: 68.09

University of Florida Psychology Degree Online Programs
UF has one of the best cheap online bachelor’s degrees in psychology if you want to acquire a diverse assortment of skills and conceptual knowledge.

12. University of Florida

Online Bachelor of Arts in Psychology

Like many of the top psychology degrees online, the University of Florida’s undergraduate program emphasizes the value of a broad-based, liberal arts education. And yet, UF’s program goes beyond many of its online counterparts in the breadth of study it requires of participants. For example, the curriculum includes required classes not just in statistics and mathematics, but also in biological sciences and laboratory methods. In addition, the program encourages students to take multiple research-based courses as well as one involving experiential work in the community. And when it comes to advanced psychology topics, you’ll need to complete at least one class in each of the following areas: biological bases, learning and cognition, sociocultural approaches, and developmental changes.
Average Tuition & Fees: $10,228/yr
Score: 73.75

Arizona State University Psychology Degree Online Programs
We’re not the only online ranking site to name ASU as the home of one of the best cheap online bachelor’s degrees in psychology.

11. Arizona State University

Online Psychology Degree (BA)

When it comes to earning your degree online, it makes sense that you’d want to attend a college with both a strong reputation in psychology and a wealth of experience in distance education. Fortunately, Arizona State University delivers both in spades. For starters, ASU has one of the top-ranked psychology programs in the nation. And of course, the same renowned faculty that teach traditional classes also serve as instructors for its online psychology program. What’s more, ASU’s robust distance education tools and resources have garnered it a rating from U.S. News & World Report as one of the country’s “most innovative” colleges.
Average Tuition & Fees: $11,780/yr
Score: 74.15

Florida International University Psychology Degree Online Programs
A top cheap online psychology program for job-oriented learners, FIU’s degree plan incorporates a helpful class in “Psychology Career Development.”

10. Florida International University

Online BA in Psychology

With more than 2,400 undergraduates enrolled in the program, it’s safe to say that psychology is one of Florida International University’s most popular bachelor’s degrees. Distance learners in particular enjoy the flexibility and convenience of the school’s accredited online bachelor’s degree in psychology. To get started, you can choose from three annual start dates and can even seek one-on-one guidance from a personal success coach. As you progress through the curriculum, you’ll benefit from courses that are designed to “reflect current trends in the field,” including a 10-credit sequence of research classes.
Average Tuition & Fees: $12,755/yr
Score: 75.2

University of Houston Downtown Psychology Degree Online Programs
Earn an accredited BS in Psychology online from UHD and you’ll qualify for careers in clinical settings as well as business, education, counseling, and more.

9. University of Houston-Downtown

Online B.S. in Psychology

One of two schools in the University of Houston system to make our online psychology bachelor’s degrees ranking, UHD lands near the top of the list thanks in part to the size and popularity of its program. Indeed, it’s hard to find any reasons not to major in psychology at this school. All classes are available both online and face-to-face and cover a varied assortment of topics, including human growth and development, memory and learning, statistics, and even clinical studies. The program even goes so far as to recommend specific minors – such as Biology or Ethnic Studies – that pair nicely with the core psych curriculum.
Average Tuition & Fees: $10,752/yr
Score: 75.93

University of Maryland University College Psychology Degree Online Programs
If you’re looking to build competence in a variety of areas, UMUC has one of the best affordable psychology degrees online.

8. University of Maryland-University College

Online Psychology Bachelor’s Degree

As the online branch of the University of Maryland, UMUC is well-versed in the needs of nontraditional and adult learners. It’s no mystery, then, why most of the school’s undergraduate programs are strategically tailored to the current needs of employers. For example, its cheap BS in Psychology online program will help you acquire skills in quantitative and scientific reasoning, analysis, and interpersonal functioning. Coupled with illuminating courses on concepts like personality theories and perception, this curriculum imparts an arsenal of useful tools and ideas that you can immediately put to use in just about any career field.
Average Tuition & Fees: $9,756/yr
Score: 76.33

Eastern Kentucky University Psychology Degree Online Programs
Eastern Kentucky’s online psychology bachelor’s degree program has a concentration for just about every possible interest and career pathway.

7. Eastern Kentucky University

Online Bachelor’s Degree in Psychology

For students who want to concentrate their studies in a particular subfield of psychology, there simply is no better place to go than Eastern Kentucky University. A top online bachelor’s degree in psychology for specialized learning, EKU’s program boasts a whopping eight concentration options. In addition to a General track, the curriculum also has tracks in Substance Abuse, Psychiatric Rehabilitation, Brain and Cognitive Science, and Autism, plus Child and Family, Workplace, and Forensic Psychology. As if that weren’t enough, EKU makes studying easy with 100% web-based coursework, compact eight-week terms, and free online tutoring.
Average Tuition & Fees: $13,524/yr
Score: 81.18

University of Central Florida Psychology Degree Online Programs
To prepare you for life after college, you’ll have to take a two-part “Career Readiness” course before graduating from UCF’s affordable BS in Psychology online.

6. University of Central Florida

Online Bachelor of Science degree in Psychology

Like its neighbor on this list of top online psychology programs, UCF’s BS degree offers an impressive selection of specializations. Here, the options closely mirror traditional academic categories within the field, such as Clinical Psychology, Neuroscience, and Industrial/Organizational Psychology. This structure makes it easy to tailor your course plan not only to specific careers, but also to particular graduate programs. For example, if you’re interested in going to graduate school for neuroscience, you’ll be well-served by designated classes within the Neuro Track like “Sleep and Dreams,” “Neuropsychology,” and “Psychobiological Aspects of Drugs.”
Average Tuition & Fees: $14,418/yr
Score: 85.78

Columbia College Psychology Degree Online Programs
Columbia College’s cheap online psychology bachelor’s degree will award you up to six credits for on-the-job training you complete during an internship.

5. Columbia College

Online Bachelor of Arts in Psychology

For the most part, Columbia College’s undergraduate psych program is similar to many of the other top options on this ranking. However, it does possess one feature that you’ll be hard-pressed to find in any other accredited psychology degree online: an emphasis in Sport Psychology. In other words, if you’re interested in applying your knowledge of human behavior to a career in coaching, athletics, or physical fitness, Columbia College is the place to be. Classes within the emphasis cover relevant topics like social and clinical psychology, neuroscience, and of course the “Psychology of Sport.”
Average Tuition & Fees: $7,887/yr
Score: 89.66

Troy University Psychology Degree Online Programs
Pick the Leadership Development minor within this online bachelor’s degree in psychology if you want to take electives in other fields (e.g. management, philosophy).

4. Troy University

Online Psychology Program

Typically, an accredited online psychology program will focus either on the liberal arts or on research- and career-oriented skills. Troy’s undergraduate degree, however, falls somewhere in the middle. The balanced curriculum contains a solid span of foundational classes in cognitive, social, and abnormal psychology, plus related subjects like research, statistics, and physiology. But at the same time, the course plan incorporates “minors” (like concentrations) in highly-targeted areas. Options include Substance Addiction Education, Psychological Research, Leadership Development, and Applied Behavior Analysis. In the latter track, Troy even offers practicum classes to help prepare you for national ABA certification.
Average Tuition & Fees: $11,872/yr
Score: 89.82

Touro University Worldwide Psychology Degree Online Programs
With three teaching-related concentrations, Touro has one of the top online psychology bachelor’s degrees for students interested in both human behavior and education.

3. Touro University Worldwide

Online Bachelor’s Degree in Psychology

At Touro University, the key to a strong curriculum is versatility. And this starts with flexible scheduling: psych majors have the option to enroll full- or part-time, can choose from six annual start dates, and take classes in convenient eight-week terms. In addition, the program allows you to transfer in up to 90 credits from another institution in order to maximize the impact of your prior experience. Touro also goes above and beyond most other cheap psychology degrees online in its effort to provide academic versatility. Case and point: you can choose from a wide range of concentration in topics like education, human services, and organizational psychology.
Average Tuition & Fees: $14,600/yr
Score: 92.89

Liberty University Psychology Degree Online Programs
Thanks to its 100% distance education courses and seven concentrations, Liberty is a mainstay on any BS in Psychology online ranking article.

2. Liberty University

Online Bachelor of Science in Psychology

One of the reasons that psychology is such a popular major is that it acts as a conduit to many different career fields. And at Liberty University, one of the goals of its program is to help channel your knowledge to match your desired occupation. Indeed, Liberty’s use of seven targeted “cognates” (specializations) makes this one of the top BS in Psychology online programs for career-oriented learners. Interested in becoming a counselor? Consider a cognate in Christian or Crisis Counseling. Want to fight illegal activity? Pick the cognate in Criminal Psychology or Addictions and Recovery. Or if none of those grab your attention, you might opt for a specialization in Developmental Psych, Military Resilience, or Life Coaching.
Average Tuition & Fees: $16,410/yr
Score: 95.48

Brandman University Psychology Degree Online Programs
Brandman’s strong academics and cheap price make it the number one school on this top cheap psychology degrees online ranking.

1. Brandman University

Online Bachelor of Arts in Psychology

Last year, more than 1,000 students earned their bachelor’s degree from Brandman University. Of those graduates, nearly 20% were psychology majors. So why do so many undergrads choose Brandman for their psych needs? Of course, the low tuition doesn’t hurt; the school’s roughly $12k price tag clearly qualifies it as one of the most affordable online psychology programs. But this Psych BA also stands out for its impressively robust, well-organized curriculum. In addition to a comprehensive, 33-credit core sequence (complete with final capstone), the course plan also offers six concentrations in popular subjects like Child Psychology, Gerontology, and Pre-Clinical Studies.
Average Tuition & Fees: $12,300/yr
Score: 100

Thanks for reading our ranking of the 30 top cheap psychology degrees online!

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