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Updated March 24, 2021

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15 Best Online Master's in Sports Medicine can help jumpstart your future career in the sports industry.

Sports and athletics have captivated our society for as long as anyone can remember. The sports industry has grown to an extraordinary degree, and many are interested in being a part of it. Central to its success is the health of athletes, so the allure of an advanced degree in Sports medicine is not surprising.

A master's in a Sports Medicine field leads to many professions, such as Athletic Training, Physical Therapy, Coaching, Teaching, and Health Advocating. According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, the need for these roles is growing at a rate faster than the national average.

Online degree completion is especially helpful because many working professionals seek to further their education while continuing their career in the Sports Medicine Field. Best Value Schools' ranked the 15 Best Online Master's in Sports Medicine in 2019 for you.

The 15 Best Online Master's in Sports Medicine Degree Ranking Methodology

Best Value Schools publishes college degree rankings with the belief of how one's higher education should be, both, affordable and an investment of continued value for the students who pursue them. The staff of BVS collects data from reputable sources in order to calculate Net Price and the short and long-term value of every ranked degree. Collected data is simplified into weighted categories before scoring, and then scaled through a BVS Score up to 100. The weighted categories are:

  • Degree Investment Return (25%)
  • Student & Alumni Evaluation (25%)
  • Cost Value (25%)
  • Matriculation (10%)
  • Academic Success (15%)

No matter what degree you decide on, we hope our research and support has made the selection process easier. Our ultimate priority is helping you find the right school to match your academic and professional needs. There are numerous resources BVS utilizes to collect information on degrees, and we encourage you to check them out for yourself!

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