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Updated March 24, 2021

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Immigration Crisis Solutions

  • Educate
  • Advocate
  • Secure Borders
  • Donate Services

The humanitarian crisis in our country's border is dire. There is an urgent need to bring it under control. Below are several ways someone with a criminal justice degree can help avert an immigration crisis.

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1. Educate the Community About the Historical Nature of Migration

To combat xenophobia and hate towards immigrants, one can help solve this problem by showing support. Showing support includes educating the masses on the rights of the immigrants and the need to be tolerant towards them. This can be done by engaging in peaceful protests, contacting representatives and volunteering.

2. Advocate for Reform

As a criminal justice major, it is advisable to join in the immigration debate actively. As policymakers work towards making a law that will reform our current system on immigration, one should advocate for legislation that is humane and respects the rights of all persons regardless of their standing in society. There is no tangible information showing that migrants have more criminal inclinations than American-born citizens. These perceptions are dangerous and need to be changed. Such facts should be brought to the attention of policymakers.

3. Help Secure Borders

Criminal justice professionals work in different law enforcement agencies such as border patrol, Sheriff's Department, and the Judicial Department. The immigration crisis we are suffering at the moment can be greatly reduced by securing our borders. Those working for Customs and Border Protection should arrest people trying to enter our country illegally. Securing our borders while reforming our immigration system will greatly help us reduce the crisis we are suffering at the moment. Border patrol agents guard approximately 6,000 miles of our border.

4. Donate Legal Services

Many immigrants have no access to legal services and are not aware of their rights and privileges. There are many organizations working to help immigrants access legal services at the border; most of these organizations are non-profits. This kind of help will be very helpful in trying to end the immigration problems we are suffering.

This crisis has put us in a difficult position; people no longer view us as a beacon of justice, hope, and freedom. Those who have pursued criminal justice careers should work towards restoring the faith of other nations.

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