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35 Best Bachelor's Degrees in Accounting

Earning a Bachelor's Degrees in Accounting is one of the most promising opportunities a college student can pursue in 2019. Best Value Schools can help you decide which degree program can best help you achieve your goals!

Back in 2014, Forbes reported how, upon graduation, 61.2 percent of accounting student applicants had at least one job offer. The only other two majors with higher percentages were Economics and Computer Science - with Economics at a close 61.5 percent - and Computer Science leading with 68.7 percent.

The United States Bureau of Labor Statistics estimates that the growth outlook for accountants and auditors will grow by 10 percent over the next decade, and with typical entry-level candidates having achieved only a baccalaureate degree. The U.S. Dept. also reports the median annual pay in 2017 was a whopping $69,350!

Students who earn a Bachelor's Degree in Accounting should expect to receive advanced training in the discourse and the tools to master skills desirable for professional employment, such as oral and writing communication, knowledge-based decision making, quantitative reasoning, and more. Upon graduation, undergraduate accounting students can also expect to be an average 30-credits away from being able to earn CPA certification. A Bachelor's in Accounting is a reliable major designed for dedicated and hardworking students who are ready to tackle the discipline and ready themselves for the competitive professional field.

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35. Brigham Young University - Provo, UT

Bachelor of Science in Accountancy

One of Brigham Young University - Provo's unofficial mottos is "Enter to learn, go forth to serve."

The Bachelor of Science in Accountancy at BYU is set-up in what they call a Junior Core system, something the university created in the early ‘90s and that other colleges have tried to copy, unsuccessfully. The Junior Core divides the students in that year's BS in Accountancy class in five sections their junior year. All sections receive the same instruction although maybe different instructors, which ensures all students are being educated consistently and accessible, by the collaborative efforts of extraordinary faculty. Students are expected to pursue an internship between their junior and senior year. Graduates from the program have gone onto careers in public and private accounting firms, the government, and nonprofits.

Score: 76.50
Net Price: $12,979

34. University of Alabama - Tuscaloosa, AL

Bachelor of Science in Accounting

The University of Alabama's mascot is an elephant named Big Al, a nod toward the school's history of having been referred to the "Red Elephants."

The University of Alabama created their Bachelor of Science in Accounting program to prepare graduates for jobs in public and private businesses, government agencies like the IRS or FBI, and more. UA recognizes that the skills necessary for the promotion and success of accounting majors includes respectful and professional communication, research, problem-solving, and staying in tune with global and domestic news and trends. Students are thoroughly equipped with skills involving a solid accounting education through courses such as Cost Analysis for Planning & Control and Introduction to Taxation.

Score: 77.26
Net Price: $19,993

33. Northern Illinois University - Dekalb, IL

Bachelor of Science in Accountancy

Northern Illinois University opened in 1895 and currently holds an endowment of $74.7 million.

Students in the Bachelor of Science in Accountancy program at Northern Illinois University will complete 76-80 credits before graduation, with course requirements in the subjects of business, economics, finance, psychology, and more. All students pursuing a degree in Accountancy also meet the core requirements of the university's College of Business. The program's interdisciplinary nature will ensure that students graduate with a grasp on all the concepts that intersect in the field. The program is competitive, with applicants needing at least a 3.0 GPA from all universities attended before NIU. There are also opportunities to earn an Enforced Internal Audit Certificate while completing the program.

Score: 77.63
Net Price: $19,379

32. University of North Dakota - Grand Forks, ND

Bachelor of Accountancy

The University of North Dakota's Latin motto is Lux et Lex, which means "Light and Law."

The Bachelor of Accountancy from the University of North Dakota prepares students who wish to become a Certified Public Accountant. The program is offered to undergraduate students on its own, or in conjunction with UND's Master of Accountancy program that can be completed alongside the BAcc in only five years. Aside from the university's general education in English and mathematics, students will take a course in both American Government and Psychology, Sociology, or Cultural Anthropology. There is both a CPA track and a non-CPA track, with the CPA track consisting of 153 credits while the non-CPA is 126.

Score. 77.7
Net Price: $14,478

31. Felician University - Lodi, NJ

Bachelor of Science in Accounting

Felician University began as the Immaculate Conception Normal School in 1923 before finally landing on the name of Felician University in 2015.

Graduates of the Bachelor of Science in Accounting program at Felician University receive extensive training in critical reasoning, effective communication, ethical decision making, quantitative reasoning, and more. The program is designed for those who wish to become a CPA or pursue a professional career, combining course topics to create a solid business foundation with an intense focus in accounting. Students can work on case studies individually and in teams, building a portfolio of their work by graduation. Because Felician is located close to New York City, many students take advantage of internship opportunities in NYC. Applicants may submit SAT/ACT scores, but it is not required.

Score: 77.72
Net Price: $19,225

30. Southern Illinois University - Edwardsville, IL

Bachelor of Science in Accountancy

The mascot for Southern Illinois University is Eddie the Cougar, who always reps the school's red and white color theme.

While most students in the Bachelor of Science in Accountancy program at Southern Illinois University are aspiring CPA's, the bachelor's program moves seamlessly into SIU's 30-credit Master of Science in Accounting, which allows students to earn the 150 required credits to become a CPA and earn two degrees simultaneously. The BS program on its own is 120 credits, where students will focus on economic, social, political, and legal impacts in business operations. Students are encouraged to pursue internships during school to gain hands-on experience or participate in other co-curricular activities on campus. Courses are rigorous and admitted undergraduate students are required to apply to the Accountancy program after all university general education courses are completed and with a minimum 2.5 GPA.

Score: 78.82
Net Price: $15,090

29. Washington State University - Pullman, WA

Bachelor's in Accounting

Washington State University opened in 1890 and currently holds an endowment of $1.024 billion.

The Bachelor's in Accounting at Washington State University is the largest of their undergraduate programs. Students will graduate from the bachelor's program with a strong foundation in management fundamentals, accounting information systems, and accounting practices. Many students continue into the Master of Accounting program at WSU upon graduation, while others pursue professional careers. Graduates of the Bachelor's in Accounting program are consistently given positions in Big Four international and national public accounting firms, corporations, and government agencies. Prior to taking upper-level accounting courses, admitted students must apply further to become certified as a business major. Admissions for business major certification are competitive, and course enrollment is limited.

Score: 79.78
Net Price: $17,885

28. Baker University - Baldwin City, KS

Bachelor's in Accounting

Baker University opened in 1858 and sports the nickname of the Wildcats.

Baker University is proud of how its undergraduate Accounting program gives students the opportunity to learn hands-on, both inside the classroom and out with internship opportunities. Baker prepares its students to approach real-life situations confident in their foundation and knowledge in accounting. Graduates are ready, either, for competitive employment or to pursue a graduate degree, with experience already had due to Baker's required internship of all accounting majors. The program is set up to allow graduation with 150 credits in only four total years, including summer internships. Those who follow this route are ready for CPA certification upon graduating.

Score: 79.8
Net Price: $22,393

27. University of South Florida - Tampa, FL

Bachelor of Science in Accounting

The University of South Florida's school mascot is Rocky the Bull.

The Bachelor of Science in Accounting from the University of South Florida readies students for careers in industry, non-profit organizations, public accountancy, or for admission to the Master of Accountancy program, both at USF and at other universities. Admission to the College of Business at the university is competitive and based upon availability. Students must complete general education prerequisites with the university before applying to the College, with a minimum GPA of 2.5 on all college-level work. On top of this application, the School of Accountancy within the College of Business requires two additional requirements: 75 percent or more on an accounting competency exam, and completion of two accounting courses with a minimum C grade.

Score: 80.37
Net Price: $11,766

26. Northwestern College - Orange City, IA

Bachelor's in Accounting

Northwestern College, established in 1882, resides in Sioux County of Iowa, which is named for the Sioux peoples. Many Sioux peoples were relocated to reservations, such as the Great Sioux Reservation in South Dakota, around 1868.

Northwestern College trains its accounting students to be competitive candidates for careers in public, private, or government accounting, or for success on the CPA exam. In 2017, 89.3 percent of Northwestern graduates passed the CPA exam, which was the second-best exam pass rate from a university that year. Graduates consistently earn positions at Big Four Firms, and students will often complete credited internships during their time in the program. Northwestern College is a proud Christian university, and all undergraduate students are required to take a First-Year Seminar focused on the Christian liberal arts and eight credits on Christian story and tradition.

Score: 81.17
Net Price: $23,335

25. University of Southern Indiana - Evansville, IN

Bachelor's in Accounting

The University of Southern Indiana reps cardinal, white, and navy as the school's colors.

The Bachelor's in Accounting program at the University of Southern Indiana is accredited by the Association to Advance Collegiate Schools of Business, which only accredits less than six percent of all business schools worldwide. Classes are small, taught by experienced faculty who are dedicated to paying personalized attention to students. Students will graduate with foundational knowledge, skills, and professional orientation with the accounting profession, including tax conscious practices, analytical procedures, and ethical decision making. The campus is also home to the Accounting and Professional Services Club, a professional organization for students in the program. It's an excellent opportunity to establish camaraderie amongst like-minded peers, and help develop professional habits in social relationships.

Score: 81.70
Net Price: $13,130

24. Chaminade University of Honolulu - Honolulu, HI

Bachelor of Science in Accounting

The Chaminade University of Honolulu's Latin motto is vita in verbo, which means "Life in the Word."

The Bachelor Science in Accounting program at the Chaminade University of Honolulu designed their program to prepare graduates for the legal and ethical responsibilities of professional accountancy, using the Generally Accepted Account Principles in their teachings. Courses provide hands-on experience in how they teach students how to deal with real-world problems one may encounter in the profession. Students may also participate in FAFSA Projects and tax clinics, which are integral parts of the program. This introduces them to real-world tax application scenarios while also familiarizing them with the local community and economy. A suggested four-year plan of the program puts students at graduating with 129 credits, with course topics in economics, accounting, business and professional writing, and more.

Score: 82.28
Net Price: $20,975

23. Southern Illinois University Carbondale - Carbondale, IL

Bachelor of Science in Accounting

SIU's location in Carbondale, IL sports the mascot of the Salukis, named for the Royal Dog of Egypt. Carbondale is located in the southern portion of the state, which was called "Little Egypt" for nearly 200 years.



Southern Illinois University Carbondale designed its program in Accounting to either prepare students for career options post-graduation, or to continue seamlessly into their one-year Masters in Accounting program for CPA prep. Students in the undergraduate program are prepared for both work in team environments and computer-based environments, having skills in oral and writing communication. They will also be thoroughly trained in all facets of accounting concepts, including financial, taxation, auditing, managerial, and accounting information systems. Students will graduate with a total of 120 credits, 30 of which are core Accounting courses. There is no named minimum GPA for those entering from high school, but ACT or SAT scores are required, as is an official high school transcript.

Score: 82.74
Net Price: $16,431

22. University of Kentucky - Lexington, KY

Bachelor of Science in Accounting

The University of Kentucky opened in 1865 and currently has an endowment of $1.28 billion.

Students who graduate with a Bachelor of Science in Accounting from the University of Kentucky earn a minimum of 120 credits and with 30 credit stemming from the Accounting program, alone. Postgraduates are ready for professional careers in public and private accounting, business and industry, universities, and government. Those who desire CPA certification have the option of continuing into UK's Master's program - which is actually offered - is a mere Four Year Professional BSBA-MSACC Program from the university. Students in the undergraduate program are provided schedule flexibility and elective choices, as the UK general education requirements are only 31 credit hours alongside the 30 Accounting credits.

Score: 83.64
Net Price: $19,361

21. The University of Texas at Arlington - Arlington, TX

Bachelor's in Accounting

UT Arlington is the fourth largest university in the state of Texas.

The University of Texas at Arlington offers both a Bachelor of Science and a Bachelor of Business Administration in Accounting. Both are a total of 122 credits. The BS is designed for those who wish to focus on accounting-related career options in industry or government, while the BBA provides a broader foundational education for careers in the same fields. UTA also has offered an MPA degree, a Master of Science in Accounting, and a Master of Science in Taxation for those who wish to continue education for CPA preparation. There is a Professional Program in Accounting designed for those students who aim for CPA certification, which allows them to concurrently pursue both a bachelor's and master's degree.

Score: 83.96
Net Price: $12,533

20. University of Tulsa - Tulsa, OK

Bachelor's in Accounting

The University of Tulsa's motto is "Wisdom, Faith, Service."

The University of Tulsa offers a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration degree with a major in Accounting. It is also offered in conjunction with a Master's in Accounting, in a "4+1" year program that students can apply for towards the end of their bachelor's degree. Students in the undergraduate program will graduate with skills necessary to become a successful professional in the field, including familiarity with information technology. The campus is also home to a chapter of Beta Alpha Psi, an International Honor Organization for Financial Information Students and Professionals. There is no listed minimum high school GPA, but an admission interview is strongly recommended.

Score: 84.18
Net Price: $25,086

19. Weber State University - Ogden, UT

Bachelor's in Accounting

Notable alumni of Weber State include Damian Lillard, artist, and Portland Trailblazer best-known in Oregon for his local philanthropy and humble personality.



Weber State University's Bachelor's in Accounting is AACSB accredited, with small class sizes and 35 scholarship opportunities for students in the program. In 2016, 130 jobs were offered through their career services to accounting graduates. The program prepares students for careers as staff accountants, financial analysts, operations analysts, forensic accountants, and more. The School of Accounting & Taxation at the university focuses on the interconnectedness between accounting, business, economic theory, and contemporary practice. The interdisciplinary nature of the accounting program prepares students for careers in the growing global and diverse field. ACT/SAT score submission is not mandatory for applicants.

Score: 84.72
Net Price: $11,098

18. Towson University - Towson, MD

Bachelor's in Accounting

Townson University opened in 1866 and uses the nickname of the "Tigers."

The Bachelor's in Accounting from Towson University is a competitive 89-credit program, and transitions seamlessly into the university's Master of Science in accounting and Business Advisory Services so that students can sit for the CPA exam. The major prepares students for careers in auditing, tax accounting, cost accounting, or managerial accounting, as well as other options in government agencies or corporations. Course topics cover accounting basics, advanced accounting topics, economics, and business. The Accounting program is a screened major, meaning that students must apply to the program after completing other courses at the university with a minimum GPA of 2.7.

Score: 84.97
Net Price: $15,250

17. San Diego State University - San Diego, CA

Bachelor of Science in Business Administration with Accounting

"Leadership starts here," is the motto of San Diego State University.

San Diego State's Bachelor of Science in Business Administration with a major in Accounting is offered as a stand-alone undergraduate major or in conjunction with the university's Master of Science in Accounting. The undergraduate program is dedicated to transforming its students into readied business leaders, with competitive skills desirable in the accounting profession. Students will receive foundational and advanced knowledge in accounting topics, with skill focuses on written and oral communication skills, technology competency, critical thinking, team building, and independent learning and decision making. Students admitted to SDSU while have to further apply to the Business program, having completed at least 60 units of college-level work, nine preparation courses for the major with at least a C grade, and an overall GPA at the university thus far of at least 2.9.

Score: 85.60
Net Price: $13,636

16. University of North Texas - Denton, TX

Bachelor of Science & Master of Science in Accounting

The University of North Texas' Jazz Studies department is consistently named one of the best in the country by U.S. News & World Report.

The University of North Texas does not offer a standalone Bachelor of Science in Accounting degree, but rather a 150-credit BS/MS program to prepare students to sit for the CPA. There is a BBA program at the university with an accounting major available in that degree. For an undergraduate student to be admitted into the Master's program upon completion of the BS, they must have earned a 3.0 overall GPA or better, and submit GMAT or GRE scores. If applicants have an undergraduate GPA of 3.6 or better, test scores may be voided. The undergraduate part of the program focuses on teaching students how to identify ethical dilemmas, research current accounting issues, communicate effectively both orally and written, and thoroughly use Microsoft Excel.

Score: 86.17
Net Price: $12,053

15. Michigan State University - East Lansing, MI

Bachelor of Arts in Accounting

The motto of Michigan State University is "Advancing Knowledge. Transforming Lives."

The Bachelor of Arts in Accounting from Michigan State University is a 120-credit program with course requirements in accounting, business, economics, and general education. While the program is only 120 credits, graduates may take an offered government and not-for-profit accounting course, and then meet the requirements to sit for the CPA exam in Michigan. Course topics will cover all aspects of the field, including Federal Income Tax Accounting, Intermediate Financial Accounting, Auditing, and more. Business courses include Business Law and Ethical Leadership and Managing Human Resources and Organizational Behavior. Students are well-versed in everything they may encounter in the professional field.

Score: 87.02
Net Price: $16,684

14. The University of West Florida - Pensacola, FL

Bachelor of Science in Business Administration with Accounting

The University of West Florida opened in 1963 as the sixth University in the state of Florida.

Students who are interested in attending the University of West Florida can earn a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration with Accounting. UWF prides itself on offering small class sizes and mentorships from caring and expert faculty, all of whom have real-world experience in the field as well as being qualified academically. The program has proudly been accredited by the AACSB. Graduates may go onto the university's Master of Accountancy program, or the Certificate Program offered to prepare students for the CPA Exam in Florida. Degree requirements include courses in Accounting, Management, Marketing, Finance, and Business.

Score: 87.81
Net Price: $11,550

13. University of Utah - Salt Lake City, UT

Bachelor's in Accounting

William DeVries graduated from the University of Utah in 1966 and later performed a historic completely artificial heart transplant.

To earn a Bachelor's in Accounting from the University of Utah students must be accepted to the university and apply seperately to the university's Eccles School of Business. Admission is granted after achieving at least a C in business courses, have earned a 3.3 GPA or greater thus far, and meeting other requirements listed on their website. The Accounting program is 24 Core credits, and then six credits in a topic called Global Perspectives, which focuses on international accounting and finance. Students will also complete the course requirements of the Business School. Many undergraduates continue into the university's Master of Accounting program to prepare for the CPA examination, or they're employed within financial management, business transaction tracking, merger and acquisition strategy, information systems development, and more.

Score: 88.09
Net Price: $12,363

12. Colorado Mesa University - Grand Junction, CO

Bachelor of Science in Accounting

Colorado Mesa University's notable alumni include authors Steve Hillard and Marilyn Ferguson.

The Accounting degrees from Colorado Mesa University is provided as, either, a Bachelor of Science in General Accounting or a BS in Public Accounting. There is also a three-plus-two year program where students can earn both a BS in Accounting and a Master of Business Administration. Graduates have found careers in public, private, and government accounting, as well as tax return preparation, audition, and financial statement preparation. Faculty in the Accounting department are all not only certified academically but also experienced accountants. Students in the program have also been known to participate in internships, usually during the tax season to earn hands-on experience with CPA firms. Many graduates have jobs even before they finish the program!

Score: 88.53
Net Price: $14,309

11. University of North Carolina at Greensboro - Greensboro, NC

Bachelor of Science in Accounting

The North Carolina University system hosts three of the oldest public universities in the entire United States.

The AACSB-accredited Bachelor of Science in Accounting degree from the University of North Carolina at Greensboro prepares students for postgraduate professional careers or CPA preparation. Students will graduate with advanced skills in the analysis of financial statements, preparing and utilizing information for decision making, and will have also explored the fields of taxation and auditing. Courses offer real-world examples from dedicated faculty, all of whom hold relationships with the accounting profession, alumni, and community in ways beneficial to society. There is also a Beta Alpha Psi branch on campus. Course topics focus on the through-and-throughs of accounting, but also of the field's critical role in business all types of organizations.

Score: 89.04
Net Price: $10,496

10. University of North Carolina at Charlotte - Charlotte, NC

Bachelor of Science in Accounting

The University of North Carolina at Charlotte opened in 1946, although the city of Charlotte had been hoping for a university long before.

The Bachelor Science in Accounting from the University of North Carolina at Charlotte is AACSB accredited provides students with advanced training and preparation for professional careers, or for continuing education in CPA preparation. For this reason, the university also offers a Master's in Accounting program. The undergraduate program is a total of 120 credits, and students must have earned at least a 2.0 overall GPA before graduation. There's also a Business Honors Program available to students pursuing the degree, and internships can be used towards credit. Students will complete both Business Core Course requirements, and the major elements in Accounting courses.

Score: 89.76
Net Price: $14,811

9. Indiana University Bloomington - Bloomington, IN

Bachelor of Science in Accounting

Indiana University Bloomington has many notable alumni including Lavern Cox and Sage Steele.

Students who earn a Bachelor of Science in Accounting from Indiana University Bloomington are trained in auditing, taxation, systems management, and more. They'll also be equipped with professional oral communication and writing skills, to ensure effective teamwork and clientele service in postgrad careers. The degree curriculum is highly structured, meaning many courses have to be taken in a stated order. This means that those who apply to the program should be dedicated to the accounting major and ready to begin it as early as possible. Many internships are offered through the school, leading to job opportunities after graduation.

Score: 90.76
Net Price: $12,488

8. SUNY at Albany - Albany, NY

Bachelor of Science in Accounting

SUNY at Albany uses the motto "Wisdom, both for its own sake and for the sake of teaching."

SUNY at Albany designed their Bachelor of Science in Accounting program for dedicated, competitive students who are eager to earn their degree and enter the professional field. Admission is selective, with at least a 3.25 GPA required. Only high school seniors, current SUNY Albany students, and sophomore-standing transfer students can apply. Upon graduation, students will have completed 120 credits and therefore qualify for New York State's CPA "sit" rule, allowing them to take the CPA Examination but not gain licensure. Most graduates, however, continue into master's Accounting programs, both at SUNY Albany and elsewhere. Students are trained in financial and managerial accounting, auditing, taxation, information systems, and more. The program places a particular focus on ethical values and awareness of societal obligation in the field.

Score: 91.39
Net Price: $16,100

7. Northern Arizona University - Flagstaff, AZ

Bachelor of Science in Accountancy

Northern Arizona University's main campus is located in Flagstaff, AZ, which sits along Route 66 toward the Grand Canyon.

Students who pursue the Bachelor of Science in Accountancy program at Northern Arizona University will gain a solid foundation in the field, readying them for competitive career opportunities post-graduation. NAU also offers a postgrad MBA-Accounting Program to those who plan on taking the CPA exam. Students in the BS program will complete not only the 42 business core requirements and 30 Accounting major requirements, but NAU's University Requirements. Those University Requirements include courses in liberal studies, diversity, junior-level writing, and a capstone. The accounting program has additional requirements after admittance to NAU, which are available on the major's webpage.

Score: 91.48
Net Price: $14,901

6. University of Maryland College Park - College Park, MD

Bachelor's of Accounting

UMD's mascot is Testudo, who reps the school colors of red, white, black, and gold.

The Bachelor's of Accounting from University of Maryland College Park is offered with a Public Accounting Track, the only specialization offered in the major at this time. Graduates are skilled in analysis, classification, and recording of financial events, using tools such as financial planning, budgeting, accounting systems, and more. UMD offers a "Plus 1" program to those hoping to take the CPA exam, allowing students to get their bachelor's and master's degree in five years. The degree is a total of 120 credits, consisting of General Education courses, the Business school required courses in math, business management, and more, and Accounting major requirements. Students will also have to take a Professional Writing course, an Economics course, and electives.

Score: 92.35
Net Price: $17,241

5. University of Delaware - Newark, DE

Bachelor of Science in Accounting

The University of Delaware's school motto is "Knowledge is the light of the mind."

The Bachelor of Science in Accounting offered by the University of Delaware is a 123-credit program, preparing students to take for the CPA exam or pursue professional careers. The university also offers a master's program to those hoping to earn CPA certification. Students compelled to may work towards Honors in Accounting, following the university honors baccalaureate requirements. In 2017, 96 percent of accounting graduates from the program were employed with a median starting salary of $57,000, or pursuing further education. Those graduates went on to become staff accountants, auditors, federal tax associates, corporate accountants, and more. Admissions are competitive, with the one-year average and mid-50 percent of students who were generally admitted have a GPA between 3.6-3.99.

Score: 94.39
Net Price: $16,286

4. Binghamton University - Binghamton, NY

Bachelor of Science in Accounting

SUNY Binghampton used to be called Triple CIties College and Harpur College before changing its name 1965.

Binghamton University designed their Bachelor of Science in Accounting program for students who will pursue careers in public and corporate accounting after graduation, and for those pursuing graduate and professional school. Students are encouraged to complete internships to strengthen their skills and to network professionally. The university works with many big-time and mid-size companies and firms in New York to offer students hands-on industry practice, such as a media strategy course taught in conjunction with ZenithOptimedia. Many students in the undergraduate program end up pursuing the five-year program to earn both their bachelor's and Master of Accounting.

Score: 95.14
Net Price: $16,775

3. North Carolina State University - Raleigh, NC

Bachelor of Science in Accounting

Around 61 percent of NCSU alumni reside in the state of North Carolina after graduation.

Students who graduate with their Bachelor of Science in Accounting from North Carolina State University receive advanced trained in dealing with all aspects of an organization from a top-down perspective. Graduates are ready for careers in public accounting, business, and not-for-profit organizations, having to complete courses in business, accounting, and an accounting concentration area. Concentrations include Financial Analysis, Information Systems, Internal Auditing, Managerial Accounting, and Government and Nonprofit. The required courses will all work to prepare students for a multifaceted understanding of the field and industry, with courses like Professionalism, Diversity & Academic Success in Management.

Score: 95.21
Net Price: $13,442

2. University of Illinois at Chicago - Chicago, IL

Bachelor of Science in Accounting

The University of Illinois at Chicago sports the motto, "Teach, research, serve," and "care."

The Bachelor of Science in Accounting from the University of Illinois at Chicago teaches students using the most modernized research theories in the field. Students will also have many opportunities for practice of real-world application in the way that courses are designed. There are specialization areas in the program, like Corporate Accounting, Government Accounting, Nonprofit Accounting, Public Accounting-Tax, and Public Accounting-Audit. The program readies graduates for work in all types of organizations and businesses, from nonprofits and government agencies to shareholders and small businesses. Students will meet General and Basic Course Requirements, Business Core Requirements and Major Requirements upon graduation, as well as fulfilling Business Electives.

Score: 95.57
Net Price: $11,884

1. University of Illinois at Urbana - Champaign - Urbana - Champaign, IL

Bachelor of Science in Accountancy

The University of Illinois system was established back in 1867.

The Bachelor of Science in Accountancy at the University of Illinois at Urbana - Champaign is known to prepare students for not only professional careers in the field, but graduate programs in accounting and even law. The curriculum emphasizes a conceptual structure that focuses on all aspects of the discipline. This structure teaches using not only information, and it's utility, but the information's production and dissemination. Students will also master the skills of oral and written communication, professional communication and presentation, and informed decision making. The Internship Program allows students to complete a professional project with the guidance and support of trained faculty and professionals outside of the university.

Score: 100
Net Price: $16,638