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Depending on your family and friends, you may have been given very different opinions on Greek life, and while it’s not for everyone, you should definitely consider the benefits of joining a fraternity or sorority before you dismiss the idea.

By keeping an open mind and joining in on Greek life, you’ll be able to help the needy, meet new friends, and have a network already formed by the time you graduate.

Helping the Needy

You won’t just be encouraged to help other people if you get involved with Greek life; one of the benefits of joining a fraternity or sorority is that you’ll be required to participate in events and fundraisers that will help your community and the world at large. According to The Fraternity Advisor, members of fraternities and sororities donate over 10 million hours of service each year. There are many advantages to doing charity work while you’re in college. For instance, volunteering can help you decide on a career, help you land your first job once you graduate college and give you the opportunity to meet different people. While the first goal of volunteering should be to help others, there’s nothing wrong with helping yourself at the same time.

Meeting New Friends

Another one of the many benefits of joining a fraternity or sorority is that you’ll meet new friends very quickly. More than a few college students have a hard time transitioning from high school life to college life-you have to get used to a brand new place, and there’s a good chance that you won’t know anyone at your new school. By joining a fraternity or sorority, you’ll have a large group of friends without even trying. When you go to college, it will probably be your first time staying away from home for an extended period of time, and making new friends is the best way that you can cope. Besides giving you much needed emotional support, your new friends will be able to help introduce you to campus activities, show you local attractions and help you study for quizzes and tests.


The earlier you can start networking, the better off you’ll be. While your new college friends may not be able to personally be much of a help early on in your career, they may become invaluable once you and your peers start climbing the corporate ladder. Keep in mind, though, that the benefits of joining a fraternity or sorority aren’t limited to the friends you’ll make while you’re in college – those friends may have parents, older siblings or family friends that can help you get started with your career. You also don’t want to forget to reach out to past members of your group. If you can get to know a former fraternity or sorority member while you’re in college or soon after graduating, don’t be surprised if he or she can either personally help you or contact someone who can.

There’s no denying that Greek life isn’t for everyone, but you might be surprised at how much you enjoy it. With all the benefits of joining a fraternity or sorority, Greek life is a great way to have fun at college while getting a leg-up in work and life.

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