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Ministry Jobs

  • Social Media Ministry
  • Rescue Missions
  • Crisis Relief
  • Homeschooling Industry
  • Chaplaincy

God calls a variety of people with individual life-experiences and skills to fill careers in all walks of life including some lesser-known and unique ministry jobs. Society often portrays a person’s passion for Jesus as a narrow road that leads to becoming a pastor or church leader, but ministry work is not always so straight-forward. Much ministry work takes place outside of traditional worship services. Five such ministry careers you’ve probably never heard of involve fields like social media, rescue missions, crisis relief, the homeschooling industry and chaplaincy.

Social Media Ministry

The explosion of technology in recent decades has created new outlets for ministry work including ministering to the online community. Social networking platforms have created the ability for Christian communities to gather and connect online. Platforms like YouTube have undoubtedly awakened thousands of people to the Gospel’s message, and modern-day pastors often create their own websites to spread the good news. The most exciting aspect of this group of unique ministry jobs is that anyone can help share information. Certain individuals blessed with discernment, knowledge and leadership abilities can create content to spread awareness, and any individual with their own social media account can help by sharing the information.

Rescue Missions

Rescue missions involve ministry work directed towards the poor and homeless. The primary function of such missions is to provide emergency overnight shelter and meals for clients. Shelters usually give the homeless an opportunity to shower, eat, and rest. Many areas offer clothing and counseling services to further comfort those in need. The secondary focus of these shelters, aside from temporary relief, is to help encourage individuals make steps to meet their long-term goals. This can include medical services, counseling needs, job opportunities and other services. Ministering to the poor and homeless is mentioned throughout the Bible, and is still very relevant in modern times.

Crisis Relief

Crisis relief ministry efforts are usually employed after natural disasters, terrorist attacks or other humanitarian crisis situations. These amazing ministers provide valuable resources like water, electricity, health care services, rebuilding efforts or child care as volunteers. They usually travel to various parts of the world offering help where it is needed most. Rebuilding communities and providing disaster relief allows the power of Christ’s love to be revealed to those in desperate need. Though much of the work is done by volunteers, there are ministering careers in crisis relief management and secular crisis relief occupations.

Homeschooling Industry

Parents can choose to home school their children, and the internet has become an invaluable resource for curriculum, study guides, activities, crafts and more. Schools and institutions no longer have a monopoly on scientific publications, research journals and academic books. The internet, and the free, global flow of information, has created an entirely new base of knowledge that anyone with an internet connection can access. Ministry work is available in the form of educating our children with Christian-based curriculum and educational guides. Ministers can become online homeschooling teachers or create Christian-based home school content for others.


A chaplain is an ordained clergy member that is stationed in areas like war zones, military ships, hospitals or prisons. These special individuals offer spiritual guidance, support and services to those that can’t attend organized religious services of their choice. They are typically associated with a specific organization, such as the U.S. Army, rather than a specific church. This ministry work requires a high level of dedication and passion because chaplains are constantly uplifting the sick, wounded, mentally unwell and outcasts of society. Healers are often called to become chaplains for hospitals, while those who are service-oriented and are blessed with discernment are called for positions within the military.

Individuals are often surprised to learn how many secular occupations can involve ministry work. Traditional ministry jobs, like pastor or evangelical work, are still the foundation of ministry work, but many are called to different and even secular professions to spread the good news and help the lost. Social media work, rescue mission management, crisis relief, the homeschooling industry and chaplaincy are only a few of the unique ministry jobs available for those with a passion for serving our Lord.

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