Advertising Disclosure

Who We Are

At BestValueSchools, we recognize that a college degree represents a significant investment for most students. Our free rankings, lists, and student guides reflect our commitment to alleviating the financial burden of higher education. These resources cover tuition costs and expectations, financial aid options, and other important topics. In addition to information about college finances, we also provide detailed analyses of industries and careers for students in different academic majors.

Editorial independence and transparency are our top priorities with each resource we publish. We strive to help value-minded students make informed decisions about their education through accurate, data-driven content.

How We Make Money

BestValueSchools earns financial compensation by advertising degrees and programs from certain colleges and universities. These schools may pay us for referrals whenever a site visitor uses our program search tool or interacts with advertisements featured on our pages.

We maintain transparency by clearly labeling each school advertisement as an"ad" or"advertisement disclosure." This helps readers differentiate ads from editorial content found elsewhere in our guides. Furthermore, our advertisements never influence our rankings, lists, or guides. Rest assured, the content of each BestValueSchools resource is based on unbiased research and analysis, not advertising agreements.

How We Maintain Editorial Independence

Our site contributors generate college rankings and lists using a proprietary evaluation system that takes dozens of factors into account. These variables include tuition and fee costs for state and non-state residents, institutional financial aid opportunities, and student resources. By using this methodology, we can ensure all of our research is accurate and bias-free.

Our writers, editors, and fact-finders only curate school data from reputable sources, such as the National Center for Education Statistics, Peterson's, and the Common Data Set Initiative. We may also draw from unique data obtained through online surveys and expert interviews. In addition to following strict guidelines for our sources, BestValueSchools adheres to these editorial standards:

  • We never include any schools in rankings or guides because of financial relationships.
  • Every institution has earned its spot based on our own ranking methodology, which takes many different factors into consideration. Schools never receive preferential treatment.
  • Because we are committed to editorial integrity, our contributors frequently update our online content for accuracy and bias. Each writer, editor, and fact-finder follows the same rigid standards for transparency and journalistic integrity.
  • For added quality assurance, we only feature colleges and universities that are fully accredited at the national or regional level. Schools that have not received accreditation are ineligible for inclusion.

If you would like to learn more about BestValueSchools, please visit our FAQ page.