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Choosing to enroll in a sociology degree program is a good decision if you are the type of person who gets excited by how people interact and why they do. Those who major in sociology learn to think and analyze social situations critically before they draw their conclusions. The discipline is very broad and attracts a wide range of career opportunities. Here is a roundup of the possible careers you could pursue as sociology major.

Policy Analyst

Policy analysts sample and examine various issues affecting the public and recommend changes such as legislation and government intervention to handle those problems. Their in-depth knowledge of sociology helps them assess the effects of government legislation on various populations on a social perspective. They apply both quantitative and qualitative analysis principles to come up with accurate solutions. About 50 percent of policy analysts work for the government. The remaining 50 percent work for other organizations that have interests in government projects and policies. The annual salary ranges from $39,717 to $78,821.

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Attorneys apply critical and analytical skills to help their clients litigate their cases. People with a background knowledge in sociology may work as adoption, personal injury, criminal defense, workers compensation or employment lawyers. Attorneys depend on their research, speaking and writing skills to perform their duties effectively. A larger percentage of attorneys work in private law firms. Others work for governmental institutions and private companies. The salary ranges between $44,872 and $106,918 per year.

Social Worker

Social workers utilize their expertise in social dynamics to address client issues and provide effective solutions to their problems. In order to function effectively, they apply active listening and verbal communication skills to help assess problems and advise clients on how to improve their lives. Social workers may work for nonprofit organizations, private companies, public institutions or as independent contractors. They earn between $30,720 and $63,652 per year.

Public Relations Specialist

Public relations specialists act as the ultimate communicators who connect an organization with the public. They employ sociology principles to understand their audiences and their attitudes, behaviors and needs. They also apply interpersonal skills to interact with the media personnel and persuade them to cover their clients’ stories. Public relations specialists may work with religious, civic, professional and scientific organizations. Most of the positions require a lot of traveling. The salary ranges between $32,384 and $68,739 per year.


Counselors utilize their knowledge of sociology to help individuals attain behavioral, social and academic growth. They usually handle students struggling with performance or individuals suffering from depression, eating disorders, anxiety, substance abuse and anger. Counselors may work in schools, hospitals or mental health facilities. Licensed professional counselors earn between $34,011 and $71,381.

Media Planner

Media planners work with organizations to assess their advertising needs and design strategies to help optimize sales in different demographic groups. They utilize their knowledge of sociology to analyze and interpret market research findings in order to come up with an effective sales strategy. They also learn the characteristics and social behavior of target customers to help them select a suitable media channel. Media planners work for public and private companies across different industries.

Sociology is a wide academic field that gives you an opportunity to work in almost any company. You only need to acquire the necessary skills and develop the right attitude to succeed. The list discussed above is just a fraction of the jobs you could get with a sociology degree.

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