Top 7 Cheap Online Forensic Psychology Degree Programs (Bachelor’s)

Forensic Psychology is an interdisciplinary field that combines elements of both psychology and legal studies, and it’s possible to earn a cheap online forensic psychology degree from one of the schools described below.

Essentially, people who study Forensic Psychology take classes in abnormal psychology, criminal justice, criminal behavior, and more, in order to apply the principles of psychology to the courtroom and other legal environments. People who have a bachelor’s degree in this field can pursue a career in social work, corrections, law enforcement, victim advocacy, or other areas, or seek a master’s degree.


Truthfully, there aren’t an abundance of schools that offer Forensic Psychology programs 100% online. Even more surprising, many of the schools that do aren’t exactly affordable for the average person. That’s what makes this list so important. View this list as your one-stop resource for completely online college degrees in Forensic Psychology, all of which are affordable (under $21,000 a year in tuition). Even if that sounds like a lot to pay for a year of school, keep in mind that many of these schools provide attractive financial aid and scholarship packages, including discounts for working adults and members of the military. A bit on the technique used to compile this list: We’ve mined the U.S. Department of Education’s College Navigator database to identify the seven least expensive accredited institutions offering a fully online forensic psychology degree.

Just because these cheap online colleges are so affordable doesn’t mean they lack quality. The majority of these schools have been recognized by major publications like U.S. News & World Report, and some have even received special awards and accolades.

Cheap Online Forensic Psychology Degree Program Rankings


Dubbed by the U.S. news and World Report as having one of the top online bachelors programs, Post University works with students to help them get their online forensic psychology degree.

7. Post University

Online Bachelor of Arts in Psychology Degree with a Minor in Forensic Psychology


By earning a Bachelor’s degree in Psychology from Post University, you will be exposed to several general areas of the field that employers value highly: interpersonal effectiveness, persistence, initiative, collaboration, social maturity, critical thinking, and communication skills. The Forensic Psychology minor goes a step further by focusing on the interaction between these areas and the law. Students in this online college program study insanity and competency, domestic violence, child abuse, sexual offenses, the death penalty, and other criminal behaviors. This accredited online college has been ranked on U.S. News & World Report’s list of top online bachelor’s programs, has been ranked in the Top 20 schools by Online Education Database, and was named the 4th best online college in 2012 by “Dough Roller.”

Tuition: $20,925/yr



The University of the Southwest has been awarded by the Princeton review as one of the “Best in the West”. It offers students a forensic psychology degree (bachelors) at an affordable rate and all courses are held online.

6. University of the Southwest

Bachelor of Forensic Psychology Online

The University of the Southwest offers one of the few online degrees in the U.S. that is entirely devoted to Forensic Psychology. Students who want to attend college online can enroll in the program and study both the theories and practices related to psychological testing, understanding criminal behavior, courtroom procedures, and more. The main attractions of this top online college include its flexibility, quality, grad school preparation, and status as an accredited online college. As proof of its quality, Princeton Review awarded Southwest the distinction of being one of the “Best in the West” in 2011.

Tuition: $14,280/yr



Listed as one of the “Best Online Bachelor’s Programs” by the U.S. News, Kaplan University offers forensic psychology courses to help students find and work towards a new and bright career.

5. Kaplan University

Online Bachelor of Science in Criminal Justice: Emphasis Area Forensic Psychology


Kaplan University offers an online Bachelor’s degree in Criminal Justice that allows students to specialize in one of six areas, including Corrections, Law Enforcement, Juvenile Justice, Crime Scene Investigation, Homeland Security, and Forensic Psychology. The latter specialization consists of 24 credits in classes that cover abnormal psychology, crisis intervention, psychology for law enforcement, and other topics specific to forensics. To make its online forensic psychology degree tuition even more affordable, this cheap online college provides special scholarships – up to $750 per term – that do not need to be repaid. Students can get help for being a single parent, having served in the military, being a recent high school grad, and more. Kaplan is also widely considered a top online school, and was listed as one of the “Best Online Bachelor’s Programs” by U.S. News.

Tuition: $13,884/yr



Never take one step on campus at Eastern Kentucky University with its forensic psychology degree online. All courses are held online and are available on any computer that has access to the internet.

4. Eastern Kentucky University

Bachelor’s in Psychology – Forensic Psychology Online


Eastern Kentucky University’s online Bachelor’s degree in Psychology provides an introduction to all the basics of the field, including the opportunity to acquire more in-depth knowledge about forensics. Experienced faculty created a curriculum that covers mental health law, theories of criminal behavior, correctional psychology, forensic assessment, and other subjects that will uniquely prepare you for both grad school and professional work. Students at this accredited online school benefit from online tutoring, individualized academic advising, and even research opportunities with faculty. As with other top online colleges on this list, EKU was recently named a “Best Online Bachelor’s Program” by U.S. News & World Report.

Tuition: $7,536/yr (In-state) $16,608/yr (Out-of-state)



Recognized by the U.S. News, Forbes, and Washington monthly as one of the top 200 schools in the world, Florida Tech University offers a reliable and accredited online degree in forensic psychology for students seeking a new career.

3. Florida Tech University Online

Online Bachelor of Arts in Applied Psychology Forensic Psychology


Students interested in applying psychological principles to legal environments will excel in Florida Tech’s online forensic psychology program. Those admitted to the program start by building a foundation in the liberal arts and then branch out to forensic psychology through classes like Courtroom Psychology, Law and Psychology, Integrated Theories of Crime, Community Advocacy, and more. Florida Tech offers substantial financial aid, including corporate tuition assistance and special military tuition pricing, to further enhance its reputation as an affordable online college. The school has regularly made rankings by U.S. News, Forbes, and Washington Monthly, and was also listed as one of the top 200 schools in the world by Times Higher Education, thus solidifying its status as one of the best online colleges.

Tuition: $11,880/yr


Walden University offers students a credible, reliable, and affordable online forensic psychology degree for under $12,000 per year.

2. Walden University

B.S. in Forensic Psychology Online


Walden University is a well-known institution that attracts students from all over the country who want to go to college online. Its online Bachelor’s degree in Forensic Psychology is one of the few online degrees devoted entirely to the subject. Furthermore, the degree allows students to further specialize in Forensics and the Law, Leadership and Management, or Victims and Justice, or even self-design their own major! This gives learners maximum flexibility to customize their program according to their career goals, whether they want to become correctional officers, administrators, parole officers, victims’ advocates, or another type of professional. In addition to being a top online college, Walden also makes itself affordable by offering a plethora of funding options, including scholarships and fellowships. In addition, 89% of students say Walden is “worth the money” and 95% label the online college classes as “meaningful,” according to College Prowler.

Tuition: $11,460/yr



Take classes online at CUNY John Jay College of Criminal Justice to work towards a forensic psychology degree for about $6,000 per year.

1. CUNY John Jay College of Criminal Justice

Online Forensic Psychology (BA)

The John Jay College of Criminal Justice is part of the popular City of New York university system. It is unique in that it specializes entirely in law enforcement and criminology degrees, including an online B.A. in Forensic Psychology. This online forensic psychology program focuses on the social, biological, emotional, and cognitive interactions of individual behavior with the community and the criminal justice system. Students take a variety of core and elective classes and have the opportunity to complete an internship and/or an honors thesis in psychology – a rare offering by an online college. Graduates go on to fulfilling careers that focus on social work, law enforcement, and psychology, while others complete graduate work. This incredibly cheap online college is ranked #38 on U.S. News’ list of public schools in the North, and is an excellent choice for earning a cheap online forensic psychology degree.

Tuition: $6,059/yr (In-state) $12,569/yr (Out-of-state)


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