5 Criminal Justice Blogs for College Students

Updated December 13, 2022 · 2 Min Read

Here are some of the top criminal justice blogs for students as they learn more about the law enforcement system in America.

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Criminal Justice Blogs

  • Justice Blogs
  • Innocence Project Blog
  • Homeland Security Digital Library
  • Anthropoliteia: The Anthropology of Policing
  • Crime and Consequences

Along with their studies, there are five criminal justice blogs for college students that should be mandatory for learning more about the field and its effect on the Americans it touches. In a politically turbulent time where criminal justice is at the forefront of policy discussions, learning more about the different subfields in this career is integral to understanding how and when to change it. Here are some of the top blogs for students as they learn more about the law enforcement system in America.

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1. Justice Blogs

Written and supported by the United States Department of Justice, the articles listed here focus on federal law enforcement, its practices, recent criminal investigations, and other subjects relating to the field. Many of the pieces are written by sitting Attorney Generals, justices, lawyers, and legal policy analysts who work with the department. It is updated a couple of times a week and is a great resource for students interested in entering law enforcement at the federal level. Subjects often discussed include criminal codes, domestic violence, FOIA requests and processes, and other information relating to the department.

2. Innocence Project Blog

The Innocence Project was founded in 1992 and currently offers online information and articles about wrongful convictions, DNA testing, reforms in the law enforcement system, and the price of injustice as paid by the wrongfully convicted and their families. Students can read case studies about wrongful convictions that were overturned by the hard work of lawyers and law enforcement, learn how these convictions happen, new technologies developed to prosecute only the guilty and more. Pieces are regularly updated, allowing students the chance to keep up with recent developments and can show them how what they are learning in college has an effect on the real world.

3. Homeland Security Digital Library

The Department of Homeland Security has a library that archives information from various parts of law enforcement, including terrorism and counterterrorism, cyber attacks, foreign intelligence, and more. The articles listed here focus on law enforcement violations both at home and against the United States abroad, through physical and cyber crimes, and even offers a glimpse into criminal profiling. Students will learn how the various components of law enforcement work together to stop crimes, investigate attacks, and keep the homeland safe.

4. Anthropoliteia: The Anthropology of Policing

An incredible resource available for students is Anthropoliteia, a group effort that maintains a focus on talking about police, security, and justice from an anthropological perspective. It is written by a variety of professors from anthropological and law enforcement backgrounds as well as former diplomats, lawyers, police officers, and more. The articles are based on fact and backed up with substantial evidence, with reasoned and logical arguments made on a variety of subjects, such as Black Lives Matter, recent journal publications, the public view on policing, and more. Articles are written from an American perspective but also feature piece on law enforcement and policy around the world, including Africa, Latin America, and Asia.

5. Crime and Consequences

Crime and Consequences is a valuable blog for students. Updated on a nearly daily basis, the site focuses on law enforcement in America along with terrorism and counterterrorism efforts around the world. Students will learn about recent events in America, how the law applies to crimes in different scenarios, the way in which counterterrorism efforts are having an impact both at home and abroad, and more. Articles are written to provide clarifying information on a variety of subjects and remains nonpartisan in its pursuit of the truth in law enforcement.

With so many factors affecting law enforcement in the United States, students need as many resources as possible in order to have a full understanding of the system and how it works. By reading these five criminal justice blogs for college students, that understanding will be made clear and stay current all through their college education.

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