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Looking at some of the top Pinterest accounts for preppers will show you the wide range of people prepping for the end of the world. You might think of preppers and survivalists as the people you see on television and films with canned goods and batteries stockpiled in their basements. Real survivalists are much more practical and plan carefully for natural disasters and other events. You can learn quite a bit from some of the top Pinterest accounts.

Survivalist Prepper

One account to keep an eye on is Survivalist Prepper, which is the official Pinterest account for the website of the same name. The account has more than 4,000 followers and pinned more than 1,000 tips since launching. Its prepping supplies board showcases some of the practical supplies that you might need during a disaster situation. You'll also find boards dedicated to nonperishable food that will keep for an extended period of time, how to filter water and what to do about injuries. There is even a board with links to useful articles on the Survivalist Prepper website.

Preppers Survive

Preppers Survive is another helpful Pinterest account to check out or follow. It has around 12,000 followers and nearly 50 boards devoted to unique topics like survival gardening. This board provides readers with tips on growing their own fruits and vegetables. Bug out bags is another handy board. A bug out bag contains everything you need to survive a set period of time. This Pinterest board shows you how to create a bug that will keep you safe for up to 72 hours following a disaster.

I'm a Prepper, You're a Prepper

Despite its funny name, I'm a Prepper, You're a Prepper is one of the more popular Pinterest accounts for preppers. More than 4,700 people follow this account and check back regularly to find more useful information that will help them protect their family and friends. Unlike other accounts that feature multiple boards, this one has just one large board. As you look through its pins, you'll find articles on making an outdoor stove when the power goes out, things you might not realize you need in a disaster and the best survival foods.

LDS Survivalist/Prepper

Though created by a member of the LDS Church, LDS Survivalist/Prepper is a Pinterest board that contains useful information for everyone. It includes a number of pins relating to food prepping and food survival, including recipes for dishes you can make in glass jars and nonperishable foods you should add to your bug bag. Other pins include general tips for preppers, how to install you own solar panels, different types of canned meats and even how to start a fire with limited resources.

Survival Mom

The Atlantic picked Survival Mom as one of the best survivalist Pinterest accounts around. Lisa Bedford, the woman behind that account, started her own blog to help other preppers plan for disasters. The Pinterest account has more than 50,000 followers and more than 14,000 pins across nearly 90 boards. It includes boards like prepping for beginners that will help you get started, family prepping tips for those with kids and seasonal prepping tips. You'll also find a board dedicated to helping readers plan and prep for their pets.

Preppers plan for the worst and hope for the best. They learn how to start fires, care for injuries and create bug bags that contain everything they need. Preppers use Pinterest as a way to teach others and share their knowledge. With the top Pinterest accounts for preppers, you'll learn how to keep your family and home safe in emergency situations.

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