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If you’re looking for some of the best blogs about healthcare management, you won’t have to look any further. We’ve done some research and found some of the most popular, informational, and awarded blogs that cover a wide variety of topics in the healthcare management industry. From executives, to students and consumers, there’s something here for everyone.

1. Healing Hospitals

This blog focuses on medical errors, hospital administration, and big picture health reform topics. It was created and is maintained by Nick Jacobs, a Fellow in the American College of Healthcare Executives. He holds almost 25 years of experience in this hospital management field and an unparalleled reputation for patient-centered leadership and innovation. The blog is updated frequently and covers a broad range of topics in the healthcare industry. The content is short, readable, and extremely relevant; making him a favorite among healthcare administrators.

2. Better Health

Founded by Dr. Val Jones, Better Health works as a network of the most popular health bloggers out there. Each individual blogger maintains their own sites, but choose to give Better Health portions of their articles. Dr. Jones’ mission is to support these types of professionals and help inform the public about science, research, patient care, and healthcare reform. The site is well-maintained, well-organized, and easy to scan. Many people in the healthcare industry find insightful, relevant information provided by Dr. Jones and all the bloggers at Better Health.

3. National Center for Policy Analysis’ Health Policy Blog

The blog found here was created by the NCPA or the National Center for Policy Analysis. They are a nonprofit public policy research organization that was founded in 1983. Their entire goal is to create and promote alternative methods to government regulation and control. They employ some of the greatest minds to tackle a wide variety of public policy problems; a large majority of that being healthcare. Their Health Policy Blog in particular is updated weekly and neatly organized. It discusses a wide range of healthcare topics, especially in management and policy. Blog authors include Linda Gorman, Devon Herrick, and John R. Graham.

4. The Entrepreneurial MD

This may be a little more selective in its topic, but “useful” would be an understatement. This blog was featured on liveClinic’s Top 5 Women in Healthcare Blogs list for its specific mission. The CEO of The Entrepreneurial MD is Phillipa Kennealy, who has made it her mission to help others like her to create and build their own practices and businesses. She helps provide management tools through support, education, and resources that can help them thrive. Her articles are great even for those who want to transform the management of their businesses or practices they already own.

5. The Health Care Blog

The Health Care Blog is one of the leaders in regards to healthcare’s online forum. Around 5,000 viewers read their material each and every day. They’ve been dubbed one of the foremost authorities in the field for their inside voice. Topics in the blog include technology, day-to-day healthcare news, national healthcare policy, and the business of healthcare. Most of the readers are within the heart of the healthcare management industry; executives at healthcare organizations, policy makers, doctors and nurses, students, and decision-makers all may call The Health Care Blog their favorite.

You may become a daily-reader of these 5 blogs if you sample some of what they have to offer. They’re created by industry leaders, are well-known, high-quality, and highly recommended; the best 5 blogs about healthcare management we could possibly muster.

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