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Updated March 24, 2021

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Higher Ed Blogs

  • Higher Ed Mash Up
  • ProfHacker
  • USA Today Education
  • Wired Education
  • NAFSA: Association of International Educators

Higher education, whether through traditional or online means, represents a growing industry within the United States. With college degrees being more important than ever, and more people entering the ranks of post-secondary academia than ever before, there is a lot of speculation on the future of the American university system. One frequent point of contention is the ever-growing cost of a quality education, which makes it all the more essential that an aspiring student put every resource at their disposal into ensuring they make the right decisions for their future. Blogs about higher ed are one of the most recently developed tools for assisting students in that pursuit.

Here are five of the best blogs about higher ed available today:

Higher Ed Mash Up

Mash Up is a unique higher ed blog which focuses upon the advantages of an outside-the-box educational model. This blog promotes the blending of dedicated professional training with the traditional liberal arts, resulting in a well-rounded educational experience that doesn't neglect any vital career skills, regardless of the specific field involved.


The Chronicle of Higher Education maintains the blog ProfHacker, which takes a modern lifehacks-style approach to making common problems within the educational industry easier to manage. ProfHacker has its finger on the pulse of a lot of common complaints from today's academic faculty, and it manages to stay remarkably current in terms of industry-wide trends and changes in American higher ed culture. Its blogs on administrative strategies for handling common issues at major universities are as engaging as they are useful, in today's changing academic world.

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USA Today Education

Formerly "USA Today College," USA Today Educate takes a broad look at some of the most common issues facing both students and instructors within the American educational system today, and offers simple and efficient strategies for helping to overcome them. While no longer focused specifically on post-secondary institutions, the issues and solutions involved are generally applicable to higher education, and the blog offers specific categories which are focused on the college life experience.

Wired Education

This is another one of the higher education blogs maintained by The Chronicle of Higher Education. A new and highly innovative blog, Wired Ed concerns the development and use of technology within America's higher education industry, including (but not limited to) the expanding presence of online degree programs at today's top universities. Wired Campus explores modern technical solutions to making college life and the educational experience easier overall, from the perspective of instructors and students alike. It also takes a hard look at issues with online programs in general, as they become prevalent, and explores various strategies of dealing with them.

NAFSA: Association of International Educators

Unique on this list is the NAFSA blog's focus on the international educational community. Without excluding the American system, NAFSA opens up networking opportunities with students and faculty members worldwide, providing a broad and diverse community that's rich with experience. NAFSA's international focus allows for those involved in the American educational system to benefit from a much broader range of helpful information than what might otherwise be made available to them.

By taking advantage of high-quality blogs about higher education, today's student is more likely to find the school and the program that best suit their needs and expectations. By doing so well in advance of application deadlines, they can tailor their secondary educational experience to meet a particular program's guidelines, and drastically improve their overall chances of being accepted. For higher education administrators and other faculty members, these blogs provide another medium in which to engage and network with other professionals, while opening up a world of helpful educational resources.

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