50 Best Value Schools for Construction Management


Best Value Schools - Construction Management 2016
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As a degree, construction management combines two of the most important industries in U.S. society: building and business. And while working as a foreman or project manager might not  seem like the most glamorous job in the world, it’s arguably one of the most sensible and secure. The Bureau of Labor Statistics indicates that with just a bachelor’s degree and minimal on-the-job training, you could easily be making $85,000 a year or more as the lead on a construction site.

Of course, that does mean you’ll need to earn a degree first! The good news is that there are more than enough accredited construction management degrees in the United States from which you can choose. The bad news? The sheer volume of programs could make your decision an extremely difficult one.

Even with our ranking of the 50 top schools for construction management, you still might have a tough time narrowing down the list. That’s because each of these 50 degree programs has something worthwhile to offer, as determined by our comprehensive ranking system.


What do students look for in a construction management program? Answers certainly vary, but we considered that factors like student involvement, high-quality curriculum, and affordability have wide appeal. To start, we used the College Navigator database to acquire a list of all the colleges and universities in the United States that offer bachelor’s degrees in construction management. From there, we collected data on five equally weighted metrics:

Accreditation: The American Council for Construction Education (ACCE) sets strict standards for schools seeking accreditation, as it aims not just to ensure that students can identify top quality degrees, but also to certify that graduates of accredited programs are prepared to make “lasting contributions” to the construction industry as professional, highly-knowledgeable constructors. As such, accreditation status was a primary consideration in our methodology, earning schools points for having earned such a distinction (this did not include degree programs with candidacy status).

Degree Popularity: For students  interested in business, what would make them more willing to choose construction management as a discipline over similar options that their school offers, for example hospitality administration or international business? Aside from individual preferences, we considered that schools with a particular strength in this field are likely to have a higher concentration of students within the major. Therefore, we vetted schools based on the percentage of all business degrees that they awarded specifically to construction management majors (data for the 2014-15 school year, courtesy of College Navigator). In this way, we were able to indirectly measure degree popularity and student appeal, awarding more points to schools that conferred a higher concentration of degrees in this area.

Program Enrollment: While collecting data on degree popularity, we noted significant variations in program size across schools. We also noted that using the “Degree Popularity” metric alone would be insufficient, as small colleges with only a handful of construction management students (and/or tiny business programs overall) might still score well in measures of popularity. Thus, we struck a balance by also calculating absolute program enrollment on the back end; that is to say, not the number of students who signed up to major in construction management in a given year, but the number who actually graduated and earned degrees in the subject (data also for the 2014-15 school year, also from College Navigator). For each school, more students meant more points.

Graduation Rate: Even beyond metrics that are specific to construction management, there is something to be said for universities that have a successful track record of developing successful students. As such, we rounded out our ranking by looking at each school’s overall graduation rate, defined as the percentage of undergraduate students in a given incoming class who earned their degree within 150% of expected time (typically six years for a four-year program).

Net Price: Of course, no best value ranking would be complete without an assessment of cost. We judged schools on their overall affordability by looking at their self-reported net price. Note that this figure is distinct from tuition, as College Navigator defines net price as a representative annual cost, “generated by subtracting the average amount of federal, state/local government, or institutional grant or scholarship aid from the total cost of attendance. Total cost of attendance is the sum of published tuition and required fees (lower of in-district or in-state), books and supplies, and the weighted average for room and board and other expenses.” This category received just as much attention in our ranking as the others, so schools with low overall costs enjoyed a point boost comparable to what high performance would earn them in other categories.

After calculating the raw totals, we “curved” all of the final scores so that the school with the most points received an A+ grade (or 100 points). The list below includes descriptions of the 50 highest-scoring, best construction management degrees we found.

Tuskegee University Best Value Schools Construction Management

50. Tuskegee University

Tuskegee, AL

Bachelor of Science in Construction Science & Management

Tuskegee University has one of the oldest accredited construction management degree programs in the United States, which attracts students from all over the world. While students in this program can expect to learn the ins and outs of all facets of construction, from land surveying to project management, Tuskegee also complements the vocational depth of its CSM curriculum with a broad range of liberal studies. Ambitious students can even augment their degree with advanced certification options in Erosion Control Management, Landscape Management, and more.
Net Price: $12,524/yr
Score: 44.95

University of Texas Tyler Best Value Schools Construction Management

49. University of Texas-Tyler

Tyler, TX

Construction Management B.S. Degree

Construction is the largest industry in the country by total employment. It also has the largest and most visible impact on the world around you. With a top construction management degree from the University of Texas-Tyler, you can help lead the workforce that is shaping the nation’s future. UT Tyler’s experiential curriculum prepares students to get their hands dirty right away with a three-pronged approach targeting Construction Design Theory, Soils and Foundation in Construction, and Construction Scheduling. Plus, ACCE-accreditation and professionally experienced faculty ensure that all coursework is current with the best practices in the construction industry.
Net Price: $16,813/yr
Score: 45.12

Missouri State University Springfield Best Construction Management Degrees
This affordable construction management program is housed in MSU’s business school and its curriculum emphasizes finance and project management — ideal for students aspiring to executive leadership positions.

48. Missouri State University-Springfield

Springfield, MO

Construction Management Undergraduate Program

In terms of average starting salary, graduate job placement, and hands-on technical training, Missouri State University-Springfield’s accredited construction management degree program is one of the best investments you can make for your future. Graduates  report average earnings that exceed $50,000 a year. Owing to its unique location in MSU’s business school, this CSM program features a strong business emphasis that prepares students for executive leadership roles in construction marketing, finance, and project management. As part of their training, students are also required to complete on-site internships that build skills as well as professional connections.
Net Price: $14,192/yr
Score: 47.12

Pratt Institute Best Construction Management Degrees
With an emphasis on sustainability and environmental preservation, Pratt is one of the best construction management programs for ecologically-minded students.

47. Pratt Institute

New York, NY

Bachelor of Science in Construction Management

Construction may be in the business of building the world up, but it also has the capacity to tear it down—particularly as a result of its enormous carbon footprint. In light of modern climatological and political pressures on the construction industry, the Pratt Institute includes a construction management program among its newly developed Programs for Sustainable Planning and Development (PSPD). In addition to the technical, logistical, and financial facets of the CSM curriculum, Pratt encourages students to take advantage of elective offerings in sustainability and environmental preservation that can open the door to careers in real estate development and beyond.
Net Price: $40,125/yr
Score: 48.17

Ohio Northern University Best Construction Management Degrees
Ohio Northern stands out in this construction management degree ranking because of its internships, co-ops, and extracurricular options, making it a great choice for career-focused students.

46. Ohio Northern University

Ada, OH

Construction Management Program

Build a career bigger than yourself with a construction management degree from Ohio Northern University. With an intimate, hands-on program, ONU is one of the nation’s best schools for construction management, eclipsing larger programs in terms of quality and student resources. From co-ops and internships to competitive teams sponsored by the Associated Schools of Construction (ASC), there’s no shortage of opportunities to grow beyond the confines of the classroom. ONU is particularly distinguished as the only private university accredited by the Association of Technology, Management, and Applied Engineering (ATMAE), and offers specialized “industry paths” as well as advanced certifications that allow students to distinguish themselves along the way.
Net Price: $23,906/yr
Score: 48.84

Norwich University Best Construction Management Degrees
Norwich educates students in all aspects of construction — building materials, HVAC, plumbing, and more – making it one of the best schools for construction management in the U.S.

45. Norwich University

Northfield, VT

B.S. in Construction Management

Construction management is a challenging, interdisciplinary field that spans architecture, engineering, and business. That’s why it’s so important for future builders and developers to look for a school with the best construction management degree ranking they can find—and Norwich University is a great example. Through a rigorous combination of disciplinary breadth and general education as well as a comprehensive technical overview of building materials, HVAC, plumbing, electrical systems, and more, a highly-ranked B.S. in Construction Management from Norwich University equips students to grapple with every foreseeable task in the building process.
Net Price: $27,429/yr
Score: 50.14

Vermont Technical College Best Construction Management Degrees
The top construction management program at Vermont Technical College educates students about the legal and regulatory aspects of construction as well as the technical aspects.

44. Vermont Technical College

Randolph Center, VT

Construction Management (BS)

If you build it they will come—but you still have to build it first. Thanks to constantly changing regulations, the development of new building materials and equipment, and the innumerable pitfalls of running a successful business operation, a top construction management degree is more important than ever before for aspiring builders. Fortunately, Vermont Technical College offers a highly experiential Construction Management BS that prepares students for everything from infrastructure, contracts and permits to modern construction methods and entrepreneurship. Even better, Vermont residents are able to subsidize costs of this already affordable degree with scholarships from the Associated General Contractors of Vermont and Vermont Retail Lumber Dealers Association.
Net Price: $18,069/yr
Score: 52.51

Drexel University Best Construction Management Degrees
Drexel’s accredited construction management program has been instrumental in shaping Philadelphia for over 40 years.

43. Drexel University

Philadelphia, PA

B.S. in Construction Management

Founded in 1975, Drexel University’s accredited construction management degree program has helped shape the city of Philadelphia for over 40 years. In fact, Drexel’s B.S. in Construction Management remains the only such program in the area to be accredited by the American Council for Construction Education, the “leading global advocate of quality construction education.” Since the ACCE’s high standards are constantly changing to adapt to new regulations and best practices in the construction industry, those seeking a CSM degree in Philly (or anywhere else in Pennsylvania, for that matter) would do well to look into Drexel.
Net Price: $37,244/yr
Score: 53.14

Milwaukee School of Engineering Best Construction Management Degrees
The Milwaukee School of Engineering is known for its hands-on approach to learning and its 100% job placement rate. It’s a standout in our construction management school ranking.

42. Milwaukee School of Engineering

Milwaukee, WI

B.S. in Construction Management

Construction management is the perfect degree track for students who want to not only learn, but also do. Ranked the “5th Most Innovative University in the Midwest” by U.S. News, the Milwaukee School of Engineering caters exactly to the unconventional curricular needs of future builders and developers. MSOE combines hands-on learning and internship opportunities with technical classroom training in the physical sciences and engineering to prepare students for a career that demands both brains and brawn. And with a 100% graduate job placement rate, it looks like the school’s innovation pays off.
Net Price: $22,019/yr
Score: 53.20

Kent State University Best Construction Management Degrees
Kent State is one of the best schools for construction management if you are interested in green technology and sustainability.

41. Kent State University

Kent, OH

Bachelor of Science Degree in Construction Management

Kent State University’s Bachelor of Science Degree in Construction Management Program boasts multiple accreditations from the ACCE and ATMAE, a competitive co-op/internship program, and a 100% graduate placement rate in the field. If that’s not enough to qualify as one of the top schools for construction management, then it’s hard to say what is. But there’s still more: as a part of the College of Applied Engineering, Sustainability, and Technology, Kent’s CSM program also emphasizes migration to green technology, which is sure to carry students to high places in infrastructure and development in the years to come.
Net Price: $18,106/yr
Score: 53.21

Everglades University Best Construction Management Degrees
One of the only schools in our construction management degree ranking to offer online and hybrid programs, Everglades University is a great option for working students.

40. Everglades University

Fort Lauderdale, FL

Bachelor of Science Degree with a Major in Construction Management

Construction is the kind of job that’s difficult to perform remotely, but why should that stop you from earning your degree at home? Although it may sound counter intuitive, Everglades University is one of the few schools on our list to offer a top construction management degree online. The availability of hybridized on-campus and online coursework makes Everglades a great option for working students—such as uncredentialed laborers—who are unable to commit to a full-time college education schedule. Otherwise, Everglades’ Bachelor of Science Degree with a Major in Construction Management offers all the advantages of conventional CSM degree.
Net Price: $33,930/yr
Score: 55.42

SUNY College of Technology Delhi Best Construction Management Degrees
At SUNY-Delhi, students are required to do a semester-long internship, guaranteeing that they get professional experience while earning this top construction management degree.

39. State University of New York College of Technology-Delhi

Dehli, NY

Bachelor of Technology in Construction Management: Design & Building

The State University of New York College of Technology-Delhi’s construction management program traces its roots back to 1933 when the university began offering the nation’s first post-secondary education in building materials and methods. Since then, SUNY Delhi has continuously expanded its CSM curriculum to include strategic management, accounting, and economics coursework to prepare students for leadership roles in the ever-expanding field of construction. In addition to featuring a rare 2+2 combined AAS and BT degree program, SUNY Delhi requires all construction students to complete a semester-long internship for credit to acquire valuable professional experience.
Net Price: $13,043/yr
Score: 55.52

University of Nevada Las Vegas Best Construction Management Degrees
The University of Nevada’s affordable construction management program offers two distinct tracks: Engineering Science and General Management.

38. University of Nevada-Las Vegas

Las Vegas, NV

Bachelor of Science in Construction Management

A Bachelor of Science in Construction Management can prepare you for any number of careers in the nation’s most productive work sector, from general contractor to superintendent. The University of Nevada-Las Vegas helps students narrow down their job options with two unique specialization offerings in the field of construction management: Engineering Science and [General] Management. While both programs provide the diverse qualifications needed for success in this industry, UNLV’s engineering track emphasizes advanced calculus and mechanical science, while the management track is loaded with supplemental coursework in liberal arts, business, and economics.
Net Price: $8,287/yr
Score: 58.52

Middle Tennessee State University Best Construction Management Degrees
A great place to explore different career tracks, Middle Tennessee State’s top construction management degree offers several specializations.

37. Middle Tennessee State University

Murfreesboro, TN

Construction Management Program

The future and livelihood of the country is literally in yours hands with a degree from Middle Tennessee State University’s Construction Management Program. Like the University of Nevada-Las Vegas, MTSU offers a variety of concentrations that provide an in-depth look into specific career trajectories. Choices include Commercial Construction Management, Electrical Construction Management, Land Development, and Residential Building Construction Management – in other words, virtually every vital segment of the construction industry. This wide range of specialization options alone makes an affordable construction management degree from MTSU  an excellent opportunity.
Net Price: $10,910/yr
Score: 59.80

SUNY College of Technology Alfred Best Construction Management Degrees
SUNY-Alfred is a great place to focus on engineering; its multiple accreditations make it a standout in our construction management degree ranking.

36. State University of New York College of Technology-Alfred

Alfred, NY

Construction Management Engineering Technology B.S.

While it may not have the same historic pedigree as the CSM program in Delhi, the State University of New York College of Technology-Alfred’s Construction Management Engineering Technology B.S. still ranks among the top construction management degrees in the country. ABET and ACCE accreditation, required Certified Professional Construction Level I examinations, and intermural, competitive student construction teams are just a few of the ways that SUNY-Alfred has distinguished itself from rival programs. And with its engineering focus, this program is perfect for students looking for careers in project management, estimation, or materials sales.
Net Price: $14,378/yr
Score: 59.97

Minnesota State University Moorhead Best Construction Management Degrees
All Minnesota graduates complete a Capstone course in which they design and execute a project from start to finish — just one of the distinguishing features of this top construction management program.

35. Minnesota State University Moorhead

Moorhead, MN

B.S. in Construction Management

Construction managers don’t just build buildings; they also build businesses, lives, and legacies. Minnesota State University Moorhead’s Construction Management Program prepares students to be leaders in this vital industry through training in financial and organizational management, project planning and development, and numerous technical disciplines. In fact, owing to Minnesota’s required Capstone Experience course—where student teams design, schedule, estimate, and contract a project from start to finish—2015 graduates of this program passed their CPC Level 1 Construction Fundamentals Exam at a rate nearly 10% higher than the national average.
Net Price: $14,349/yr
Score: 60.15

University of Alaska Anchorage Best Construction Management Degrees
Construction in the Alaskan environment has its own special challenges, and you’ll learn all about them at UA’s top construction management program.

34. University of Alaska, Anchorage

Anchorage, AK

Construction Management – BS

Join the “Constructors of the Arctic” with an ACCE accredited construction management degree from the University of Alaska Anchorage. Specifically designed to meet the unique demands of Alaskan construction contractors and developers, this program prepares students for hands-on leadership in a quickly growing field. Construction managers are responsible for a wide array of essential tasks in the building process, from overseeing materials and build processes to ensuring a stable and cost-effective construction strategy. Through extensive coursework in professional communications, financial planning, architectural engineering, and contract law, CSM graduates from Anchorage acquire all the skills they need to succeed.
Net Price: $28,414/yr
Score: 60.41

Utica College Best Construction Management Degrees
From building materials to business ethics, Utica College’s top construction management program will give you a comprehensive education.

33. Utica College

Utica, NY

Major in Construction Management

According to the US Department of Labor Statistics, the median salary for construction managers was well over $80,000 a year in 2013. That’s because these professionals are experts at applying highly practical, technical skillsets to large-scale, real-time problems with high stakes. Utica College’s ACCE accredited construction management degree program implements this balance in their curriculum, with equal parts emphasizing the intellectual and physical labor that goes into this enterprise. Utica construction students gain insights into the higher-level operations in the construction industry, including business ethics and professional communications, while also becoming experts in building materials, HVAC, and contracting.
Net Price: $22,308/yr
Score: 60.98

Brigham Young University Best Construction Management Degrees
BYU’s affordable construction management program prepares students to enter the workforce or to pursue a graduate degree in a related field.

32. Brigham Young University-Provo

Provo, Utah

Construction Management Program

World-class construction projects like the One World Trade Center can take over a decade to build, but at Brigham Young University-Provo, students can lay the foundation for a world-class career in construction in just four years. With a well-rounded curriculum that spans architecture, engineering, construction technology, and business, BYU’s Construction Management Program is the pathway to a lucrative career as a field engineer, general contractor, inspector, or sales representative. And for those truly aiming for the sky, an affordable construction management degree from BYU can also be an excellent stepping-stone to higher education in architecture, business, and urban planning.
Net Price: $12,335/yr
Score: 66.52

Western Illinois University Best Construction Management Degrees
Hands-on and laboratory-based learning are integral to Western Illinois University’s top construction management program.

31. Western Illinois University

Macomb, IL

Bachelor of Science in Construction Management

If you’re trying to prepare for a real-world career, you’re best bet is to gain as much real-world experience as possible. At Western Illinois University, students earning their Bachelor of Science in Construction Management have a laboratory component in almost every course they take to ensure that the actionable skillsets they gain closely mirror their technical competencies. Whether they are developing their masonry skills in a design class, participating in a required internship in their junior year, or visiting construction sites to experience state-of-the-art building technology firsthand, WIU students are always learning by doing.
Net Price: $16,829/yr
Score: 67.28

Eastern Michigan University Best Construction Management Degrees
Students at EMU’s top school for construction management all complete a final capstone project in which they sharpen and apply their diverse set of skills.

30. Eastern Michigan University

Ypsilanti, MI

B.S. in Construction Management

Since its inception in 1974, Eastern Michigan University’s accredited construction management degree program has grown to surpass the standards of the ACCE and become a force in construction education in its own right. EMU molds students into construction leadership and management material through laboratory coursework in the physical sciences and engineering in their first few years, and business and open-ended problem-solving courses in their junior and senior years. In the program’s capstone project, Fundamentals of Construction Management, students apply all of their cumulative education in a final test of their skills as builder and planner.
Net Price: $13,040/yr
Score: 67.42

John Brown University Best Construction Management Degrees
JBU has its own construction company where students get hands-on training, making this school a standout in our construction management degree ranking.

29. John Brown University

Siloam Springs, AR

Construction Management Major

Just as a sturdy building relies on a strong foundation, students of construction management must acquire a firm grasp of the basics before they can apply their knowledge to real-world problems. Fortunately, John Brown University provides just the foundation construction management students need to excel in their careers. At this ACCE accredited school for construction management, students have unparalleled access to hands-on training in every step of the construction process through JBU’s Eagle Construction Company, located conveniently within the department itself. As a result, JBU graduates have a 100% pass-rate for the American Concrete Institute Grade I Field Technician Certification, and boast a National Constructor Certification Exam pass-rate over 20% above the national average.
Net Price: $18,924/yr
Score: 68.43

California State University East Bay Best Construction Management Degrees
The affordable construction management program at CSU-East Bay provides comprehensive training in everything from building materials to safety regulations.

28. California State University-East Bay

Hayward, CA

Construction Management, B.S.

With an anticipated increase in public spending allocations toward modernizing and refurbishing California’s transportation infrastructure, there’s never been a better time to look for affordable schools for construction management. For just under $9,000 a year, California State University-East Bay trains construction students in all the core competencies in the industry, including construction materials, methods, laws, and safety regulations. Whether you are looking for management work in the public or private sector, a construction management degree from East Bay is one of the best investments you can make for your future career.
Net Price: $8,723/yr
Score: 68.50

Boise State University Best Construction Management Degrees
Boise State offers plenty of hands-on learning opportunities in its top construction management program — from local projects to national competitions.

27. Boise State University

Boise, ID

Bachelor of Science in Construction Management

For a nationally ranked and ACCE accredited construction management degree program, Boise State University is practically a steal. To create experienced, competent leaders in the construction industry, BSU engages students in and out of the classroom with hands-on coursework in construction materials and methods as well as a variety of associated student organizations involved in everything from local outreach to national competition. BSU also helps construction students finance their already highly affordable education through merit and need-based scholarships, with over $38,000 distributed throughout the 2015-16 school year alone.
Net Price: $15,847/yr
Score: 69.48

SUNY College of Environmental Science and Forestry Best Construction Management Degrees
SUNY’s College of Environmental Science and Forestry is a top construction management program for students who want to become leaders in green building.

26. State University of New York College of Environmental Science and Forestry

Syracuse, NY

Construction Management Bachelor of Science

If construction is the largest area of employment in the United States, then sustainable construction is the most important. With a strong emphasis on sustainable construction management, the State University of New York College of Environmental Science and Forestry offers students the increasingly imperative opportunity to reduce waste and carbon emissions in their communities and around the world. This unique emphasis also makes a degree from ESF even more marketable in a rapidly growing sector in the construction industry. Owing to increasing environmental legislation domestically and internationally, the incentive to hire green construction workers makes ESF one of the best schools for construction management.
Net Price: $18,251/yr
Score: 71.92

Roger Williams University Best Construction Management Degrees
At Roger Williams University, students  graduate with an accredited construction management degree and a business minor.

25. Roger Williams University

Bristol, RI

Construction Management Major

Roger Williams University is home to a unique Construction Management Major that transforms students into leaders capable of negotiating many disparate parts of a construction project simultaneously. In fact, RWU’s ACCE accredited construction management degree features such a strong emphasis on business strategy and management techniques that students actually earn a business minor along with their primary diploma. This diversified approach to student success translates into a wide array of possible career options in the construction industry, including construction supervision, estimation and cost control, project management, and even private practice consultation.
Net Price: $36,025/yr
Score: 73.41

Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University Best Construction Management Degrees
Virginia Polytechnic’s affordable construction management program combines a foundational curriculum with a wide range of electives.

24. Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University

Blacksburg, VA

BS Construction Engineering & Management

Those who already work in construction know that in such a huge field, “working in construction” could mean almost anything. At Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University’s Myers-Lawson School of Construction, the primary aim is to develop technically competent engineers who will excel with equal measure in design, research, and management positions. After gaining a strong foundation in construction theory and applications, students earning their BS Construction Engineering & Management at Virginia Tech have the freedom to choose their own path, opting for business and professional development electives that suit their career aspirations.
Net Price: $18,398/yr
Score: 73.78

Pittsburg University Best Construction Management Degrees
PSU’s very affordable construction management degree lets students choose a specialty, helping them to stand out in the job market.

23. Pittsburg State University

Pittsburg, KS

Construction Management -BST

With a laboratory-based approach to coursework, mandatory hands-on, project-based senior capstone projects, and six professional concentrations in the construction management degree program alone, it’s easy to see how Pittsburg State University earned such a high construction management degree ranking. Unlike most other schools on this list, PSU students can select from distinctive “areas of emphasis” that include Building Information Modeling (BIM), Civil Construction, Field Management, and Residential Construction. Combined with PSU’s robust cooperative education program, this pragmatic curriculum gives graduates the edge they need to get ahead in a competitive and increasingly specialized industry.
Net Price: $12,046/yr
Score: 78.54

University of Northern Iowa Best Construction Management Degrees
UNI has an exceptionally broad curriculum that even includes the liberal arts. It’s a great option for students who want a comprehensive yet affordable construction management degree.

22. University of Northern Iowa

Cedar Falls, IA

Construction Management Bachelor’s Program

It’s difficult to overestimate the importance of quality construction management in developing safe, sustainable, and cost-effective buildings and infrastructure throughout the United States. The University of Northern Iowa’s Construction Management Bachelor’s Program prepares students for the challenges that lie ahead with a “conceptually based,” interdisciplinary approach that spans engineering, architecture, construction science, business, and even the liberal arts. As a result, UNI students graduate with salient knowledge and experience in auxiliary fields like marketing, financial accounting, and design software. Few universities can claim the same breadth of curriculum that UNI provides, making it one of the best schools for construction management in the country.
Net Price: $12,240/yr
Score: 78.64

Michigan Technological University Best Construction Management Degrees
Graduates of Michigan Technological University’s accredited construction management program boast a starting salary of over $60,000.

21. Michigan Technological University

Houghton, MI

Construction Management – BS

The building materials and advanced technologies deployed in modern construction changes faster than Middle Eastern skylines. That’s why Michigan Technological University officials consult with an Industrial Advisory Board to keep their construction management programs aligned with the best practices in the industry. MTU’s accreditation from the ACCE also ensures that the quality of their affordable construction management degree always keeps pace with what contractors and developers are looking for in new hires. With an average recent graduate salary of over $60,000, it’s safe to say that MTU keeps both employers and students happy with their Construction Management BS program.
Net Price: $15,629/yr
Score: 79.17

Brigham Young University Idaho Best Construction Management Degrees
BYU’s top construction management degree combines affordable tuition with valuable managerial training.

20. Brigham Young University-Idaho

Rexburg, ID

Bachelor of Science – Construction Management

Students with strong math, art, and manual skills are hard to find, but they make great construction managers. Brigham Young University-Idaho helps these multi-talented students apply their unique combination of skills towards one of the most challenging and rewarding careers around, thanks to its affordable construction management degree program. After developing their technical design and engineering mathematics abilities to a professional level, construction students at BYU-Idaho begin the real work of their career: management specialization. Students can either complete a minor in Business Management or choose between specializations in Heavy Civil Industrial, Residential/Commercial, and Environmental Health and Safety Construction to graduate.
Net Price: $7,968/yr
Score: 79.91

Louisiana State University Best Construction Management Degrees
Louisiana State University offers one of the best construction management degrees along with numerous certificate options and a minor in business.

19. Louisiana State University

Baton Rouge, LA

Bachelor of Science in Construction Management

Louisiana State University’s Bachelor of Science in Construction Management offers students far more than a degree – and we mean that literally! In fact, in just 122 credit hours at this top school for construction management, students earn not only a BS in CSM, but also a minor in Business Administration and Technical Sales, an OSHA Construction Safety & Health Certificate, and an American Institute of Constructor (AIC) Associate Constructor Certification. What’s more, LSU is the only four-year college in the country to offer specializations in industrial, highway, commercial, military, and residential construction. It’s no wonder LSU’s program has earned ACCE accreditation – and all while maintaining one of the most affordable price tags on this list.
Net Price: $13,409/yr
Score: 80.61

Eastern Kentucky University Best Construction Management Degrees
Ambitious students attending Eastern Kentucky University have plenty of opportunities to excel in this affordable construction management degree program, such as by enrolling in the accelerated master’s program.

18. Eastern Kentucky University

Richmond, KY

B.S. in Construction Management

Construction management is as challenging as it is crucial for developing the domestic infrastructure the nation needs to grow. Through internships and cooperative education programs, professionally licensed faculty, and a range of advanced degree concentrations, Eastern Kentucky University makes it possible for students to start their career in construction management on the right foot. In addition to earning a Bachelor of Science degree, construction management students at EKU also have the opportunity to complement their degree with a minor or certification in Land Surveying or extend their education with a unique B.S./M.S. “3+2” program.
Net Price: $11,561/yr
Score: 81.23

Central Washington University Best Construction Management Degrees
With its esteemed reputation, Central Washington University is one of the most competitive options on this best construction management degrees ranking.

17. Central Washington University

Ellensburg, WA

Bachelor of Science in Construction Management

Central Washington University’s ACCE accredited construction management degree program has long been a top choice for aspiring contractors and developers in the Pacific Northwest. Among construction management programs nationally, CWU’s program has been particularly competitive in terms of price and value, early graduate salary and AIC Certification Exam pass rates (both well above the national average), and high-tech departmental facilities. In fact, CWU’s Hogue Technology Building was recently granted a Design Merit Award by the American Institute of Architects (AIA) for it’s Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) gold certified, state-of-the-art laboratory facilities.
Net Price: $14,199/yr
Score: 82.11

Northern Arizona University Best Construction Management Degrees
The top construction management degree at Northern Arizona University utilizes a unique format that emphasizes teamwork and practical skills.

16. Northern Arizona University

Flagstaff, AZ

BS Construction Management

Negotiating the resources of builders, designers, contractors, surveyors, and more, construction management is a team sport that relies on group synergy more than the competence of a single individual. Northern Arizona University prepares students for success in this collaborative environment by arranging its construction management curriculum around a multi-year cohort format. In NAU’s Construct for Practice (C4P) Integrated Curriculum, sophomores, juniors, and seniors work in teams, dividing their responsibilities by class year. After navigating through the freshman-level foundational courses, sophomores jump on board as project builders. Along with their ascension to junior-class status comes a promotion to product designer, and then in their senior year they’ll take on their final role as a full-fledged project manager.
Net Price: $12,946/yr
Score: 83.85

Appalachian State University Best Construction Management Degrees
Even among the best construction management programs, few provide the educational breadth in design and architectural principles  available at Appalachian State University.

15. Appalachian State University

Boone, NC

Construction Management Program

Like many of the best schools for construction engineering, Appalachian State University’s Building Science program emphasizes sustainability, experiential, hands-on learning, and design and engineering to provide students with a broad grasp of the social and material responsibilities that come with leading construction development today. Unlike most other programs, however, ASU’s focus on architectural design, building performance, and systems engineering prepares students for careers and education in architecture as well. ASU construction students are highly competitive intra and extramurally, ranking 4th nationally (as well as earning the title “Rookie of the Year”) in the National Homebuilder’s Association Residential Construction Management Competition.
Net Price: $11,508/yr
Score: 84.06

Washington State University Best Construction Management Degrees
Washington State University offers everything you’d expect in an accredited construction management degree, including internships and laboratory courses.

14. Washington State University

Pullman, WA

BS in Construction Management

With a results-oriented, project-based curriculum, Washington State University’s accredited construction management degree program helps students learn to appreciate the value of their hard work. From laboratory design courses to senior capstone projects and industry internships during summer break, construction management students at WSU are always building their knowledge by, well, building. Plus, WSU’s professionally-experienced faculty come from all sectors of construction (such as residential, commercial, heavy-civil and industrial) and work closely with industry leaders to develop a curriculum that translates directly to the needs of employers around the state and across the country.
Net Price: $16,427/yr
Score: 85.01

Indiana State University Best Construction Management Degrees
For one low price, Indiana State University provides an affordable construction management program that includes both online and on-campus delivery options.

13. Indiana State University

Terre Haute, IN

Construction Management (B.S.)

Offered on-campus as well as via online digital learning platforms, Indiana State University’s Construction Management B.S. is  one of the top construction management degree programs in the country, and one of the most convenient. Regardless of which delivery format students choose, they’ll receive instruction from the same faculty who designed the program, drawing upon their experiences in diverse fields of construction to inform a relevant, professional curriculum. Plus, distance learners and on-campus students alike both receive the same opportunities for course credit and real-world experience through local internships and cooperative education.
Net Price: $11,525/yr
Score: 85.68

Illinois State University Best Construction Management Degrees
To help ensure that its students are prepared to excel in upper-level positions throughout the industry, Illinois State University focuses its top construction management degree curriculum on business and computer science training.

12. Illinois State University

Normal, IL

Construction Management Program

At “Illinois’ first public university,” construction management students can acquire a host of executive skills that will prepare them to be the cost-effective decision-makers that are in high demand in the industry today. Unlike many programs on this list, Illinois State University’s Construction Management Program features an emphatically management-oriented curriculum that prioritizes business and leaderships skills over “design…and craft skills.” With a strong background in law, business, and associated construction computer software, ISU graduates are prepared to join to ranks of supervisors and administrators right out of college.
Net Price: $16,337/yr
Score: 86.08

Northern Kentucky University Best Construction Management Degrees
Sporting one of the lowest tuition rates on this affordable construction management school ranking, Northern Kentucky University is a great value by any standard.

11. Northern Kentucky University

Highland Heights, KY

B.S. in Construction Management

The art of construction is all about doing more with less. At Northern Kentucky University, students can earn a high-demand degree in a lucrative, growing career field for just over $8,000 a year! This affordable construction management degree provides students with a well-rounded introduction to construction techniques, finance and management principles, and more – but for less than half the price of many major universities and with no compromise in quality. NKU’s continuous ACCE-accreditation is all the evidence you need to prove that this CSM program maintains the highest standards of academic and curricular rigor.
Net Price: $8,298/yr
Score: 86.82

University of Central Missouri Best Construction Management Degrees
Dual accreditations and multiple scholarship options make the University of Central Missouri one of the best schools for construction management.

10. University of Central Missouri

Warrensburg, MO

Construction Management Bachelor of Science Degree

The University of Central Missouri’s 4-year Construction Management Bachelor of Science Degree is not only among the most affordable schools for construction management, it’s also one of the very best. With ATMA and ACCE accreditations, recognition from the Chartered Institute of Building in the United Kingdom, and a host of prestigious need and merit-based scholarships for construction students, UCM makes it easy to earn a world-class education for not much more than the cost of attending community college. Plus, UCM’s impressive 17:1 student-faculty ratio guarantees that every student will receive plenty of individual attention along their path to becoming successful leaders in the field.
Net Price: $7,715/yr
Score: 87.81

Ball State University Best Construction Management Degrees
An interactive, high-tech, affordable construction management degree is within easy reach for students at Ball State University.

9. Ball State University

Muncie, IN

Major in Construction Management

Future contractors, surveyors, and superintendents looking to get their hands dirty need look no further than Ball State University’s accredited construction management degree program. At Ball State’s centrally located Applied Technology Building, construction management students have full access to high-tech laboratory technology and wired classrooms that make their education highly interactive. Students also have the opportunity to apply their skills in the real world through this program’s two required internships, which can be completed at local construction sites and contracting firms. And at the end of the program, students graduate with all the technical training and professional experience they’ll need – plus a minor in business administration that will help them stand out in job interviews.
Net Price: $12,804/yr
Score: 89.34

Clemson University Best Construction Management Degrees
Clemson University secures a top spot on this construction management degree ranking by maintaining a curriculum that’s relevant and useful in this quickly-evolving industry.

8. Clemson University

Clemson, SC

Bachelor of Science in Construction Science & Management

Founded in 1962, Clemson University’s Bachelor of Science in Construction Science & Management is a tried and true gateway to a range of high-ranking careers in the construction industry. Over the years, Clemson has built its construction management program with the input of the ACCE and other local industry leaders and organizations to provide a meaningful education for thousands of students. Clemson’s high construction management school ranking is a product of its holistic and comprehensive construction curriculum, which  incorporates building methods, contracting and estimating, project management, business training, and more into a single degree.
Net Price: $16,799/yr
Score: 91.79

Ferris State University Best Construction Management Degrees
Ferris State is one of the few schools on this top construction management school ranking to incorporate multiple specialization options into the curriculum.

7. Ferris State University

Big Rapids, MI

Bachelor of Science – Construction Management

If you’re looking for a stable, reliable, and meaningful career path, you should be looking for the definition of construction management. Ferris State University helps students build and rebuild the country with its ACCE accredited construction management degree,  is the ultimate preparation for overseeing virtually any and every stage of the construction process. What makes FSU one of our top schools for construction management is its unique concentrations within the CSM program itself. To help them solidify their career trajectory early, FSU students can choose between two vital sectors of construction management: Building Construction Technology (with a Commercial/Industrial Building Emphasis) and Civil Engineering Technology (with a Highway Emphasis).
Net Price: $12,602/yr
Score: 92.17

University of Louisiana Monroe Best Construction Management Degrees
Between its 100% job placement rate and generous scholarship programs, the University of Louisiana at Monroe’s top construction management degree is as affordable as it is valuable.

6. University of Louisiana-Monroe

Monroe, LA

Construction Management, B.S.

With just over 100 students enrolled in its CSM program, the University of Louisiana-Monroe’s Construction Management Program is an intimate educational environment that provides enormous opportunity. In addition to the traditional benefits associated with small programs (manageable class sizes, close faculty guidance, tight knit peer groups, etc.), ULM is also able to distribute large scholarships of more than $10,000 to construction management students every year. Coupled with the program’s 100% job placement rate and top starting salaries for recent graduates, this makes ULM one of the most affordable schools for construction management on our list.
Net Price: $8,287/yr
Score: 93.53

Wentworth Institute of Technology Best Construction Management Degrees
The Wentworth Institute of Technology stands out in university-dense Boston. It has a top construction management degree ranking  thanks to its high impact curriculum and modern facilities.

5. Wentworth Institute of Technology

Boston, MA

Construction Management Program

Boston has more colleges per square foot than probably any other city in the world, but prominent names like Harvard and MIT cast such long shadows that it’s often easy to overlook some of the city’s other shining stars. But if you look closely, you’ll find plenty of hidden gems – like the Wentworth Institute of Technology, which boasts one of the highest graduation rates among all CSM degree programs nationwide. WIT’s construction laboratories eclipse most of the facilities available in other top schools for construction management, with dedicated Job Site, Heavy Industrial Construction, Aggregate Testing and Construction Management Laboratories located right on campus.
Net Price: $32,366/yr
Score: 95.76

Arizona State University Best Construction Management Degrees
With four different accredited construction management degree specializations, Arizona State University’s top program has received a clear stamp of approval.

4. Arizona State University

Tempe, AZ

Construction Management, B.S.

At Arizona State University, construction management students have unparalleled opportunities for specialization within their degree program. Between General Building Construction, Heavy Construction, Specialty Construction, and Residential Construction, ASU allows students to choose virtually any sector of the construction industry to focus on while they are still earning their degree. All four tracks are ACCE-accredited, top construction management degree programs that integrate technology, engineering, architecture, and business into a single discipline. Whether you are looking to build skyscrapers, apartment complexes, or public works projects, ASU will put you on the track to success.
Net Price: $12,191/yr
Score: 96.45

North Dakota State University Best Construction Management Degrees
At North Dakota State University, you won’t have to write big checks to attend the affordable construction management program, but the training you receive will prepare you to earn even bigger paychecks after graduation!

3. North Dakota State University

Fargo, ND

Bachelor of Science in Construction Management Program

Advanced technology and engineering meets business strategy in North Dakota State University’s Bachelor of Science in Construction Management Program. But this is not just another interdisciplinary vocational program. With the third-highest construction management degree ranking on our list and accreditation from the ACCE—the most rigorous standard for construction education in the world—NDSU provides students with a globally competitive curriculum. Students in this top degree program benefit from courses that offer the latest in building materials and methods, cutting-edge business practices, and the practical experience necessary to apply these skills to multi-million dollar construction projects around the world.
Net Price: $14,249/yr
Score: 96.51

Central Connecticut State University Best Construction Management Degrees
A “safety first” approach has earned Central Connecticut State University a reputation as one of the best construction management degrees in the Northeast.

2. Central Connecticut State University

New Britain, CT

Construction Management, B.S.

What would the world look like without construction managers? You might not notice a difference on day one, but this would be an incredibly dangerous state of affairs in the long term. Construction management students at Central Connecticut State University learn how to: design buildings for safety and durability using the latest building materials and equipment; operate safe work zones on construction sites; and use sustainable practices to ensure the longevity of our energy supplies and environment. Graduates from this top construction management degree program are highly sought after all over the country because their skills contribute directly to  making buildings and keeping us safe.
Net Price: $14,734/yr
Score: 96.75

Minnesota State University Mankato Best Construction Management Degrees
Landing the #1 spot on this top construction management school ranking, Minnesota State University at Mankato offers top-notch training alongside top industry connections.

1. Minnesota State University-Mankato

Mankato, MN

B.S. in Construction Management

Minnesota State University-Mankato’s motto is “Big Ideas. Real World Thinking” which is exactly what you’ll get from their top construction management degree program. This ACCE-accredited B.S. in Construction Management features a highly advanced curriculum led by world-class faculty. MSU’s industry mentoring program pairs construction management students with leaders in local construction—including contractors, supervisors, and superintendents—to get guidance that will serve them well throughout their education and onward into successful careers. After graduation, many students are able to leverage these relationships into rewarding job opportunities in civil, commercial, residential, and industrial construction.
Net Price: $12,464/yr
Score: 100

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