5 Great Blogs for Women in Law Enforcement

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Updated March 24, 2021

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Women in Law Enforcement Blogs

  • Police Mag Blog
  • The Bad Luck Detective
  • Chief Kristen Ziman
  • Behind the Blue Line
  • Postive LEO

The best blogs for women in law enforcement include stories that only women will understand. These blogs cover topics like how to report sexual harassment in the workplace, the laws regarding maternity leave and even where to find clothing that is more appropriate for female officers. As a criminal justice major, a working officer or a training academy student, you can learn a lot from any of these blogs.

Police Mag Blog

Police Mag is one of the top websites for police officers and law enforcement professionals. Though its blog includes articles and posts on a number of topics, you can use the women tag to find posts relating to female professionals. This blog includes tips on joining different units and departments within the force and what to expect when working in those units. You can also get tips on shopping for work clothing and equipment online and some of the specific problems that female officers face.

The Bad Luck Detective

Unlike other law enforcement professionals who go to work right after college, Suzie Ivy took some time off and didn't become a police officer until years later. She now holds the rank of detective and created The Bad Luck Detective blog to show the lighter side of law enforcement. Though some of her posts are more on the serious side, most of the posts that she shares will make you see the entertaining side of law enforcement and make you laugh. While many posts are quite long, each one is easy to read.

Chief Kristen Ziman

Based out of Illinois, Chief Kristen Zinman works for the Aurora Police Department and has more than 20 years of experience in the field. She tries to post at least once a month, but even when she posts less frequently, you'll want to check back to read what's on her mind. Her blog posts talk about breaking news stories and some of her thoughts on those stories as well as tips for younger officers on the force. Reading this blog will help you understand more about the job and how you can prepare yourself for working in law enforcement.

Behind the Blue Line

Some of the top blogs for women in law enforcement features officers working outside of the United States like Behind the Blue Line. Maintained by Sandra Glendinning, a constable based in Vancouver, her blog covers things that you might not think about like what your online presence and social media accounts can say about you. Many of her stories involve the Dog Squad, which is the K-9 unit that she works for and her experiences working on the street with her trusty four-legged companion by her side.

Positive LEO

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the median salary for detectives and police officers today is $61,600 a year. With all the negative stories you hear in the press, you might think these officers do not earn enough. Reading Positive LEO will help you focus on the more positive stories happening across the country. While not all stories involve female law enforcement professionals, all these stories will pull at your heart strings and make you realize that officers really do help people every day. These stories may even encourage you to make law enforcement your career.

Professional websites provide useful information on applying for law enforcement jobs and how to act on the job, but blogs are a little more entertaining and include funny stories that you won't find on other sites. The top blogs for women in law enforcement provide you with stories for women and some written by female officers.

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