Is an Undergraduate Business Administration Degree Worth It?

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Some people claim that an undergrad business administration degree is worthless because you can find an entry-level job in the business industry with a degree in almost any field. The job market changed significantly in recent years, which made it harder for recent college graduates to find work with almost any type of degree. You face stiff competition from other grads who may have more experience than you. Whether a business degree is worth the time it takes to finish one depends on factors like what you want to do in the future and whether you have a passion for business.

What Do You Want to Do With Your Degree?

A undergrad administration degree is generally worth it for those who want to work as administrators in hospitals, nonprofit organizations and private companies. The time that you spend in college allows you to study subjects that relate to your career, including hiring practices, business finances and business ethics. If you aren’t quite sure that you want to do, or you aren’t sure you want to work in the business industry, you might find it more helpful to minor in business and major in another subject.

Will You Go to Grad School?

Business schools accept only a small percentage of the students who apply every year, and many of the top schools will not even consider accepting students who do not have a background and a degree in business. Going to business school lets you earn a standard MBA or an MBA with a concentration in a specific area of business like accounting, management or human resources. If you plan on going to either business school or graduate school, getting an undergrad business degree will help you keep up with your peers.

What is Your Background?

Your background may determine whether studying business as an undergrad is a good idea. Gerry Som recommends that women who feel they cannot move any higher up the corporate ladder, immigrants looking for a good job and students who are more independent and do not have a lot of professional connections major in business while in college. A business administration major can help you form professional and working connections through networking opportunities on your campus as well as internships that you do at local companies. Alumni from your school can help you with internships and jobs as well as offer resume help.

What are Your Interests and Passions?

Some college students major in business because they feel it’s what their parents want them to do or because it will prepare them for working in different job fields. Those who do best in these programs are those who actually have an interest in business and those who feel passionate about managing and leading others. If you aren’t sure if business is the right choice for you, take a few business classes before declaring a major. The more classes you take, the more experience you will get, which will help you decide what you want to do in the future.

A large number of students enter college every year without knowing what they want to study. While an undergrad business administration is worthwhile for those with certain backgrounds and those who feel passionate about business, studying business may not help you reach your career goals.

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