online information systems security degree programsIf you have an interest in both IT and security, an Online Information Systems Security Degree might be for you. To get started, take a look at the following list of 10 online, affordable bachelor’s degree programs in Information Systems Security, as well as other related areas. If you’re interested in a more general ranking, see our resource on affordable online degrees.


This list was created by taking a look at all the universities and colleges in the U.S. that offer ISS degrees through distance education and then narrowing the selection to include only the 10 most affordable. (For this, we used information from NCES/College Navigator, which represents information collected directly from institutions.) Public schools were assigned an approximate tuition rate based on an average of their in-state and out-of-state rates. Explore all 10, from the cheapest (Western Governors) to the most expensive (Kaplan).

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Cheap Online Information Systems Security Degree Programs Ranked

1. Western Governors University

Online BS in Information Technology—Security


Tuition: $6,070/yr

Western Governors University offers an affordable online information technology degree that’s attainable online through any computer with access to the internet.

The Bachelor of Science Information Technology – Security online degree from Western Governors University sets your “security career in motion.” Students are prepared to take management positions in the expanding information security field. The Cisco CCNA Certification, along with several others, demonstrates the value of the program to produce competent professionals. From the fundamentals of information technology to Web development, and from operating systems to software programming, students build a firm foundation to protect information databases and functionality. The university is a Microsoft IT Academy program member and placed #2 with Super Scholar for online programs. College Prowler gives an A grade for academic experience and flexibility, campus resources, and tuition value.

2. Bellevue College

Online Bachelor of Applied Science Degree in Information Systems and Technology With a Concentration in Information Security


Tuition: $3,754/yr (In-state) $8,944/yr (Out-of-state)

Bellevue College offers online courses in information systems security for students who want to earn their bachelors and learn more about IT and information systems.

Bellevue College builds competencies with technical and theoretical understandings. The Bachelor of Applied Science Degree in Information Systems and Technology, with a concentration in Information Security, prepares students for professional positions in the network security field. While all specific areas of expertise are examined, the program’s practical approach develops a broad perspective of information system technology and organizational security. Students supplement this training with a general education curriculum that develops professionalism for future careers. Classes focus on organizational values and outcomes – both critical for practical application and the management of project teams. Campus Prowler gives the college an above average grade for academics, course offerings, and student resources.

3. American Public University

Bachelor of Science in Information Systems Security Online


Tuition: $6,400/yr

The American Public University offers an information technology degree online (bachelors) for students who want to telecommunicate and work from any computer.

Ranked on U.S. News and World Report’s list of top universities for student engagement, American Public University is also recognized for its superior faculty credentials. Furthermore, College Prowler grades the university with A’s in tuition value, financial aid support, online courses, and academics. Its Bachelor of Science in Information Systems Security builds the “competitive edge” students need in this rapidly expanding field, which is growing in complexity. The cheap Online Information Systems Security Degree program recognizes that information security systems are facing increasingly sophisticated threats, and so graduates are prepared for a broad range of security specialist and management positions. The curriculum also includes strong general education requirements necessary for management positions in complex organizations.

4. Grantham University

Online Information Systems Security Bachelor of Science Degree


Tuition: $6,530/yr

Earn an information systems security bachelors degree at Grantham University at an affordable rate. Classes are led by certified and professional teachers who strive to teach students.

The Bachelor of Science in Information Systems Security degree at Grantham University builds all the skills required for students to excel in the corporate world. Application oriented, the program trains students to identify risks and the strategies needed to combat information security threats. Going past the basics, graduates will be ready for industry-standard certification tests like Security+, Network+, and CISSP. The degree also prepares students to identify and examine potential threats in real time, skills critical to the security field. Courses take an in-depth exploration into the ethical impacts to organizations and society, thus helping students develop a sense of professionalism. Grantham has produced several notable alumni in business, science, computer science, information technology, and other fields, including a few successful telecommunications professionals.

5. Colorado Technical University

Online Bachelor of Science in Information Technology – Security


Tuition: $10,531/yr

Colorado Technical University offers an information systems degree online for students on the go who want to learn on the computer. Classes are available and accessible at all times.

Colorado Technical University (CTU) is a reputable university whose online programs earn an average A grade with College Prowler. Its Bachelor of Science in Information Technology – Security degree is a comprehensive program that tackles all aspects of information networking. Students learn the methodologies of information security and how to handle the ever-prevalent risks to organizations and the public. The robust and rigorous project-based curriculum is designed to exceed the expectations of future employers. Solid general education requirements blend nicely with security-focused courses to prepare graduates for challenging professional careers. The university program also allows students to develop personal project portfolios to help them get their foot in the door at interviews after graduation.

6. Park University

Online Information and Computer Science – Network Security Concentration


Tuition: $10,600/yr

Park University has and offers an information systems security degree (bachelors) at affordable rates for it’s students. All classes are held online and no on campus time is required.

The Bachelor of Science in Information and Computer Science degree with a concentration in Network Security at Park University is perfect for students who aspire to a future in information systems security. For many, it’s a step toward a graduate degree at Park. The affordable Online Information Systems Security Degree program prepares students to use critical thinking skills for practical problem solving within an organizational context. Park is part of the Cisco Networking Academy global education program, increasing graduates’ access to career and economic opportunities. You’ll benefit from practical hands-on learning and comprehensive preparation for the Cisco Certified Network Associate certification exam. The university has mostly A and B rankings on College Prowler, including a top-notch score in the category “If I Could Do It All Over Again.”

7. Walden University

Online B.S. in Computer Information Systems – Information Systems Security


Tuition: $11,460/yr

Earn an online information systems security degree at Walden University at affordable rates.

Walden University expects the demand for skilled computer system analysts to grow 25% by 2022, and they’re preparing students for that future. The NSA’s Committee on National Security Systems has certified its Bachelor of Science in Computer Information Systems – a clear sign of the quality of education the school provides. This ironclad certification means the program meets or exceeds the highest standards for information security training. In preparation for an evolving career, Walden places emphasis on the importance of collaborative evaluation of security needs. Super Scholar ranks the university #13 overall for online programs, and College Prowler also gives high marks – including A’s in academic flexibility, online courses, and affordable tuition.

8. Capella University

Online Bachelor of Science in Information Technology – Information Assurance and Security Specialization


Tuition: $12,348/yr

Capella University offers an information systems security bachelors degree for students who strive to learn more about information technology.

Capella University understands that information system security is increasingly critical for the private and public sectors, and so has designed a Bachelor’s in Information Security degree that teaches students to use the “latest methods of effective enterprise-wide security.” The university follows the protocols of the International Information Systems Security Certification Consortium and is an NSA designated National Center of Academic Excellence in Information Assurance Education. Online Information Systems Security Degree coursework uses a “virtual lab environment” to help students make the most of hands-on learning opportunities, while a master’s degree fast track program allows undergraduates to get a jump on graduate school. Super Scholar ranks Capella 17th overall for online programs, and College Prowler grades their online programs with A’s in academics and online course quality.

9. Pennsylvania State University

Online Bachelor of Science in Security and Risk Analysis – Information and Cyber Security Option


Tuition: $13,202/yr

Pennsylvania State University offers an affordable information security systems degree for students who aim to learn online.

Ranked 9th overall for online programs by Super Scholar, Penn State continues 100 years of distance learning – a mission that was first achieved through the Postal Service! The career-oriented Bachelor of Science in Security and Risk Analysis with the Information and Cyber Security Option is designed around a solid recognition of the myriad of expanding threats to computer networks, including cyber attacks. The comprehensive program underscores the need for professionals in the information security field and looks at policy, education, and technologies necessary to protect information. Rounding out the accredited Online Information Systems Security Degree program are courses that examine ethical aspects of integrity and confidentiality in information systems security.

10. Kaplan University

Online Bachelor of Science in Information Technology – Information Security and Assurance Career Focus Area


Tuition: $13,884/yr

Earning an online information technology degree at an affordable rate is encouraged at Kaplan University. Classes are taught by certified professionals.

Kaplan University, a renowned institution with a #18 ranking from Super Scholar for its online programs, offers a Bachelor of Science in Information Technology Program with a focus on Information Security and Assurance. The Online Information Systems Undergraduate Security Degree program covers a broad range of competencies necessary for career development in information technology. Kaplan delivers a comprehensive understanding of network security and systems, thanks to coursework that takes on all aspects of threat response and detection and emphasizes project-based learning. In addition to graduating with a bachelor’s degree, you will also be ideally poised to sit for the CompTIA Security+ certification examination.

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