15 Best Bachelor's Degrees In Journalism

Updated December 13, 2022

Students who are trained in the field of journalism are necessary to keep the world in tune with current events and are vital safeguards of a free press and freedom of speech. The 15 Best Bachelor's Degrees in Journalism can help steer you in the right direction toward becoming a professional reporter.

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Purse a Bachelor's in Journalism

In today's ever-changing and exciting global society, career opportunities for journalists of all kinds are increasing by the moment. Students who are trained in the field of journalism are necessary to keep the world in tune with current events and are vital safeguards of a free press and freedom of speech. 

Pursuing a Bachelor's in Journalism prepares one for a variety of media-focused careers, whether it be in editing, reporting, photography, writing, public relations, broadcasting and more. The US Bureau of Labor Statistics found that in May 2018, the median annual wage for media and communication occupations was $57,530, a competitive wage that will surely keep rising. However, it's crucial to enter the growingly-popular field with qualifications and experience that make you stand out from the competition. 

Bachelor's programs in Journalism often prepare students with an understanding of not only the breadth of the field, but it's related discourses, equipping them with a well-rounded education and skills necessary in many fields. This often includes Communication and other liberal arts areas. Students who take on the interdisciplinary field of Journalism should expect to graduate with advanced skills in writing, editing, and many media-focused communication methods, such as digital storytelling. To ensure graduates are candidates for rounded and ethical careers, courses are often offered in topics like cultural responsiveness, diversity in media, and law. Earning a Bachelor's degree in Journalism is a way for people to engage with the global, media-centered society in a responsible way that makes space for the necessary conversations around current issues and events. 

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Here are the 15 Best Bachelor's Degrees in Journalism!

15. American University - Washington, D.C.

Bachelor of Arts in Communication: Journalism

The Bachelor of Arts in Journalism from American University is housed within their School of Communication. The curriculum is made up of courses in writing, advanced reporting, digital media, journalism ethics, and communication law. Students benefit from the university's Media Innovation Lab housing some of the most advanced audio, video, and film equipment. Throughout their time in the program, students work to complete a professional multimedia portfolio, that in combination with their acquired connections in the industry, make them competitive candidates for jobs in the field. Six months after graduation, 95% of undergraduates with the degree were either working, in graduate programs, or both.
Net Price: $32,732
Score: 77.3

14. Syracuse University - Syracuse, NY

Bachelor of Science in Broadcast & Digital Journalism 


The Bachelor of Science in Broadcast and Digital Journalism from Syracuse University equips students with skills in writing, investigative reporting, formatting, editing, anchoring, and producing for various digital media platforms. Students benefit from hands-on experience in newscast production in the university's state-of-the-art newsroom and HD studio. Workstations in the newsroom familiarize students with many editing and production software. Internships are available at broadcast stations across the country for, both, local and cable networks. Course topics include Multimedia Storytelling, Diversity and Media Issues, Critical Perspective on News, and Communications Law for Journalists. Graduates are also prepared for the professional workplace with an understanding of critical issues and ethics in all aspects of the complex communications world today. 

Net Price: $35,306
Score: 78.5

13. George Washington University - Washington, D.C.

Bachelor of Arts in Journalism and Mass Communication


George Washington University designed their Bachelor of Arts in Journalism and Mass Communication to prepare students for a multitude of careers within the field. Students will complete a core curriculum and then take five additional courses in specialized areas that best suit their ambitions in journalism. Core courses cover introductory and necessary aspects of the field such as Research Methods, Journalism Ethics, Media Law, and Journalism: Theory and Practice. Once students finish required courses, they'll have a variety of electives to choose from, such as Public Opinion; Campaign Reporting; Race, Media, and Politics; Media Bias; and more. 

Net Price: $37,638
Score: 81.7

12. Northeastern University - Boston, MA

Bachelor of Arts in Journalism


The Bachelor of Arts in Journalism from Northeastern University gives students the tools and skills necessary to tell their story and provide important reports on the experiences of the world around them. The 49-credit major is made up of 10 required courses and then three subsequent electives. Graduates are familiar with and trained in reporting, digital storytelling through social media, analyzing today's news, and the ethical issues in journalism. There are also joint programs between Journalism and English, and Journalism and Political Science. All students at Northeastern are required to participate in cooperative education programs, where they'll be employed full-time within their field either in the US or globally. 

Net Price: $30,784
Score: 84.3

11. Boston University - Boston, MA

Bachelor of Science in Journalism


Boston University designed their Bachelor of Science in Journalism for those in pursuit of careers in reporting, writing, editing, production, or design. Graduates are prepared in all aspects of the field for competitive professional opportunities, including areas of cultural sensitivity and civic responsibilities. The curriculum has the goal of equipping students with the tools necessary to confidently take on the most challenging aspects of journalism, and safeguard the sanctity of the free press. Course topics include Media Criticism, Data Journalism, Literature of Journalism, Restoring Lost Stories, and Race and Gender in Media. Core curricula are divided into essential areas of the field: Writing, Reporting, Historical Assessment, and Visual Acuity. 

Net Price: $33,728
Score: 84.6

10. University of Southern California - Los Angeles, CA

Bachelor of Arts in Journalism


The University of Southern California offers three different undergraduate majors for journalism students: the Bachelor of Arts in Print and Digital Journalism; a BA in Broadcast and Digital Journalism; and a BA in Public Relations. The School of Journalism prepares students for a variety of careers, and students are encouraged to pursue a second major in a related area of study to ensure they graduate with a unique, personalized, and interdisciplinary understanding of the field. Core courses for the first two majors include Investigative Reporting, Radio News Production, and Newswriting: Broadcast. The BA in Public Relations, however, requires a course in Effective Writing. Course topics will then vary based on the chosen major of each student. International Programs are available in New Zealand and London. 

Net Price: $32,892
Score: 87.5

9. University of Maryland - College Park, MD

Bachelor of Arts in Journalism


The Bachelor of Arts in Journalism from the University of Maryland is a flexible program, designed to allow and encourage individual specialization and experiment. Core topics include the basics of news photography, videography, audio recording and editing, web production, and digital storytelling. Electives are completed within concentrations broadcast journalism, sports reporting, or investigative journalism. These specializations are pursued after completion of the required courses in Journalism History, Roles, and Structures; Photojournalism; Media Research; Law and Ethics; and more. All students are encouraged to complete an internship, which may be with exciting media organizations like USA Today, National Geographic, or CBS News. 

Net Price: $17,241
Score: 92.5

8. Utah Valley University - Orem, UT

Bachelor of Arts in Communication — Journalism Emphasis


The Bachelor of Arts in Communication — Journalism Emphasis from Utah Valley University equips students with the hands-on experience and knowledge necessary to succeed in many careers of the field. The core education for students in the program will consist of Communication courses, such as Theories of Communication and Culture, Public Relations, and Communication Research Methods. From there, students will complete 23 credits of electives that make up the Journalism Emphasis. The Journalism courses include Reporting for the Mass Media, Media Ethics, Case Studies in Journalism, and leaves room for an Internship. Internships may take place within the university's campus news organization, where students build skills in print, broadcast, and web journalism. 

Net Price: $6,690
Score: 92.5

7. Northwestern University - Evanston, IL

Bachelor of Science in Journalism


The Bachelor of Science in Journalism from Northwestern University gives students an education covering the breadth of the field, as well as exciting hands-on opportunities that take place globally. Core courses in the program include Philosophy of Modern Journalism, Multimedia Storytelling, Media Law and Ethics, and more. Within the core education, all students also complete a Journalism Residency, where they work alongside professionals in the field at one of the university's numerous media partners. This has included the Boston Globe. Students who opt to study abroad have gone to Argentina, South Africa, or Qatar. Electives include topics like The Googlization of America, Media Design, Investigative Journalism, and Journalism of Empathy. 

Net Price: $26,099
Score: 93

6. University of Wisconsin-Madison - Madison, WI

Journalism Bachelor of Arts or Journalism Bachelor of Science


The University of Wisconsin-Madison offers both a Journalism Bachelor of Arts or a Journalism Bachelor of Science. Graduates are equipped with foundational knowledge both in the field and in its related discourses, to enter the professional field with a broad cultural base. Topics covered within the major after completion of skills courses include mass communication, public opinion, communication theory, and international communication. Courses include Multimedia Design, Magazine Publishing, Video Journalism, and Community-Based Reporting. Students are encouraged to complete practical experience through jobs and internships with organizations like the Daily Cardinal, the university's radio station, and the Wisconsin Union Directorate Publications. 

Net Price: $15,910
Score: 94.2

5. California State University, Dominguez Hills - Carson, CA

Bachelor of Arts in Journalism


The Bachelor of Arts in Communication from California State University at Dominguez Hills offers a Journalism focus option. Graduates are equipped with high standards in journalistic practices, skills, and specializations, having been trained in analytical reasoning, critical thinking, and problem-solving. Introductory courses cover topics like Media and Society, Digital Media Production, and Writing for the Media. Once completed, students take on upper division courses in more specialized areas, such as News and Information Literacy; Mass Media Law; and Cross-Cultural Journalism. All students will complete both a Senior Project and an Internship during their final year. 

Net Price: $4,957
Score: 96.9

4. Lehman College - Bronx, NY

Bachelor of Arts in Journalism


The Bachelor of Arts in Journalism from Lehman College offers two further concentrations: Journalism or Multilingual Media. Core courses completed prior to upper-level classes include Introduction to Multilingual Media, Journalism Ethics, Reporting, and Editing and Proofreading. From there, students will take 18-19 credits in their chosen area. The Journalism concentration offers courses like Covering Race, Gender, and Ethnicity or Feature Writing. The Multilingual Media concentration is earned by taking translation, composition, and grammar courses in another language, either Spanish, French, or Italian. All students will complete a capstone their senior year, either an independence project or honors-level colloquium. 

Net Price: $2,939
Score: 97.7

3. University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill - Chapel Hill, NC

Bachelor of Arts in Media and Journalism


The Bachelor of Arts in Media and Journalism from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill prepares students for a variety of careers in media and journalism, with emphasis on a basic liberal arts education, understanding the responsibilities of a free press and free speech, and the fundamentals of journalistic and media techniques. The program's goal is to equip students with the tools and knowledge necessary to understand and report on the political, social, economic, and cultural forces that shape society. The BA in Journalism requires courses in Digital Storytelling, Writing and Reporting, and Media Law, before the completion of more specialized courses. These electives may include Diversity and Communication, Latino Media Studies, Media in the United Kingdom, and The Black Press and the United States History. 

Net Price: $11,100
Score: 97.7

2. California State University Fullerton - Fullerton, CA

Bachelor of Arts in Communication — Journalism Concentration


The Bachelor of Arts in Communication with a Journalism Concentration from California State University — Fullerton is housed within one of the nation's largest communications colleges, one that recognizes the necessity of those trained in communication methods and studies throughout many fields of today's global society. The BA consists of only nine credits in core Communication courses, and then a subsequent 27 courses in the chosen concentration. The Journalism Concentration includes courses like News Literacy, Digital Foundations, Opinion Writing, Literary Journalism, and Magazine Writing. Students are prepared for these focused topics after completing Communication courses in Communications Law and Mass Communication in Modern Society. All students complete a capstone prior to graduation, as well as an internship at a city in either the Orange or Los Angeles counties. 

Net Price: $8,562
Score: 97.9

1. University of Texas at Austin - Austin, TX

Bachelor of Journalism


The Bachelor of Arts in Journalism from the University of Texas at Austin prepares students with a widespread liberal arts foundation necessary for their success in a Journalism education that covers the breadth of the field. Courses include the foundations, applications, and specialized skills and concepts of Journalism. The required courses are divided into topic areas: Writing, Cultural Diversity, Ethics, Global Cultures, Independent Inquiry, and Quantitative Reasoning. Electives are then completed in a variety of topics, such as Reporting the World, Music Journalism, Audio Storytelling, Reporting Data, and Media Law. Supervised internships are encouraged and available to all in the program. 

Net Price: $14,356
Score: 100

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