Top 15 Cheap Health Informatics Degree Online Programs (Bachelor’s)

Welcome to our ranking of the top affordable online health informatics degree programs.

In a time when the healthcare industry is expanding rapidly, there are two qualities that employers at hospitals, doctors’ offices, and outpatient care centers need desperately from new hires: managerial skills and IT knowledge. Enter the degree in Health Informatics, a bachelor’s program that combines the study of the healthcare industry with information technology training. These programs often also include a managerial component, which gives students the leadership abilities and administrative aptitude they need to excel in upper-level positions.

Because of the popularity of such programs, many schools now offer a version of this degree online. Although some of these degrees encompass four years worth of credits, many others are “completion programs” designed for working adults who have some prior academic experience at the postsecondary level. Some of these schools even offer supplementary certifications or training for people who want to take the Registered Health Information Management certification exam. Another benefit to these online health informatics degrees is that they are often a more affordable option than traditional schools.


online health informatics degree programsTake a look below for our selection of the 15 cheapest online colleges for Healthcare Informatics degrees. All of these schools are fully accredited and high quality – many of them have received recognition from top publications and also report high satisfaction ratings from graduates. Based on data from the U.S. Department of Education’s College Navigator database, they are arranged in order from most to least expensive. For the purposes of the online health informatics degree ranking we gauged public schools’ approximate tuiton based on the average of their in-state and out-of-state rates. However, it would be worthwhile for you to do the research to see which rate you qualify for, or if there is a separate pricing structure for certain online classes. You never know just how affordable your education could be!

Cheap Online Health Informatics Degree Program Ranking


Named as one of the top 15 underrated gems in higher education, the University of Cincinnati offers an affordable health informatics degree online.

15. University of Cincinnati

Bachelor of Science in Health Information Management Online

The University of Cincinnati offers a B.S. in Health Information Management that many consider to be the next step for Registered Health Information Technologists. This online college program is meant to give students the knowledge and skillsets they need to take the RHIA certification exam. Students work together through the accredited online health informatics degree curriculum in small cohorts led by a single faculty member, which makes online communication more comfortable and efficient. You will use discussion boards, chat sessions, and even Wiki pages to interact with peers in a virtual environment. Courses are generally seven weeks long and cover such topics as healthcare system organization, laws and regulations, compliance, and healthcare data sets. U.S. News & World Report named Cincinnati a top 200 school, while College Match called it one of the top 15 “underrated gems” in higher education.

Tuition: $10,784/yr (In-state) $25,816/yr (Out-of-state)


Named as a “Military Friendly” institution by “G.I. Jobs”, The College of HealthCare Professionals offers an affordable health informatics degree online.

14. The College of HealthCare Professions

Online Health Informatics – Bachelor’s Degree (BS)

The College of Healthcare Professions is a career-focused school accredited by The Accrediting Bureau of Health Education Schools. The school’s program in Health Informatics is designed as a preparatory degree for those interested in careers in health information technology. As part of the degree, the college has constructed a comprehensive online college learning system that enhances students’ understanding of digital applications. Students who attend this college online graduate with a solid foundation in computer skills, project management, communications, programming, software and hardware, and clinical information systems. In addition to informative lecture courses, this top online college gives you the opportunity to complete a practicum/externship class to gain additional experience. In addition to offering ample financial aid opportunities, CHCP also provides plenty of benefits to veterans and was named a “Military Friendly” institution by G.I. Jobs. The College of Health Care Professions is institutionally accredited by the Accrediting Bureau of Health Education Schools (ABHES) for both degree and non-degree programs.

Tuition: $17,000/yr


Davenport University offers an affordable health informatics online degree for students interested in working in the healthcare sector.

13. Davenport University

Online Bachelor of Science in Health Information Management (BS HIM)

Davenport University has combined three of its core strengths – business, health, and technology – into a single marketable degree. You’ll study data management and information technology while gaining invaluable leadership skills and clinical knowledge. This top online college not only provides a unique distance education format, but also offers students the chance to prepare for the Registered Health Information Administration (RHIA) credential exam via a one-of-a-kind virtual lab. A low student-to-faculty ratio, state-of-the-art tech services, and the opportunity for internships and practicums all make this one of the best online colleges for those interested in health informatics. College Prowler gives Davenport an “A” for its use of technology and reports that a full 100% of students rate professors as knowledgeable.

Tuition: $14,096/yr


Work towards a online health informatics degree with no on campus time required at Louisiana Tech University.

12. Louisiana Tech University

Online Bachelor (HIIM)

The goal of the bachelor’s degree in Health Informatics at LTU is meant to train students to effectively support consumers, evaluate data, and improve patient outcomes, with the goal of advancing healthcare delivery. Most of the curriculum focuses on understanding the systems that collect, disseminate, and communicate information in a healthcare setting. Classes combine online learning with professional practice in the community so that students develop a well-rounded set of skills. This reputable, accredited online college is approved by the Commission on Accreditation for Health Informatics and Information Management Education (CAHIIM), making it a great choice for serious students. U.S. News, Forbes, Washington Monthly, and Kiplinger’s Personal Finance have all given this top online college high rankings, and Business Insider even ranked it 11th on a list of most underrated colleges.

Tuition: $7,302/yr (In-state) $18,441/yr (Out-of-state)


Ranked as one of the “Best Western Colleges” in the Priceton Review, Montana Tech of the University of Montana offers a health informatics online degree at less than $10,000 a year (in-state).

11. Montana Tech of the University of Montana

Online Bachelor of Science (BS) in Health Care Informatics

Montana Tech offers a baccelaureate degree in Health Care Informatics that will give you a significant edge in the workforce. The program is available both in a traditional campus environment and to students who want to attend college online. The cheap online health informatics degree curriculum combines elements of information technology, management, and healthcare into a single set of classes that is both flexible and adaptable. This affordable online college program is ideal for students who already have an A.A. or A.S. degree in a related field, or for IT professionals looking to augment their skills. Classes are comprehensive and cover everything from anatomy and physiology to technical communications. Princeton Review currently lists Montana Tech on its ranking of “Best Western Colleges.”

Tuition: $6,464/yr (In-state) $18,606/yr (Out-of-state)


Capella University offers a health informatics online degree program at an affordable rate.

10. Capella University

Bachelor of Science in Information Technology Online – Health Information Technology Specialization

Capella University is a cheap online college that offers a B.S. in Information Technology with multiple specialization options. One of these specializations is in “Health Information Technology,” a program fully accredited by the Computing Accreditation Commission. Known as the “ABET Accreditation,” this approval is a clear indicator that Capella is one of the best online colleges for the study of healthcare informatics. The online health informatics bachelor’s degree curriculum focuses on training that will be useful in a professional environment, such as how to perform electronic recordkeeping and how to enforce patient-privacy regulations. Students often agree that Capella is a top online college, and more than 90% feel satisfied with their experience and would recommend the school to others.

Tuition: $12,348/yr


Walden University offers a health informatics online degree bachelors program at an affordable rate for students seeking to earn their degree on the computer.

9. Walden University

Online B.S. in Healthcare Management

Walden University is a top online college with a reputation for leading students to success. The university has recognized that with recent advances in technology, healthcare has become an increasingly complicated, challenging industry that requires the expertise of highly trained professionals. As such, it has created a B.S. in Healthcare that encompasses a number of topics in IT; you can take classes such as “Living and Learning in a Technological World” and “Health Informatics.” All students must also complete a Capstone Course, which encourages them to synthesize their knowledge and solidify much-needed skills. Students who want to attend college online will also love the affordability of the program, which features low tuition and plenty of financial aid opportunities. In fact, 89% of students who completed a College Prowler survey indicated that Walden is well worth the money.

Tuition: $11,460/yr


The University of Mississippi Medical Center encourages students to pursue a health informatics degree online for less than $7,000 a year (in-state).

8. University of Mississippi Medical Center

B.S. in Health Informatics and Information Management Online

If you’re looking for an affordable online college that specializes in healthcare professions, the University of Mississippi Medical Center may be the right choice for you. Courses in the school’s Health Informatics and Information Management program go beyond understanding patient care and also focus on legal issues, financial reimbursement, research and planning, and data evaluation. This online health informatics undergraduate degree is labeled a “2+U” program, meaning it is ideal for transfer students, those with an associate’s degree, or professionals who already have some level of certification. Whether you opt for the traditional route or choose to go to college online, you are bound to have a good experience; the school reports a 100% satisfaction rating from graduates and employers alike!

Tuition: $6,282/yr (In-state) $16,266/yr (Out-of-state)


Rasmussen College makes working in the healthcare sector affordable by offering a health informatics online degree bachelors program.

7. Rasmussen College

Online Accredited Health Information Management (HIM) Bachelor’s Degree

Thanks to Rasmussen’s accelerated online college degree programs, you can get a bachelor’s degree in Health Information Management in just a year and a half. The program is extremely flexible and allows students to choose between entirely online courses, classes on campus, or a blended approach. Courses are in-depth and focus on training that will enable you to manage technologically advanced medical systems. Students should have prior academic experience before applying to the program, but those who don’t can get started through one of Rasmussen’s other top online college degrees, such as Medical Billing and Coding or Health Information Technology. Graduates find careers with a diverse range of companies – from the MayoClinic to the Red Cross – with notable success. In fact, 90% of 2012 and 2013 graduates currently report working in their desired field of study or continuing their education.

Tuition: $10,764/yr


With 81% of students reported being highly satisfied at this institution, Franklin University offers their students a health informatics online degree bachelors program.

6. Franklin University

Health Information Management Degree Program Online

Franklin University’s B.S. in Health Information Management lends new meeting to the phrase “the business of saving lives.” Looking at healthcare from a managerial and technological vantage point, the experienced curriculum architects at this accredited online college have designed a program that covers such topics as health data management, compliance and risk management, informatics and information systems, and performance enhancement. Graduates sometimes lean toward the IT side of the field and work as data analysts or clinical coders, while others favor the business component and end up information managers or directors. In line with its reputation as a top online college, Franklin receives an “A” grade from College Prowler for its use of technology, and 81% of students report being highly satisfied with their time at the institution.

Tuition: $10,681/yr


Work in the healthcare sector by getting a health informatics online degree at Colorado Technical University.

5. Colorado Technical University

Online Bachelor of Science in Healthcare Management – Health Informatics

Colorado Technical University’s list of fully customizable programs includes a B.S. in Healthcare Management that can be specialized to include a focus on Informatics. Business classes cover such topics as project management, the economics of healthcare, patient access, and the revenue cycle, while IT-centered courses explore database management, security, and more. Informatics majors will also complete a Capstone course designed to ensure that you are ready to apply your new-found knowledge in a professional setting. Although it is a purely online college program, CTU doesn’t settle for just didactic lectures; students are encouraged to tackle tasks hands-on and gain experiential knowledge as well. As a result, more than 85% of CTU alumni report being satisfied with their experience, and nearly as many employers agree that graduates are prepared to handle challenges adeptly.

Tuition: $10,531/yr


Named as one of New York’s “fastest growing schools” and described as having a “rigorous” bachelors program, CUNY School of Professional Studies offers an affordable health informatics degree online bachelors program for qualified students.

4. CUNY School of Professional Studies

Online Bachelor’s Degree in Health Information Management (B.S.)

CUNY School of Professional Studies is a popular institution within the well-known City of New York public system. Its range of degree programs includes an online B.S. in Health Information Management, which was created in response to the steady growth of the healthcare industry. Students at CUNY learn how to conduct quality research and evaluate systems while gaining an understanding of reimbursement policies, databases, patient care, and more. This top online college program is currently pending accreditation by the prestigious Commission on Accreditation for Health Informatics and Information Management Education (CAHIIM). Inside Higher Ed named this affordable online college one of New York’s “fastest growing schools” and described the online baccelaureate as “rigorous.”

Tuition: $6,158/yr (In-state) $12,668/yr (Out-of-state)


The University of Wisconsin offers an affordable health informatics degree online for students seeking to work in the healthcare sector.

3. University of Wisconsin

Online University of Wisconsin Bachelor of Science in Health Information Management & Technology (HIMT) (Collaborative Program)

The University of Wisconsin has created an “e-Campus” system that brings the resources of this large university to students all over the country via online college learning programs. One such option is the B.S. in Health Information Management and Technology (HIMT), a degree completion program designed for working adults. It is split into two tracks, one with a focus on management and another with an emphasis on technology. You can choose either one, but the former provides the training necessary to take the Registered Health Information Management certification exam. Like CUNY, this accredited online college is currently seeking additional approval from the Commission on Accreditation for Health Informatics and Information Management Education (CAHIIM) as a way to prove the superior education it offers.

Tuition: $5,183/yr (In-state) $12,167/yr (Out-of-state)


FindTheBest has ranked GRU with a 89/100 “Smart Ranking” for its affordability, excellence, and options. It offers a premium and accredited health informatics degree online bachelors program.

2. Georgia Regents University

Bachelor of Science in Health Information Administration Online

Georgia Regents University offers a 100% online B.S. in Health Information Administration through its campus in Augusta. This online health informatics degree focuses on three principles areas: understanding how technology impacts patients and workers, developing innovative uses for technological systems, and applying current IT practices to a number of fields. In addition to preparing graduates for informatics-related roles in healthcare, alumni can also sit for the RHIM exam to becoem a certified administrator. Because it is a “2+2” online college degree, you will be required to take your first two years at a local community college before enrolling in this completion program. FindtheBest gives GRU a high 89/100 “Smart Ranking,” an indication of the institution’s selectivity, academic excellence, affordability, and expert opinions.

Tuition: $3,276/yr (In-state) $9,723/yr (Out-of-state)


Western Governors University offers a health informatics online degree for about $6,000 a year. All classes are led by certified professionals.

1. Western Governers University

Online B.S. in Health Informatics

Western Governors University is more than just an incredibly cheap online college. WGU also offers a reputable B.S. in Health Informatics that is flexible, adaptable, and fully accredited by the Commission on Accreditation for Health Informatics and Information Management Education (CAHIIM). As a student going to college online at WGU, you’ll study healthcare data, medical terminology, pharmacology, databases, pathophysiology, and more – plus complete a capstone course. The program also integrates a wealth of tech certifications into the curriculum, including CompTIA Project+, CompTIA Healthcare IT Technician, and Microsoft Technology Associate (MTA) Database Administration Fundamentals. And if you need more evidence that WGU is one of the best online colleges for health informatics, check out these stats: 100% of online health informatics degree graduates and employers expressed satisfaction with the WGU experience, and the pass rate on the RHIA exam is typically 100%.

Tuition: $6,070/yr

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