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Updated March 24, 2021

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Social justice degrees are all about fulfilling the call to social equity and an ultimately balanced and healthy society. Per the always respected National Association of Social Workers, "social justice is the view that everyone deserves equal economic, political and social rights and opportunities". If you are interested in this noble pursuit as a career, you may then be wondering what types of social justice degrees are out there that will best serve this purpose. To help make this subject just a little bit clearer, here are several great degree options for those considering heeding this great calling.

Elements of Social Justice

Elements of Social Justice is an undergraduate program specializing in teaching the fundamentals of social justice as well as much of the work to be found within. Students here will learn the basics of inequality and its prevention in addition to the many people, places, and concepts interrelated in social justice issues today. Students will also discover many of the basic governing structures that allow as well as offset climates for social justices and injustices alike.

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Elements of the Social Justice Track

Elements of the Social Justice Track is similar to the above-mentioned, Elements of Social Justice program except for the fact that this is not an undergraduate program. A much deeper dive into the real issues of social justice takes place within this program's focus. Graduate students here are guided along the path to competency by way of core courses such as Elements of Social Thought, Research Perspectives in Social Science, and Philosophical Problems in Social Science and the Humanities.

MA in Social Justice and Human Rights

For those ultimately desiring the value of master's credentials, the MA in Social Justice and Human Rights may be just the right choice. This program highlights social justice and inequality while also taking a direct path through the realm of human rights as an affected and associated matter of concern. What are human rights, who determines them, and who is given free access to them? A master here is the master of these issues and more.

Peace and Social Justice Studies

Similar to the above-mentioned MA, the Peace and Social Justice Studies program, or PSJ for short, focuses on social justice, but in this case, with a flair for the specific topic of peace as a sub-specialty. Classes here will involve dispute resolution, public administration, social work, and international studies. In addition, theology and philosophy courses will likely be included to cover subject matter such as general theology, human rights, and world religion. Such a well-rounded educational path is great for those planning to work as any sort of a diplomat in the world of social justice and change.

To conclude, social justice is truly what you make of it. Many affiliated degree programs can set you on track to fulfill such causes in much the same way but through non-profit, social work, healthcare, and even psychological degree focuses. To learn more on the subjects of social justice degrees as well as their many, real-world applications, the Center for Economic and Social Justice is a great and trustworthy authority on this entire subject.


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