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50 Best Value Small Colleges for a Business Administration Degree

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By Iris Stone

Get started on your search for a bachelor's degree in business administration with this best value ranking. If you're looking for a small school where you can benefit from more personal attention and get to know your classmates better, this is the list for you. You can tap into your professors' experience and knowledge to help you get the most of your business school education, while relaxing on an intimate campus and getting customized advising along the way.

Ranking Methodology

For this ranking, we used information from College Navigator to determine the top small colleges in America for a degree in business or management. College Navigator is a subset of the National Center for Education Statistics and provides a wealth of data related to all the accredited postsecondary institutions in the country. We used the website's built-in filters to search only for schools that:

1) Offer an undergraduate degree in general business/business administration
2) Have an admission rate of 50% or less (an indicator of selectivity)
3) Are small in size (3,000 students or fewer)

From these more than 100 results, we selected the 50 with the lowest overall net prices. Unlike standard tuition rates, "net price" values provide an overall assessment of what a student could pay in a single year, taking into account additional expenses, financial aid, and scholarships as well as base tuition.

We included these final 50, which boast an ideal combination of quality, selectivity, and affordability on comfortably small campuses, in the ranking below. Enjoy!

50. Sterling College

Business Administration

When it comes to business programs, the best schools focus on career training, practicality, and relevance. Sterling College fits this description exactly, and it emphasizes traditional principles and their practical application in the business world. Students learn to think critically, listen attentively, and act ethically as they pursue one of eight distinctive concentrations: Accounting, Social Entrepreneurship, Capitalism, Real Estate, Economics, Marketing, Entrepreneurship, Leadership, or International Business. Sterling also supports a chapter of Phi Beta Lambda, which is a business association that supports positive mentorship and career development on campus.
Net Price: $17,821yr

49. Maharishi University of Management

B.A. in Business Administration

For some people, business is about more than understanding finance and the art of negotiation. Business can also be about growth and leadership, and the best managers have an introspective side that constantly push themselves toward self-improvement. Maharishi has developed a reputation for its top business administration degree because of its "Technologies of Consciousness." You will still study the basics of accounting, production, and marketing at Maharishi, but you will also spend time developing your creativity, problem-solving abilities, stability, flexibility, communication skills, and dynamism in the workplace. MUM also values the cultivation of individual character, and so coursework also focuses on integrity and leadership and working harmoniously with others.
Net Price: $17,743/yr

48. York College

Business Administration Major

York College's affordable business administration degree aptly combines breadth and depth of study to provide its students with a solid foundation for numerous future careers. Graduates find varied opportunities in manufacturing, hospitality, retail, healthcare, and nonprofit work, while others successfully found their own small businesses. York is most impressive for its extracurricular resources, such as the J.D. Brown Center for Entrepreneurship. This center provides ambitious students with the infrastructure and intellectual capital to pursue their own innovative ideas. York also hosts the Center for Professional Excellence, which helps students prepare for a variety of career paths. The most highly qualified students can also work as "IQ Fellows" at the Institute for Quality, which partners with local organizations to bolster their economic strength.
Net Price: $17,733/yr

47. Daemen College

Business Administration

With its IACBE-accredited business administration degree program, Daemen College stands out from the crowd for more than just its low cost. DC's approach to business entails combining traditional aspects - human resources, accounting, law, and marketing - with more contemporary issues in the industry, including global change, ethics, and diversity. This program's unique structure will grant you the unique ability to graduate with multiple areas of specialization. In addition to choosing a concentration in either Marketing, International Business, Human Resources Management, or Sports Management, you can also tack on a minor in either Sustainability, Pre-Law, or Entrepreneurship with very little additional coursework.
Net Price: $17,300/yr

46. Cumberland University

Bachelor of Business Administration Degree

Cumberland University's general business administration degree is broad-based, and it is meant to give students the scaffolding on which to earn a successful career in management or entrance into a top master's program. Cumberland even provides a recommended course of study for students who definitely plan to acquire an MBA. These classes include Operations Management, Computer Information Systems, and Decision Analysis, as well as a sequence of Calculus courses. The School of Business and Technology also hosts numerous minor options, from Accounting and Marketing to Hospitality and Computer Information Systems.
Net Price: $17,147/yr

45. Newman University

Bachelor of Business Administration in General Business

Newman University's cheap business administration degree is designed to give students as many experiences and opportunities as possible in their four years on campus. After all, the world of business is constantly changing, management positions are becoming more versatile, and new positions crop up every day. Newman wants to prepare you as best as possible for whatever your future may hold, and so offers a "values-based curriculum" that emphasizes communication, critical thinking, mathematics, accounting, law, ethics, marketing, production, and other areas crucial to understanding free market economics. You might also be interested in one of NU's related majors in Sports Communication, Accounting, of Business Studies (which includes an online component).
Net Price: $16,943/yr

44. Toccoa Falls College

Business Administration Major

Experts may disagree on how important ethics are in business, but as a religious college Toccoa Falls makes students' moral development a top priority. This small college business administration degree even includes 30 credit hours of coursework just in the Bible and Theology in addition to 36 hours of major classes. Professors also emphasize Christian ethics in the business school classes, and many graduates choose service-oriented careers in non-profits, ministry, or commerce. The size and focus of TFC generate a community of like-minded learners who share a genuine interest in helping others, and as such the college offers both major and minor options in Nonprofit Business Administration in addition to its general track.
Net Price: $16,922/yr

43. Huston Tillotson University

Business Administration

Get an accredited business administration degree from Huston Tillotson University, whose curriculum has garnered full approval from the Accreditation Council for Business Schools and Programs. HTU's department is also very-well organized, and elucidates a rigorous "model of success" that can help you gain entry into the best graduate programs and top organizations in the country. This model focuses first and foremost on delivering relevant coursework, but it also recognizes the importance of career development workshops, study abroad opportunities, internship practicums, and strong mentor-mentee relationships. Huston Tillotson also stands out for its strong relationship with top companies, and recruiters from Dell, J.P Morgan, Wells Fargo, and IBM have all sought out HTU grads.
Net Price: $16,825/yr

42. Washington Adventist University

Business Administration

It can be almost impossible to cover every aspect of business in just four years, but Washington Adventist does its best. The affordable business administration degree at this small college crams topics finance, accounting, marketing, law, human resources, planning, management, and enterprise all into one undergraduate program. WAU understands well how impatient business students can be, and the college will provide plenty of opportunities for you to accelerate your studies, from transfer credits and competency exams to personal portfolios and evidence of past experience. Lastly, all seniors complete an independent study project that requires them to research contemporary topics and consider real-world business problems - and their solutions!
Net Price: $16,737/yr

41. Alderson Broaddus University

Business Administration

Alderson Broaddus University takes the lead in small college business administration degrees, recognizing that many business students don't actually know what they want to do with their lives. As such, ABU encourages its students to explore their interests, taking general classes and exploring the coursework before declaring a career plan. Small classes and caring faculty facilitate this process, and students enjoy myriad opportunities to get involved and make their mark. For example, the organization Students in Free Enterprise can help you understand the intricacies of how a capitalist economic actually operates. It also helps students make connections with some of the most attractive employers in the region. In addition, Partners in Excellence is an on-campus group that advises students on their goals and provides a strong platform for networking.
Net Price: $16,551/yr

40. Dillard University

B.A. in Business Management


The Department of Business and Marketing at Dillard University includes degrees in both marketing and business management, the latter of which is a general program that can meet the needs of a diverse group of students. Although the curriculum can help you prepare for an established role in management, it will also give you the tools to venture out on your own and solidify yourself as an entrepreneur. In addition, Dillard's Student Outreach programs include ventures like "Volunteer Income Tax Assistance," which gives students hands-on experience preparing taxes for local community members. Business interns may even be able to land a coveted position at Tabasco, working on marketing strategies and promotions as part of a coordinated student competition.

Net Price: $16,461/yr

39. Wesleyan College

Business Administration


Female business aspirants might see Wesleyan College as the best choice for an affordable business administration degree, thanks to the school's long-standing decision to cater exclusively to women. The program blends career-focused topics with humanities and social science topics, and it supplements these core requirements with concentrated electives in Accounting, Economics, and/or Marketing. Students also have the flexibility to take electives in a completely different topic or to tack on a minor in Economics or Finance. And if business administration is too general for you, Wesleyan's related majors in Marketing Communication, International Business, or Accounting may be a better fit.

Net Price: $16,353/yr

38. Missouri Valley College



If you're looking for variety, Missouri Valley College won't let you down. Its Business Division carries majors in Accounting, Agribusiness, Hospitality and Tourism, Marketing, Finance, Economics, or Management. Furthermore, the Management option includes distinct tracks in Administration, Sports Management, and Small Business Management. In other words, there really is something for everyone at MVC, and graduates have the freedom to apply for jobs in everything from advertising to construction to food service to healthcare. If you're unsure of what you want to focus on, the Management - Administration concentration will give you the broadest education possible within the field.

Net Price: $16,337/yr

37. Crossroads College

Business Administration Program


Crossroads is a Christian college, and as such it centers the majority of its curriculum on the development of moral principles. Faith-oriented students who are seeking an affordable business administration degree should pick CC if they are interested in servant leadership and want to work in the nonprofit sector or ministry. That being said, this small college's coursework - which equally emphasizes accounting, marketing, management, finance, computer science, law, corporate governance, and statistics - is equipped to prepare its students for any career they could desire. Lastly, Crossroads also offers an optional concentration in Sports Management for its more athletically minded learners.

Net Price: $16,166/yr

36. Johnson C. Smith University

Business Administration


"Be Yourself. Change the World" It's not often that an organization can claim both of these goals in one motto, but JCSU doesn't aim to be like other schools. The university also recognizes that the world of management is constantly changing, and its small college business administration degree is built to keep up the pace. Whether students choose to concentrate in Accounting, Retail Management, Marketing, Banking and Finance, Management, or International Business, they can easily develop the skills you'll need to be a leader in the industry. Johnson C. Smith also places a strong emphasis on technology and communication skills, and classes in computer science and language will help keep you ahead of the game.

Net Price: $16,118/yr

35. Warner University

Business Administration

Get the best of both worlds at Warner University. The Business Administration core provides general knowledge in marketing, finance, communication, leadership, statistics, and business. After students establish this essential foundation, they can develop specified skillsets in one concentration area: Marketing, Accounting, Finance, Management, or Human Resource Management. And Warner is another university represented on this list that takes a Christian approach to leadership, pushing students to be their best selves and develop strong moral character. In fact, many graduates find themselves working in church administration, nonprofits, or other servant leadership positions.
Net Price: $16,109/yr

34. Florida Memorial University

B.S. in Business Administration


An integrated approach to management combines theory and practice with modern management principles, highlighting the tried-and-true aspects of business while simultaneously emphasizing more contemporary ideas. Florida Memorials University's cheap business administration degree is nothing if not integrated, and it combines human resources, decision-making, international business, trade and investment, finance, politics, and culture into one streamlined curriculum. But if you'd rather spend your time focused on a smaller spectrum of topics, consider one of FMU's other top programs, such as Accounting, Finance, Hospitality Management, or Marketing. And if you're especially motived, you can apply for FMU's MBA program after you graduate.

Net Price: $16,005/yr

33. University of Saint Mary

Business Administration


The University of Saint Mary has a strong reputation in the region and attracts highly qualified students to its business administration department. USM students benefit not only from the quality academics that have contributed to the school's high regard, but also from the desirable career opportunities that such respect generates. Business students find coveted internships in the area and enjoy exclusive networking opportunities, and most have job offers immediately after graduation - if not before! As you progress through this small school's program, you'll study critical thinking, problem solving, and popular theory, focusing on business principles related to either marketing or management (depending on which concentration you choose).

Net Price: $15,611/yr

32. Bryan College Dayton

Business Administration (B.S.)


As a Christian student, you may be concerned about your ability to find success in the secular business world while maintaining your religious values. Fortunately, Bryan College can assuage your worry by providing an affordable business administration degree that delivers business instruction "through the lens of scripture." Whether you choose the Economics and Finance, Marketing, or Management option, you'll enjoy coursework with a strong undercurrent of ethical thinking. Bryan College also offers plenty of other resources for busy college business students, including Career Services; Sigma Beta Delta Honors Society (for business and management students); and the ENACTUS group, which works to improve the community through the power of entrepreneurship.

Net Price: $15,258/yr

31. Ohio Valley University

Business Administration


Ohio Valley University is another institution guided by Christian roots, and its school-wide commitment to servant leadership permeates its College of Business as well. Within the college, students have the option to major in Business Administration, Accounting, Sports Management, or Information Technology. Students who live on campus might also consider joining the "Learning Community" for business students, which provides a connection platform for like-minded learners. You can join the debate team, apply to the honors program, or study abroad in places like London and Jerusalem. Both in and out of the classroom, OVU can give you access to as many resources as you need to get ready for the competitive world of management.

Net Price: $15,226/yr

30. William Carey University

Business Administration Undergraduate Major

Being successful in business requires more than just keen financial skills; it also requires you to pursue self-growth at every turn. William Carey University puts equal emphasis on both personal development and management training, and it encourages its students to grow spiritually and socially as well as academically. The business administration program offers concentration areas in Accounting, Finance/Economics, Management/Marketing, International Business, Computer Information Systems, and Workforce Training and Development. But regardless of concentration, all business students at WCU enjoy small class sizes and a cross-cultural curriculum that is adaptable to almost any career field.
Net Price: $14,536/yr

29. Paine College


Like many of the cheap business administration degrees on this list, Paine College's program covers all the most essential topics: accounting, marketing, management, international business, and international business. The curriculum is rigorous and requires all juniors and seniors to take field tests that demonstrate their competency. But as long as you ace your classes - which include Macroeconomic Principles, Business Law, and Statistics - you should have no problem graduating! There are also plenty of ways for students to build their skills outside of class, for example by joining the National Association of Black Accountants, the Marketing Club, or Rotary Club International.
Net Price: $14,234/yr

28. Lander University

B.S. in Business Administration

Lander University's small college business administration program offers plenty of resources for management-driven students. Whether you want to find a job in accounting, finance, economics, marketing, healthcare, or general management, Lander has the degree for you. Four minors plus a certificate option in healthcare management give students even more options - all in one place. And because Lander has such a small student body, it's easy to get personalized attention from staff. Professors are heavily involved in the advisement process and help coordinate academic events. The Lander Professional Business Society also supports plenty of extracurricular options, including leadership opportunities, educational workshops, and social networking events.
Net Price: $13,847/yr

27. Fort Valley State University

B.B.A. in General Business

It's always nice to attend a school that values your career goals, and Fort Valley State University respects the minds of business-oriented learners. In fact, the Business Administration and Economics Department at FVSU is one of the largest units on campus, attracting big school resources despite the college's small stature. Fort Valley State is also impressively affordable, and funds annual merit-based scholarships that can help make school even more affordable for qualified students. Campus organizations provide an outlet for socializing and skill building every day of the week, from ENACTUS to the Marketing Club to a chapter of the National Association of Black Accountants. In addition, department organizations sponsor plenty of seminars and field trips to take your knowledge to the next level.
Net Price: $13,741/yr

26. Trine University

General Business

Trine University sees the general business major as an opportunity for you to explore, and the department encourages students to dabble in multiple disciplines before settling on a career path. Trine even offers Myers Briggs Personality Testing to help business students learn more about themselves and their interests. And the school's curriculum is just as impressive - it's ACBSP-accredited, includes both internships and co-ops, and is uniquely flexible. The "full throttle" option will accelerate your studies and allow you to earn a diploma in just three years, while the 4+1 Pathway can garner you an undergraduate and graduate degree in just five years. Community college students can also opt for the "2+2" Pathway and put their associate's degree to good use at Trine.
Net Price: $13,593/yr

25. SUNY Institute of Technology at Utica-Rome

Business Administration

SUNY Polytechnic represents another AACSB-accredited option for students who won't accept anything but the best business administration degree curriculum. Students at SUNY receive continual counseling and advising as they move along their academic journey, and they get plenty of opportunities to evaluate their skills and consider their career options. Concentration options include Accounting, Business, Advertising and Marketing, and Human Resources Management, while a personalized course schedule will give you ample flexibility to pursue your unique interests. Lastly, the Management Simulation is a realistic computer program that forces students to prove their worth in a competitive, real-world environment.
Net Price: $12,810/yr

24. Northwood University Texas


At Northwood University, professors understand that management is more about communication than anything else. As such, business administrators need to garner a few basic skills before even attempting to understand the finer points of finance and commerce, such as learning to work in teams, resolve conflicts peacefully, and share ideas. Residential programs at Northwood are available in multiple states, but students can also take their courses online. And instructors at Northwood have a habit of thinking outside the box, presenting students with real-world case studies, practical business simulations, and interactive online resources as well as traditional lectures.
Net Price: $12,547/yr

23. Edward Waters College

Bachelor of Business Administration

In the world of cheap business administration degrees, Edward Waters College has plenty to offer. Students at EWC start at the bottom, developing a strong foundation that will keep them rock solid throughout their careers. You'll learn how to be a strong leader and how to think like an entrepreneur, how to make informed decisions and how to think critically. Curriculum focuses on global and technological aspects of business, ensuring that graduates feel confident in an increasingly interconnected, 21st century world. Edward Waters also provides a CLIMB option for business administration majors, which helps nontraditional, professional students earn their degree in less time.
Net Price: $12,188/yr

22. Emmanuel College


Emmanuel College offers a refreshing change of pace for students who aren't satisfied with the other small college business administration degree options. Emmanuel's focus on ethical principles, the liberal arts, and social justice distinguishes it from other schools. Classes in Financial Management, Organizational Behavior, and the Legal Environment of Business complement intensive internship requirements with organizations around Boston. In fact, EC emphasizes career preparedness so much that many students opt for a second internship during their undergraduate studies. As a result, more than a quarter of students secure job offers directly from their internships before they even graduate.
Net Price: $12,171/yr

21. College of the Ozarks

Business Administration: General Business

The College of the Ozarks offers four-year vocational programs in both business and accounting, that latter of which incorporates concentrations in General Business, Management, and Marketing. Minors are also available in Business, Accounting, and Christian Mission. The last option speaks to the college's focus on religious teachings. As a Christian school, College of the Ozarks has organized an educational model that includes much more than just academic growth. This five-fold model sees the well-rounded student as one who nourishes his or her academic, patriotic, vocational, cultural, and Christian values equally.
Net Price: $12,073/yr

20. LeMoyne Owen College

Business Administration

If you live in Tennessee and are interested in business and/or economics, LeMoyne Owen College is the economical choice. This affordable business administration degree includes subtopics in Management, Finance, Accounting, and Finance, all of which lead to a B.B.A. degree. But you won't be stuck in the classroom all the time. At LeMoyne, business students can listen to reputable speakers through the Bornblum Institute, join in on Service Learning and Nonprofit Management projects, or even enter the challenging FOCUSS (Framework for Opportunity Convergence and the Utilization of Sustainable Solutions) Idea Competition.
Net Price: $11,709/yr

19. Christian Brothers University

Business Administration

Break free from the constraints of a traditional business program by choosing Christian Brothers University, a school with variety and diversity to spare. At CBU, you can pick from not one, but seven different business options. You can major in Finance, International Business, Sport Management, Marketing, Hospitality and Tourism Management, Management Information Systems, or simply Management. Perhaps the biggest benefit of attending this university is that you can completely tailor your degree program while also acquiring the critical thinking, analytical, leadership, and communication skills that you will need in any career environment, from athletic arenas to restaurants.
Net Price: $11,679/yr

18. Calumet College of St. Joseph

Business Management

A business administration degree is one of the more versatile academic options for students who see their future as an open book. While some programs narrow your career prospects to just a few fields, business majors are free to work in finance, hospitality, sales, retail, manufacturing, nonprofits, or even the government. Calumet College of St. Joseph can give you the resources to explore all of your interests. By the time you finish classes like Accounting for Managers, Law and the Manager, Business Communications, Supervision, Entrepreneurship, and Money and Banking, you're practically guaranteed to have found a niche that will bring you both happiness and financial reward for years to come.
Net Price: $11,664/yr

17. Oklahoma Panhandle State University

General Business

To the Department of Business Administration at Oklahoma Panhandle State University, a practical degree is one that is both flexible and career-oriented. Associates, bachelors, and minor options are all available within the department, and there is also a program in "Business Education" for students whose aspirations are split between management and teaching. Coursework covers Statistics, Business Ethics, Managerial Accounting, and Microeconomics, to name a few. In addition, General Business students take required courses in Business Law, Finance, Organizational Behavior, and either Professional Selling or Advertising. Finally, all students in this accredited business administration degree program complete a capstone course that focuses on either small business management or business policy.
Net Price: $11,456/yr

16. Bluefield State College

B.S. Business Administration

Although business coursework can get quite in-depth, requiring students to grasp quite complicated topics relating to the free market, Bluefield State recognizes that such knowledge is useless if its not attached to fundamental skills. That's why this cheap business administration degree program features coursework in Microsoft Excel, Microsoft Access, Presentations, Quantitative Techniques, and Electronic Communications. Combined with the study of more typical subjects, like finance and law, you'll leave BSU with a substantial edge over your competitors. You can also choose a minor in Accounting, Marketing, Management, or Business Information Systems and broaden your appeal to potential employers.
Net Price: $11,227/yr

15. Our Lady of Holy Cross College

Business Administration

Our Lady of Holy Cross College is one of the few IACBE accredited business administration degree programs to make this list, meaning that it stands almost on its own as a small, internationally approved, affordable choice for business students. The B.S.B.A. program incorporates multiple concentration options, including Marketing, Accounting, and Management. Furthermore, OLHCC has an accelerated program available in organizational management, which is meant to help older, nontraditional students earn their degree in less time. Lastly, students cap their experience with an aptly named capstone course, which allows them to compete globally in a simulated strategy game while working to build a profitable company.
Net Price: $11,003/yr

15. Lane College


Like many religious colleges (Lane is associated with the Christian Methodist Episcopal Church), this small school prioritizes spiritual, social, and personal development as much as academic growth. As such, Lane College encourages students to pursue "quality filled" experiences in every area of their lives, rather than limit themselves to a narrow range of activities. This appreciation for variety holds true within the business administration degree itself, where students have the option to study General Business with a concentration in either Management, Marketing, Accounting, or Finance, or to pursue an alternative Pre-Law curriculum.
Net Price: $10,823/yr

14. New Mexico Institute of Mining and Technology

B.S. in Management

New Mexico Tech is best known for its science and engineering programs, so why should students consider it for business? In addition to being affordable and hosting smaller than average classes, NMIMT offers quality academics that span far beyond STEM topics. But as a unique school, you should expect that this school's accredited business administration is just as distinct as its reputation. Management programs are available in general business, technology, and engineering, and all courses draw heavily from the ubiquitous STEM curriculum. In addition to marketing, economics, accounting, and finance courses, you will also take multiple semesters of natural science and mathematics.
Net Price: $10,735/yr

13. Brigham Young University Hawaii

B.S. in Business Management

Brigham Young University carries the academic rigor and esteemed reputation of its main campus to the sunny islands of Hawaii. The beautiful weather and fun beaches may tempt students to skip class, but not BYU attendees. While they certainly know how to relax, they also know the value of quality education - as does BYU. Business management students hit the books while concentrating in either general management or hospitality and tourism. General majors can further concentrate in Marketing, Human Resources and Organizational Behavior, Finance, or Operations and Supply Chain. You can also get to know your fellow classmates through student organizations, such as the Seasider Investment Banking Club or SCOPE, which provides career and networking opportunities for students majoring in Supply Chain Management.
Net Price: $10,660/yr

12. The Baptist College of Florida

Business Leadership Major

At the Baptist College of Florida, it's in the name - Business Leadership. A strong management program is equal parts knowledge acquisition and skills training, and you'll get both at BCF. Between 33 credit hours in general education 4 hours of electives, and 53 hours within your major, you'll enjoy an academic experience that is both broad and effective. Plus, all students must complete 18 credit hours in theological foundations; classes like Bible Book Study and Biblical Hermeneutics ensure that students stay in touch with their religious roots even as they reach for the sky in pursuit of their dreams.
Net Price: $10,292/yr

11. Concord University

Bachelor of Science in Business Administration

Coursework in Decision Sciences, Business Productivity Software, Business Ethics and Social Responsibility, and Business Communication form the foundation of Concord University's cheap business administration degree. CU's department hosts a general B.S.B.A., with concentrations in Accounting, Marketing, Finance, Management, and Administrative Systems, as well as an option in Business Education. Concord has also created numerous extracurricular projects, including the Entrepreneurship Initiative. This program gives students the space and resources to explore their biggest ideas, and maybe even participate in a statewide competition! Plus, the Annual Concord Business Challenge brings high school students to CU's campus to support an early love of innovation and creativity in business.
Net Price: $10,275/yr

10. Dickinson State University

Bachelor of Science Degree - Business Administration

Dickinson State University's accredited business administration degree includes nearly 70 credit hours in topics like investment, international management, staffing and diversity, financial institutions and markets, human resources, and marketing. Students can also take a seminar in business leadership and explore in-depth topics in social media, online commerce, advertising, and accounting that will help them stand out from the crowd in the modern business environment. And if you're looking for a more focused line of study, DSU has plenty to offer you as well. Alternative majors include Accounting, Finance (including a certified financial planning track), Human Resource Management, Office Administration, and Business Education.
Net Price: $9,981/yr

9. Mississippi Valley State University

Business Administration

If you want a college that's going to keep you busy, MVSU easily fits the bill. Between the Accounting Society, the National Student Business League, and the Iota Kappa Chapter of Delta Mu Delta (honors society), there is no shortage of activities for business administration degree students at Mississippi Valley State. There's also a club called "The Executives" and an honors program for highly qualified students. In addition to the accredited business administration degree on campus, you can also consider the Accounting and Office Administration program. And the best news is that both options are accredited by the Association of College Business Schools and Programs, indicating all around quality within the department.
Net Price: $9,807/yr

8. Mississippi University for Women

General Business

Being well rounded is one of the best assets you can possess in the field of business. That's why a degree in general business from Mississippi University for Women can help you get ahead of the curve. The flexible program easily adapts to your career goals and individual interests, guiding you through a degree that will help you build relevant strengths every step of the way. Learn to think critically, innovate, and problem solve creativity as you study every aspect of the global marketplace. And MUV's program is flexible in more ways than one - the entire junior and senior year coursework is available entirely online, so advanced students can get out into the workforce or take time for other responsibilities even as they finish their degree.
Net Price: $9,766/yr

7. Coppin State University

Bachelor of Science in Management

Coppin State University sees its management program as a launching pad, even a "passport," that will serve as your key to the career of your choice. A hands-on approach to education gets you out of the lecture hall early on, and instead you'll spend time attending lecture series, finding real-world experiences through internships, and learning from the best through an "Executive in Residence" program. And when you are confined to the classroom, you'll receive top-notch instruction in subjects like operations management, small systems software, financial accounting, business statistics, and business law.
Net Price: $9,667/yr

6. Texas A&M University Texarkana

Business Administration

The study of leadership at Texas A&M University Texarkana isn't just theoretical - students learn to stand at the helm and guide teams from their first year on campus. Business students can run for student government, become officers in campus organizations, and apply for internships that will earn them responsibility far beyond coffee runs. More specifically, the small college's business administration degree is partnered with the American Association of Petroleum Geologists, a connection that benefits students at every level of study. And if you choose to stay at TAMUT for your MBA, you can apply for the "Energy Leadership Track" and gain connections to top positions within the energy industry.
Net Price: $9,288/yr

5. Rust College

Bachelor of Science in Business Administration

Rust College's 124 credit hour program in business administration offers three concentration options: Accounting, Computer Information Systems, and Management. This three-pronged approach to management can help you make the most of your undergraduate career, depending on whether you are more interested in finance, technology, or administration, or are undecided. Students of all concentrations take classes across the spectrum of global business principles, and they finish up their senior year with classes on policy, ethics and society, and operations. Your final term will also include elective coursework and an internship that may even lead to a job offer.
Net Price: $8,575/yr

4. Southern University at New Orleans

Business Administration

Business is a dynamic, unique, challenging industry, and Southern University at New Orleans works to create a program that emulates those very same adjectives. This affordable business administration degree has been heavily influenced by the events surrounding Hurricane Katrina, including the devastating aftermath for so many of the area's residents. As such, students learn to become leaders in management who are economically responsible and ethically sensitive, carrying a respect for social responsibility everywhere they go. In addition, programs in the SUNO Small Business Development Center and the Small Business Development and Management Institute help fan students' entrepreneurial attitudes and give them the tools to one day be successfully self-employed.
Net Price: $8,528/yr

3. West Virginia State University

Bachelor of Science in Business Administration

If you love the idea of majoring in business but aren't sure what exactly you'd like to do with your future, West Virginia State University may be able to help. Between the school's seven concentration options - Accounting, Marketing, Energy Management, Management Information Systems, Finance, Management, and International Business - you're sure to find something that holds your interest. Students who love WVSU so much they just don't want to leave can also apply for one of two graduate programs (one in Accounting, one in Energy Management). This affordable business administration degree also gives students access to multiple extracurricular options, including the Delta Mu Delta honors society and the Dean's Business and Economics Student Advisory Board.
Net Price: $7,910/yr

2. University of Arkansas at Pine Bluff

Business Administration

The Department of Business Administration at the University of Arkansas Pine Bluff is the largest program within the School of Management. Despite the small overall size of the college, a significant group of students flock to the business administration degree for its flexibility, caliber, and pristine reputation. You will have your choice of five areas of concentration - Finance, Economics, Marketing, Management, or Business Technology - all of which build on a core of classes in business fundamentals. After honing your expertise in accounting, microcomputer applications, information systems, finance, and ethics, you will be well equipped to handle the depth and complexity of the upper-level concentration courses.
Net Price: $7,298/yr

1. Berea College

B.S. Degree with a Major in Business Administration

Students who are serious about their futures as professional managers and business owners shouldn't overlook Berea College. Qualified academic advisors can help you explore the major before choosing an area of specialty in Management, Finance, Accounting, or Marketing.. And while all this seems pretty typical of a management program, Berea has found ways to make a distinctive mark in academic circles. The school has a four-star rating on Charity Navigator, boasts a residence hall that meets the rigorous standards for "Living Building Challenge" certification, and offers an almost unbelievably low tuition rate. In other words, this cheap business administration degree proffers serious bang for its buck, exchanging a unique on campus experience and top academics for next to nothing in cost.
Net Price: $2,323/yr

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