What are Some Good Websites for Finding College Fairs?

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Updated March 24, 2021

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College fairs are held in several different locations including high schools, local community centers and conference centers. If you are interested in enrolling in college and you would like to choose the best higher education institution offering a program that interests you, attending a college fair will help you narrow your list of choices.

At a college fair, you will be face-to-face with college admissions officers so that you can learn more about admissions requirements and what makes the school that they represent unique.

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If sports are important to you, you can ask about the sports programs. If you want to attend a college with a great research department, you can ask about this. Once you meet with admissions counselors, you will be able to cross schools off of your list and highlight schools that stood out to you, but how do you find out where local college fairs are taking place? Read on, and find out which websites will be valuable resources for you to visit when you are ready to attend.

Visit Your Official High School Website

If you are currently attending high school and you want to attend a college fair being held in your gymnasium, you can easily find out when college fairs are being held by visiting your school's website. Nearly all schools have a detailed calendar posted on their website that will list important upcoming events. Find out when the fair will take place, and make time to attend the fair during school hours or after school lets out.

Spring and Fall National College Fairs

High school students are not the only category of prospective students who have access to college fairs. If you would like to attend a free college fair that is open to the public, there are several different fairs to attend listed through the National Association for College Admission Counseling. By visiting the NACAC website directly, you can find a list of all of the National College Fairs that are taking place during the upcoming Spring or Fall season. The calendars are created on a seasonal basis, and all fairs are either held in the Spring or the Fall. Make sure that you do not miss out, and register for the fair in advance so that you do not have to wait an additional 6 months to meet with admissions representatives.

When you log in to the NACAC website, you can select the College Fairs tabs and then click the Spring or Fall National College Fair Schedule for a list of all of the events coming up in the near future. The calendar is updated on a regular basis as new exhibitors register, so it is best to log back in on a regular basis to look for new participants. These national college fairs have several different membership schools that will interest a majority of students.

It is important to keep an eye out for college fairs that are taking place in your local region so that you can register and prepare for the day of the fair. On the day of the fair, bring a pen and paper, have a list of questions that you need answers to, and leave a good impression with all representatives. College fairs are a great investment of your time.

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