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Updated March 24, 2021

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Why College is a Good Idea Still

  • College Degrees Create More Career Opportunities
  • College Degrees Make Retirement More Comfortable
  • College Degrees Make Healthy Living Easier
  • College Degrees Can Help Build Better People
  • College Degrees Help Families Live More Comfortably

As most people ponder whether or not to start college or return to college, there are many common excuses that come to mind in opposition of returning. Social, work, and family commitments are the most common reasons. However, it is easy to overcome these obstacles. These are the top five reasons why college degrees are still important.

1. College Degrees Create More Career Opportunities

Having a degree means having more options within a field. For example, a patient assistant in a hospital may want to be able to help with medical procedures and be more involved in patients' care plans. The assistant lacks the certification and knowledge to meet those goals. By earning an RN degree, that individual can meet goals and have a wider range of career opportunities in hospitals, nursing homes, private care and even travel nursing.

2. College Degrees Make Retirement More Comfortable

In a survey conducted by the U.S. Census Bureau, the income replacement rates of aging Americans were analyzed. Participants who held a bachelor's degree had income replacement rates up to 77 percent. However, those who had only a high school diploma had income replacement rates below 67 percent. Most people are unable to live comfortably with less than 70 percent of their income. Since there are often increased out-of-pocket medical expenses in retirement, it is important to be financially prepared.

3. College Degrees Make Healthy Living Easier

As a rule, people with college degrees earn more money. This means more money for healthy food, supplements, and fitness. Many gyms charge between $20 and $70 per month for membership depending on what is included. Yoga and other fitness classes also cost money. In a society where a package of instant noodles is less than $1 and a bag of organic greens can cost upward of $5, it is easy to see why people with less money do not eat as healthy. People with degrees can also afford better private health insurance or have good employer-sponsored insurance.

4. College Degrees Can Help Build Better People

Although no college program will teach people everything they need to know in life, the skills they learn for interacting with others and handling life's challenges are valuable. People with college degrees tend to make better life choices and financial decisions, and they have the skills to build good relationships professionally and socially.

5. College Degrees Help Families Live More Comfortably

Many people choose not to return to college because they think studying will take up valuable family time. Consider studying an investment for a better future. People with college degrees make more money and can afford nicer homes, vacations, more necessities for their children and much more.

These are just a few reasons why college is important. It is also important because most good jobs today require at least a bachelor's degree. In a competitive job market, it is crucial to have a degree, skills, goals and a high drive to succeed.

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