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As the various methods that businesses use to keep their sensitive data protected have grown more advanced, cloud-based computing solutions have skyrocketed in popularity and perceived value. By keeping their vital information securely stored in a cloud, organizations are in a much better position to be assured they won’t be completely compromised in the event that a digital threat damages their physically-based network.

The growing prevalence of cyber criminals who employ more innovative methods to circumvent modern business security measures has necessitated an equal amount of diligence from business owners to keep their data completely safe, and spearheading this initiative to protect data at all costs in the modern era of the virtual business is the cloud architect.

Cloud Conceptualization And Strategy Development

Though the concept of an ideal cloud-based security system is very attractive on paper, cloud hosting is only the most effective in practice if its supported by a well-calculated strategies to ensure that all of the right pieces are in the right places.

The concept of cloud-based data storage is relatively simple at a glance, but when accounting for the possible variability in cloud design and custom cloud adoption plans, cloud architecture can become much more complex than those with only a surface-level understanding of the technology would expect.

A cloud architect essentially acts as both a designer and implementer of the most well-optimized and personalized cloud hosting system that a company can employ to keep its data secure in a manner that accommodates it unique needs.

Preventing The Consequences Of Misconfiguration

One of the primary reasons that a dependable cloud architecture expert is as valuable to their organization as they are is the deceptively high number of different potential cloud storage systems. A slight alteration of a cloud system that seems practically nonexistent to those who do not specialize in cloud technology can carry the potential to result in an entirely different outcome than what was originally desired. An organization hastily forgoing one variation of cloud storage for another variation that seems identical but is truthfully far less efficient can be a serious but easily underestimated mistake.

Without a well-advised cloud architect on the team to provide specialized insight, an organization’s extremely confidential information can wind up in a freely accessible public cloud instead of a private cloud. To minimize the chance that their organizations will make glaring oversights in their cloud hosting program system selection, cloud architects first develop a comprehensive blueprint of the most ideal cloud-hosting system for the organization early on. Once the blueprint has been completed and signed off on, the architect will focus on ensuring that the agreed-upon cloud model is developed as as accurately as possible.

Cloud Management, Error Reporting And Industry Researching

Designing and establishing the cloud storage system is not the extent of a cloud architect’s responsibilities. After the cloud storage system has been activated, it needs to be continually monitored and managed to ensure that it doesn’t fall prey to any unaddressed irregularities or anomalies affecting the cloud network. Much like a network administrator must always be vigilant in their observation of the network’s performance metrics, cloud architects need to be sure that they keep a constant watchful eye over their organization’s cloud storage system and promptly report anything that seems out of place.

As the fine details of modern cloud storage technology are constantly updated with new developments in the industry, cloud architects can provide even more value by regularly expanding their pool of knowledge about modern cloud technology trends. By committing to constant research, cloud architects can apply what they learn about the most recent developments concerning modern storage system security and the latest things posing a threat to it.

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