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Grad degrees for legal studies graduates refer to graduate programs that accept those who studied the law in the past. Many of the graduates from these programs go to law school and major in legal studies at the graduate level, but that is far from the only option available to you. You can use your bachelor's degree to study a number of different subjects.


Law and history are two subjects that are closely related, which is why some students major in history before law school rather than picking a major in legal studies or going pre-law. History programs at the graduate level give you the option to study one specific aspect or field of history such as the history of women, World War II or even the history of film. Legal studies students do a lot of research that can help them in a history program.

Legal Studies

The top choice for those with a legal studies undergrad degree is a grad program that lets them study the same field. When you enroll in law school, you usually spend your first year studying all areas of the law before selecting a concentration. Sports law is suitable for those who want to work as agents and handle contracts for athletes, while entertainment law is great for those who want to work with actors, musicians and writers. Once you finish law school, you will need to prepare for and take the bar exam before working for a legal firm.


Criminology is essentially the study of criminal behavior. It's a popular choice for those who majored in legal studies but do not want to become a lawyer. Graduate programs of this type focus heaving on the criminal justice system in the country, including the way police investigate crimes, why criminals behave in certain ways, what lawyers do in courtrooms and how judges sentence criminals. Completing one of these grad programs can help you find work as a jury consultant who helps lawyers pick juries, a crime scene tech working for a local police department or in a government position.


Grad degrees for legal studies graduates include Master of Business Administration programs. Better known as MBA programs, these programs allow you to learn more about the business industry as a whole. Though a general MBA is suitable for those who want to work as executives or directors, you may want to choose a program that offers concentrations that work with your career goals. Many programs include concentrations in finance, accounting, marketing, general management and supply chain management. The jobs that you qualify for after completing one of these programs vary based on what you study in grad school.

Library Science

As a legal studies major, you will spend a lot of time in the library as you research upcoming papers and other projects. Those hours of research will come in handy when you enroll in a library science program. These programs teach you how to run an entire library and how to run individual departments. You also learn the basics of working with new forms of media, sourcing and ordering materials for the library and working with patrons. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the median salary for librarians today is around $57,600 a year.

Majoring in legal studies helps you learn more about the criminal justice and legal systems. Though many students enter graduate programs to study this same subject, you can study other subjects as well. Some of the grad degrees for legal studies graduates include library science, criminology and history, but MBA programs are popular too.

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