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Updated March 24, 2021

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Engineering is certainly one of the most versatile degrees that an individual can choose. And where would be without? Without engineers we wouldn't have roads, bridges, clocks, buildings, cars, airplanes, computers—pretty much anything that you could describe as a piece of technology has been shaped in one way or another by the discipline of engineering. There are numerous pathways open to students of engineering, from chemical engineering to computer and software engineering, all the way to mechanical engineering, aeronautical engineering, or even civil engineering. 

Individuals who gain a bachelor's degree in engineering go into industry, business, government, education, and nonprofit. Most engineering professions are expected to grow at the average pace for all occupations, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics. However, most jobs related to engineering, on average, make at least three times the median wage. For example, engineers reportedly earned an annual income of $91,010 in 2016, alone. Nearly four years later, this salary amount is still well above the average salary of most educated, working-class Americans.

If you're interested in engineering the life of your dreams, check out Best Value Schools' 25 Best Online Bachelor's Degrees in Engineering for 2020!

Selection Criteria

Best Value Schools publishes college degree rankings with the belief of how one's higher education should be, both, affordable and an investment of continued value for the students who pursue them. The staff of BVS collects data from reputable sources in order to calculate Net Price and the short and long-term value of every ranked degree. Collected data is simplified into weighted categories before scoring and then scaled through a BVS Score up to 100. The weighted categories are:

  • Degree Investment Return (25%)
  • Student & Alumni Evaluation (25%)
  • Cost Value (25%)
  • Matriculation (10%)
  • Academic Success (15%)

No matter what degree you decide on, we hope our research and support has made the selection process easier. There are numerous resources BVS utilizes to collect information on degrees, and we encourage you to check them out for yourself!

Here are the 25 Best Online Bachelor's Degrees in Engineering!
#1 Brigham Young University Rexburg, ID
#2 Arizona State University Tempe, AZ
#3 Stony Brook University Stony Brook, NY
#4 University of Arizona Tucson, AZ
#5 Clemson University Clemson, SC
#6 Lamar University Beaumont, TX
#7 University of North Dakota Grand Forks, ND
#8 The University of West Florida Pensacola, FL
#9 University of North Carolina at Charlotte Charlotte, NC
#10 Old Dominion University Norfolk, VA

Featured Online Programs

Figuring out where to apply? These top, accredited schools offer a variety of online degrees. Consider one of these accredited programs, and discover their value today.

  1. Brigham Young University

    Rexburg, ID



    Brigham Young University-Idaho is a private university founded in the Nineteenth Century by the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. BYUI offers a Bachelor of Science in Software Engineering online. The program trains individuals the design and use of complex computer applications and programs. The degree consists of 54 credits and can be completed within the typical four years for a bachelor's degree.

    Classes in the program include Computer Security, Human-Computer Interaction, and Object-Oriented Software Development. Students also take an internship and have a senior research project as part of the program. Consideration for admission requires a 2.0 GPA, and BYUI offers four different start dates through the year, which provides some flexibility for interested individuals.

  2. Arizona State University

    Tempe, AZ



    Arizona State University is located in Tempe, just outside Phoenix, AZ, and is a large public research university known for its innovative programs. ASU offers an Online Bachelor of Science in Engineering in Engineering Management. The program is aimed at preparing individuals for supervisory roles in various industries. Classes generally run for seven and a half weeks.

    Students take classes like Probability and Statistics for Engineering Problem Solving, Systems Dynamics and Thinking, and Lean Six Sigma Methodology. Students are expected to maintain a 2.0 GPA in the major and cumulatively to be in good standing with the program. Transfer students should have a 2.75 cumulative GPA, and freshmen must be in the top 25% of their graduating class from high school.

  3. Stony Brook University

    Stony Brook, NY



    Stony Brook University is part of the State University System of New York and is a public research university. SBU offers a Bachelor of Science in Electrical Engineering Online which is designed for individuals already working the field, or others who are interested in breaking into electrical engineering. The program draws on faculty from SBU, as well as the University of Buffalo and Binghamton University.

    SBU's degree is designed as a degree completion program. Students are required to complete some prerequisites in physics, calculus, and computer science, and maintain at least a 3.0 GPA to be considered for admission to the program. Classes in the major include Signals and Systems, Electromagnetics, and Object-Oriented Programming for Electrical and Computer Engineers.

  4. University of Arizona

    Tucson, AZ



    A large public research university, the University of Arizona is located in Tucson and annually enrolls over 44,000 students. Students can obtain a Bachelor of Science in Electrical and Computer Engineering through The College of Engineering. The program excels by bringing computer applications to bear on all kinds of engineering challenges.

    Lessons are taught by the same instructors who teach for the residential program. Some courses are not offered online, which students can finish residentially or directly transfer from a previously attended institution. Classes in the program include Computer Programming for Engineering Applications, Microprocessor Organization, and Circuit Theory.

  5. Clemson University

    Clemson, SC



    Clemson University offers online students an excellent opportunity to earn a Bachelor of Science in Electrical Engineering, especially for anyone with completed coursework from other colleges, or who already working in the field of engineering. The BSEE curriculum is generally available in an asynchronous format and students must complete 25 courses in the program, not including general electives.

    Courses in the program include Electric Power Engineering, Fields, Waves and Circuits, and Introduction to Linear Control Systems. Students enrolled in CU may be eligible to participate in the National Science Foundation program for Summer Research, or SURE. The program focuses on Solid State Devices and materials, and students are paired with a faculty advisor.

  6. Lamar University

    Beaumont, TX



    Lamar University is a public university based in Beaumont, TX, and is a member of the Texas State University System. LU offers a variety of online degrees, including a Bachelor of Science in Industrial Engineering Online. This a degree completion program which allows students to complete their final two years through LU. All classes are online; however, there is one three-day residency required for a manufacturing lab component.

    Applicants need to have completed at least six lower-division math courses before enrollment into the program. Classes in the program include Statistical Decision Making for Engineers, Production and Inventory Control, and Quality Improvement. The program is particularly useful for students who want to get involved in manufacturing.

  7. University of North Dakota

    Grand Forks, ND



    A public research university, the University of North Dakota has an annual student enrollment of over 14,000. UND offers a Bachelor of Science in Electrical Engineering online which is designed to be completed in 4-5 years. The program is perfect for individuals interested in the field of electrical engineering as it intersects with the biomedical, computer science, and aerospace industries.

    Courses in the program include Computer Aided Measurement and Controls, Electric and Magnetic Fields, and Engineering Data Analysis. The program features a two-semester capstone experience which is project based and emphasizes a design experience. The program does not require an on-campus residency, and students have access to a variety of student services tailored specifically for the online program.

  8. The University of West Florida

    Pensacola, FL



    The University of West Florida is a public university with an annual enrollment of over 9,000 students. UWF offers a Bachelor of Science in Engineering Technology online for individuals who are interested in providing expertise in telecommunications and instructional systems in a variety of industries. Graduates will be able to bring the latest developments in technology to bear in education and business.

    Students can take classes like Computer Aided Design and Modeling, Programming for Engineers, and Engineering Materials. Students also take a capstone course over two semesters, which is a project-based learning experience. The Department of Information Technology which oversees the program, offers several scholarships that students are encouraged to apply for.

  9. University of North Carolina at Charlotte

    Charlotte, NC



    The University of North Carolina at Charlotte is a large public research university located on the north side of Charlotte. UNCC offers a Bachelor of Science in Engineering Technology with a concentration in Fire Safety. The program includes an emphasis on the technical and non-technical aspects of fire safety and is ideal for individuals looking either to advance or to gain access to a career in fire safety leadership and management.

    Classes in the program include Industrial Hazards & Electricity, Risk Management for the Emergency Services, and Fire Safety Engineering Problem Analysis. The online program is designed for students who have already completed their Associate's degree or the comparable number of credits. Overall, students in the program will take 49 credits in the major.

  10. Old Dominion University

    Norfolk, VA



    Located in Norfolk, VA, Old Dominion University is a public research university with an average enrollment of 25,000 students. ODU offers a Bachelor of Science in Civil Engineering Technology Online degree. The program is designed as a degree completion program, and students can concentrate in three areas, construction management, site development, or structural design according to their interests.

    The program prepares students to take the Fundamentals of Engineering exam upon graduation, which is the first step towards licensure as an engineer. Courses in the program include Fundamentals of Surveying, Strength of Materials, and Plans and Specifications. Classes are offered both asynchronously and live, depending on the instructor or topic.

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