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Updated March 24, 2021

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Interdisciplinary Studies Greek Organizations

  • Kappa Pi
  • Kappa Alpha Pi
  • Phi Beta
  • Gamma Epsilon Tau
  • Zeta Phi Eta

Greek organizations for interdisciplinary studies majors offer some great opportunities for students enrolled in these programs.

Instead of picking just one major and one minor, interdisciplinary studies programs let you design your own major around a range of classes and take courses from several different disciplines.

Joining the top fraternities and sororities let you meet and interact with others in similar programs of study.

Kappa Pi

Kappa Pi is an international arts frat that accepts members with an interest in any type of art. Founded in Kentucky, it now has chapters on dozens of college campuses. All members receive a pin at their induction ceremony that shows they joined. Kappa Pi divides its membership into current students, alumni, sponsors, faculty members and patrons. There are also lifetime memberships available.

Kappa Alpha Pi

Many interdisciplinary studies majors study law and a second field that will help them in their legal careers such as computer science, business or finance. If you take law classes as part of your major, you should consider joining Kappa Alpha Pi, which is a national Greek organization that has more than 200 members. Those members have the chance to hear practicing lawyers speak, get help applying for law school and find a mentor willing to help them in college.

Phi Beta

Another good option for interdisciplinary studies majors is Phi Beta, which is an organization open to students studying performing and creative arts. Though some students major in a field like acting or dance, others create a major that lets them learn more about the arts while also studying education or another subject. Phi Beta often hosts fundraising shows and other events that can give you strong public speaking and communication skills too.

Gamma Epsilon Tau

Graphic arts is a hot career path, and one of the only organizations devoted to graphic arts is Gamma Epsilon Tau. During a large conference in New York City, a group of graphic artists came together to form a college organization that would provide students with skills that would help them in the real world. Since its founding in 1953, the organization grew to include eight chapters on American college campuses. Members often attend professional conferences and network with graphic artists during school-sponsored events. Those events are open to alumni looking for new job opportunities also.

Zeta Phi Eta

No matter what disciplines you study as an interdisciplinary major, you'll likely take multiple classes in communications. Communicating with others can help you both in school and when you land your first job as well as in other jobs you hold later.

The official fraternity for communications majors is Zeta Phi Eta, which also welcomes students with an interest in communications. As one of the top Greek organizations for interdisciplinary studies majors, it publishes its official magazine, offers networking opportunities for alumni and current members and provides members with scholarships. According to the official Zeta Phi Eta website, the organization established chapters on more than 50 college campuses over the years.

Joining a Greek organization lets you mingle with students who share the same interests and passions, but you'll also get help searching for a job and applying to graduate school. When looking for the best Greek organizations for interdisciplinary studies majors, narrow down your search to those designed for students studying one of the disciplines you study.

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