Top 9 Cheap Online Master’s in Educational Technology Degree Programs

online masters in educational technology degree programsThere are plenty of reasons students might want to pursue an online master’s degree in educational technology. With the advent and increased popularity of distance education, it has become increasingly important that teachers understand how to use technology in the classroom. Even those who continue to teach in traditional classrooms must understand how to use sophisticated software in order to enhance the learning experience for their students.

Any teacher who possesses an undergraduate degree in education, a teaching credential, and a master’s degree in instruction technology will be a prime candidate for even the most competitive jobs. If you’re interested in making yourself more competitive in the marketplace, there’s almost no better way to accomplish your goals.


Of course, no one wants to go into debt as they try to secure a better job. But by selecting one of the cheap online degrees listed below, you could earn a coveted diploma with minimal financial investment. You can keep working, study at home, and earn an advanced degree on your own time. Whether your budget is almost $20,000 a year or you’d prefer something closer to $6,000, this list will point you in the right direction. In addition to low tuition rates, you’ll also notice that these programs boast top credentials and great reviews from students. To determine the least expensive accredited institutions offering these kinds of programs, we used information from the U.S. Department of Education’s College Navigator database. We present them here in order of most expensive to least expensive.

Get a masters degree in educational technology at the University of Alaska Southeast for less than $6,000 per year (instate). All courses are held online.

9. University of Alaska Southeast

Online M.E.d. in Educational Technology

University of Alaska Southeast offers an online master’s degree in Educational Technology that is designed for students working full time while furthering their education. The program is delivered in a 100% online asynchronous format, allowing for maximum flexibility of schedule. Students focus on developing the skills they need to design digital-age instructional education plans. UAS’s Masters in Educational Technology is targeted to students with a Bachelor’s of Education and/or a current teaching certificate. University of Alaska-Southeast’s School of Education is partnered with the Alaska System for Early Education Development (SEED), to provide a cutting edge database for early educators to track and plan their own professional development.

Tuition: $5,693/yr (In-state) $16,269/yr (Out-of-state)


Ottawa University helps students get a masters in educational technology directly from any computer that has access to the internet.

8. Ottawa University

Online Master of Arts in Education: Education Technology

Ottawa University’s accredited online master’s degree Educational Technology aims to prepare program participants to leverage technology in creating more effective learning experiences in the classroom. Ottawa’s program focuses not only on technology integration and computer assisted-instruction, but also covers the often overlooked distance learning component present in today’s learning ecology. OU’s master’s program is specifically tailored to the needs of busy students and adult learners while still providing the same level of support found in the traditional campus-based classroom experience. Ottawa University is a member of both the American Association of Colleges for Teacher Education (AACTE) the Council for Advancement and Support of Education (CASE), two institutions dedicated to maintaining high standards for educator training.

Tuition: $10,920/yr


Kennesaw State University was ranked by the U.S. news as one of the top 70 Regional Universities South for 2015. It offers students an education technology masters degree at an affordable rate.

7. Kennesaw State University

Online Masters of Education in Instructional Technology


Kennesaw State University offers an affordable online Master’s Degree in educational technology (referred to instead as “instructional technology”) designed to create leaders who teach in the classroom but also use technology so effectively that they serve as a resource for the school system. The degree program prepares and develops teachers to use technology to further higher levels of student achievement. Busy professionals already working in the education field can take the program fully online, and they can even select a mentor to guide them. Participants work together as part of a learning team to complete relevant field experiences. US News ranked Kennesaw State University in the top 70 Regional Universities South for 2015.

Tuition: $5,818/yr (In-state) $15,898/yr (Out-of-state)


Franklin University helps students learn more about the world of education by offering them a masters of education technology at an affordable rate.

6. Franklin University

Online M.S. – Instructional Design & Performance Technology


Franklin University’s MS in Instructional Design and Performance Technology curriculum targets current professionals looking to advance their skills. Students work in online classrooms, studying how to create and utilize educational materials and systems to deliver high-quality learning experiences. Students develop expertise in designing instructional systems and utilizing educational technology, including core courses in eLearning development. Program participants also focus on content development, producing course curriculums and materials that effectively convey knowledge. Additionally, Franklin’s online master’s degree in educational technology contains a performance improvement component, imparting critical analytical skills to identify performance barriers in technological education systems. According to College Prowler, Franklin University’s tuition rates are among the most affordable in the country.

Tuition: $10,681/yr


Ranked by the U.S. news and World Report as one of the top 85 Regional Universities in the Midwest, The University of Central Missouri offers students a masters degree in educational technology at around $7,000 per year.

6. University of Central Missouri

Master of Science in Educational Technology Online


The University of Central Missouri offers the only CAEP/AECT/ISTE accredited, fully online Master of Science program in Missouri: the master’s degree in Educational Technology online. All courses in the program accommodate the busy professionals, offering convenient and flexible scheduling. Students use the knowledge and skills they gain in the program to teach not only with technology, but about technology. Graduates leave with the ability to develop advanced, technologically integrated instructional plans while promoting student growth with digital-age learning environments. U.S. News places the University of Central Missouri among the top 85 Regional Universities – Midwest Rankings. In addition, College Prowler rates UCM as having one of the most affordable tuition rates in the country.

Tuition: $7,265/yr (In-state) $13,659/yr (Out-of-state)


Ranked at #18 on the Best 379 Colleges List on the Princeton Review, Colorado State University Global helps students on their first step towards becoming an educator by offering them a masters in educational technology.

4. Colorado State University Global

Online Master’s Degree in Teaching and Learning with a Specialization in K-12 Educational Technology and Instructional Design


Colorado State University offers an online master’s degree in educational technology through its program in “teaching and learning.” The degree incorporates a specialization in K-12 Education Technology and Instruction Design, which attracts aspiring educators, instructional designers, and learning technology or library media specialists who have a passion for K-12 education. Program students learn the critical principles of curriculum development and instructional design, as well as how to create learning opportunities that meet the needs of today’s K-12 students. U.S. News ranks Colorado State University in the top 125 national universities, while Princeton Review names CSU as a Best Western College and ranks the university as #18 on the Best 379 Colleges list.

Tuition: $8,400/yr


Peru State College offers students a education technology masters degree at an affordable rate. All courses are led and taught by certified and experienced professionals.

3. Peru State College

Online Master of Science Education with a Certificate of Achievement in Instructional Technology (IT)


Peru State College offers a Master of Science in Education Program with a specialization Certificate in Instructional Technology. The school’s MS in Education targets students and professionals who want to further their knowledge and skills in the educational field. The Certificate in Instructional Technology helps students develop the skills they need to master application software, internet, and desktop publishing within the context of the role of technology in the learning process. To accommodate busy students and professionals, all courses in this cheap online master’s degree in educational technology are eight weeks in length and start at multiple points every 12 months. College Prowler rates Peru State as highly affordable, with one of the lowest tuition rates in the country.

Tuition: $6,188/yr


For about $6,000 per year, students can work towards a masters of education technology degree at Western Governors University.

2. Western Governors University

Online Master of Education Learning and Technology


Western Governors University offers an online Masters of Education in Learning and Technology designed to enhance teaching talents and increase technology integration skills in educational settings. WGU’s program does not rely upon classes in the traditional sense, focusing instead on assignment completion rather than accumulating credit hours. Progress is results-based, garnering much more real-world, applicable knowledge than simply sitting though classes. Students work with an assigned mentor on a personalized Degree Plan that establishes the pace of their course of study. College Prowler reports that WSU possesses one of the most affordable tuition rates in the country, and that 97% of WGU students agree that the education is well worth the money. Many see WGU’s program as one of the best online master’s degrees in educational technology in the country, and the National Council on Teacher Quality gives the school a top ranking.

Tuition: $6,070/yr


For less than $6,000 per year, students at The American College of Education can get a masters degree in educational technology.

1. American College of Education

Online Master of Education in Educational Technology


This master’s degree program at the American College of Education prepares graduates to serve as technology leaders in the field. Students acquire the skills and knowledge to support learning through the integration of technology in the classroom and other educational environments. Additionally, program participants learn to provide professional development and technical assistance to other educators. ranks the American College of Education as #13 in the Top 25 Schools for Online Administration and Leadership Degrees. All of the school’s programs offer excellent academic quality, and the online master’s degree in educational technology in particular closely aligns with the rigorous standards that the International Society of Technology in Education (ISTE) specifies for top tech programs.

Tuition: $5,576/yr

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