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Updated March 24, 2021

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Mobile Development Specialists Twitter Feeds

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Twitter is one of the most popular mobile software applications today, and is one of the key locations that ties traditional platforms and mobile platforms together on the Web. As such, it is a natural location for mobile development specialists to spend time looking for new and interesting ideas, as well as monitoring what it is that their potential customer base wants, and networking with other professionals in the field. However, Twitter is expansive, and individual accounts are unaccredited; except for popular regard, there is no way to tell who is legitimate, and who isn't putting the effort into providing quality content.

To take some of the legwork out of the problem, here are five great Twitter feeds that every mobile development specialist should follow:


Matt Galloway was an early success story in the world of mobile app development. The founder of SwipeStack, a London-based app development firm, he is also a published author in the field of programming and software development. His work focuses on making the field more accessible to other young professionals; his Twitter feed is a goldmine of talking points, insider advice, and relevant conference notices.


Zach Beatty is a widely-respected API engineer, responsible for designing a number of API interfaces, and a pioneer within the industry of downloadable music. As a digital marketer, he has worked with such studios as Capitol Records, EMI, and Priority Records. An avid tweeter, Zach's Twitter feed offers insights on the marketing side of mobile software development, as well as his own opinions and insights regarding the latest news and information to come out of the app development industry as a whole. His technical tweets are not as regular as those of some of the other Twitter feeds on this list, but they include a lot of information about working with a range of API-related concerns as a software developer.


Kimon Tsinteris was Apple, Inc.'s senior engineer during the design and development of the iPhone and the iPad. He is currently involved in the creation of the Facebook application for the iOS, which required the development of entirely new protocols. In addition to insider information and professional advice, his Twitter feed provides a lot of information about the development of the underlying software behind mobile apps, as well as on the integration of new apps with established API.


Reto Meier is currently employed as a software engineer with Google, whereby his work on the Android sets his Twitter feed apart from the many quality feeds that focus predominantly on the iOS. Reto writes extensively on the development of apps within the Android SDK, and his tweets include frequent updates on the progress of Android apps. He also tweets extensive behind-the-scenes looks at every stage of the process, from a commercial perspective.


Brian Gillham is a frequent professional speaker at mobile development conferences and expositions, and is one of the senior developers at The Working Group. His work on mobile app development includes his work on the blog Five Minute WatchKit, where he details the process of developing and marketing apps specifically geared towards inexperienced Apple Watch app developers. His Twitter feed is rich with best practices advice for IoT developers, with a specific technical focus on the Apple Watch. Outside of a technical standpoint, he provides a great deal of information that is applicable to the future growth of the Internet-of-Things as an industry.

By taking advantage of the right feeds on Twitter and other social networking platforms, mobile development specialists can stay ahead of the game in terms of upcoming and innovative solutions. They can also benefit from firsthand observation of what many everyday users of today's mobile technology are looking for, in terms of more effective and convenient ways of doing things.

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