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Affordable Corrections Management Degree Online Bachelor's 2019

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By BVS Staff

People who have a strong sense of morality and justice, respect police officers, and also have an affinity for business might want to consider an online corrections management degree programs.

As part of the broad field of "Criminal Justice," a major in corrections management allows graduates to pursue careers in industries ranging from law enforcement to security services. Some schools will even allow you to earn a concentration or emphasis as part of your online corrections management bachelor's degree, and by focusing on administration, you will graduate with the skills you need to rise through the ranks quickly, wherever you end up.

The 20 Best Online Correctional Administration Degrees Ranking Methodology

Selection Criteria

For this ranking, we focused on public and private (non-profit) colleges and universities that offer mobile development degrees online. Because the focus of this list is on affordability, we only considered programs with average* tuition rates of $25,000/year or less.

*For public schools, we calculated the average value of their in-state and out-of-state rates.

Ranking Factors

Unfortunately, there are a limited number of online corrections management degrees available. Therefore, we could not compile a pool of options large enough to justify a multifactorial ranking system in which we'd score colleges and universities based on a list of specific considerations.

So instead, we ranked the programs solely according to their affordability. See below for the best cheap online criminal justice administration degree programs, ranked from most to least expensive.

Cheap Online Corrections Management Degree Programs Ranked

20. Tiffin University

Online Bachelor of Criminal Justice degree in Justice Administration

An ideal choice for nontraditional students, Tiffin's criminal justice program is designed to help you complete your degree "without missing a single day of work." Flexible scheduling and a generous transfer policy help to accommodate learners of all backgrounds and lifestyles. As for the curriculum, this online corrections management degree offers a wide survey of the field. Coursework covers not only issues related to corrections, but also homeland security, emergency management, and public administration. The result is a program that prepares you for a range of career options while bolstering your managerial skills across multiple areas of criminal justice.
Average Tuition & Fees: $24,000/yr

19. University of Arizona

Online Bachelor of Applied Science in Administration of Justice

As a Bachelor of Applied Science (BAS) program, the University of Arizona's Administration of Justice degree is ideal for applicants who already possess an associate's or have past work experience in a related field. All required upper-level coursework is available online and focuses on foundational topics in criminal justice, such as "The American Judicial System" and "Civil Liberties and the U.S. Constitution." However, you can also customize this accredited online criminal justice administration degree by carefully selecting electives. Those interested in corrections management might be particularly interested in classes covering conflict management, law and society, and security policy - all of which are available online.
Average Tuition & Fees: $23,592/yr

18. Columbia College

Online Bachelor of Arts in Criminal Justice Administration

The goal of Columbia College's online criminal justice administration degree program is to provide a targeted survey of corrections and law enforcement topics without limiting your career options. To meet this goal, the program combines specialized coursework with more general classes in psychology, human services, and sociology. For the former, you'll take classes like "Corrections and Penology," "Police in a Democratic Society," and "Juvenile Justice System and Procedures." As for the latter, you'll take required courses in research and public administration along with your choice of electives across a range of social science fields.
Average Tuition & Fees: $21,936/yr

17. Waldorf University

Online Bachelor of Science in Criminal Justice Administration

Waldorf pitches its criminal justice administration program as an ideal choice for students with an interest in both law enforcement and business. In fact, multiple classes within the curriculum put a specific emphasis on managerial skills (e.g. "Criminal Justice Organization and Administration" and "Management and Supervision Skills for Criminal Justice Personnel"). Otherwise, the coursework tends to revolve around three key areas: law enforcement, corrections, and the courts. A top online corrections management degree for self-directed learners, Waldorf's program also allots a significant portion of its curriculum to major electives, which cover everything from victimology to managerial decision-making.
Average Tuition & Fees: $21,664/yr

16. Liberty University

Online Bachelors in Criminal Justice: Business Administration and Management

Liberty's criminal justice program aims to help you build your leadership skills so you'll not only succeed in justice-related careers but will qualify for upper-level management positions in those careers. Not only that, but the program comes with concentrations that can help you further refine your administrative acumen. For example, you might specialize in Business Administration and Management, Public Administration, or Strategic Intelligence. Another reason Liberty has one of the top online correctional administration programs? The curriculum offers core classes that are directly related to careers in corrections management, including criminal procedure and investigations, corrections, and criminology.
Average Tuition & Fees: $21,310/yr

15. Wayland Baptist University

Bachelor of Applied Science in Justice Administration and Management

If you have previous work or technical experience (e.g. certifications) that you'd like to apply to your degree, look no further than Wayland Baptist University. The school has developed a Bachelor of Applied Science program that specifically caters to students from technical backgrounds. It's also one of the best cheap online corrections management degrees for students who like experiential, career-oriented learning. That's because the course requirements include a 24-credit "professional development" block (designed to provide a breadth of study related to your career goals) as well as 12 credits of experiential learning. On top of that, you'll take 36 credits in criminal justice-related topics like criminal law, the American legal system, and law enforcement supervision.
Average Tuition & Fees: $18,510/yr

14. Central Penn College

Online BS in Criminal Justice Administration

At Central Penn College, criminal justice majors enjoy an interactive, skills-based educational experience. You'll learn about the justice system through hands-on activities like mock trials, crime scene case studies, and simulated investigations. In addition, you'll learn how to lead criminal justice organizations while gaining expertise in topics like asset protection and crisis management. As socially conscious online correctional administration program, the curriculum also requires all students to complete 50 hours of community service as part of their final capstone course. Or if you'd rather focus on career development, you can complete an internship and job seminar in place of the capstone.
Average Tuition & Fees: $18,174/yr

13. Clarion University of Pennsylvania

Online Bachelor of Science in Criminal Justice Administration

Like many of the other schools on this online criminal justice administration degrees ranking, Clarion offers a completion program for students who already have their associate's. Suitable for people both with and without past experience in the criminal justice field, the program's main requirement is that you have accrued at least 60 credits of college coursework before applying. If you meet this threshold, then you can dive right into the degree's major-specific courses, which cover a full spectrum of topics ranging from corrections and policing to victimology, criminal justice management, and leadership.
Average Tuition & Fees: $13,263/yr

12. Wilberforce University

Online Bachelor of Science in Criminal Justice Administration

If you're looking for a practical education grounded in real-world issues, Wilberforce has the perfect program for you. It's called CLIMB: Credentials for Leadership and Management in Business. This umbrella program provides an alternative undergraduate degree pathway for older students (23+) who are work-oriented and have already obtained some college credit. Fortunately for this bachelor's in criminal justice administration online ranking, one of the CLIMB majors that Wilberforce offers is in Criminal Justice Administration. And true to the spirit of the program, the coursework for this major is solidly practical; you'll even complete a required "Management Research Project" in your final term.
Average Tuition & Fees: $13,250/yr

11. California State University-Sacramento

Online Bachelor of Science in Criminal Justice: Criminal Justice Administration

California State University at Sacramento represents another great choice for working adults. If you enroll in this accredited online correctional administration program, you'll start by working with an advisor to create an individualized roadmap toward your degree. This process ensures that you make the most of your prior experiences while charting an efficient pathway to graduation. As for the classes themselves, you'll appreciate the asynchronous format and compact, eight-week terms. Of course, you'll also appreciate the classes' content, which covers everything from "Fundamentals of Corrections" to "Police and Society" and "Law of Arrest, Search, and Seizure."
Average Tuition & Fees: $13,144/yr

10. National University

Online Bachelor of Science in Criminal Justice Administration

Of all the best cheap online correctional administration programs, National University's BS degree stands out for two reasons. First, the curriculum is uniquely compatible with California's POST police academy training requirements. As a result, certified police officers in the state can leverage their training to earn a bachelor's from National in just 10 courses. The other reason? In addition to a solid core curriculum, this criminal justice degree breaks out from the pack with some truly novel electives. Examples include "Gangs in America," "Minorities, Crime, and Social Justice" and "Organized and White-Collar Crime."
Average Tuition & Fees: $13,016/yr

9. Whitworth University

Online Bachelor of Arts in Criminal Justice Administration

Although many applicants to Whitworth's criminal justice administration program already have their associate's degree, the university also accepts students with no college credit. Plus, the school will also offer credit for past work experience in law enforcement, police academy training, and professional portfolios. Those who qualify will enjoy the convenience of accelerated, six-week classes and a schedule that allows them to graduate in just 18 months. Add in the fact that Whitworth will pay for your textbooks and you've got one of the top bachelor's in criminal justice administration online. Note, however, that this is technically a hybrid program, so you should plan on visiting campus about three times per six-week term.
Average Tuition & Fees: $12,960/yr

8. Union Institute & University

Online Bachelor's Degree in Criminal Justice Management

Union University's criminal justice management program is designed to help you "rise through the ranks of law enforcement." Focused on practical issues and real-world experience, Union's program employs faculty who have first-hand experience in the field and can offer you career-relevant skills. And compared to other schools on this online correctional administration programs ranking, Union's degree is particularly management-focused. Many of the classes are geared toward developing your leadership skills, such as "Supervision in the Criminal Justice Field," "Contemporary Issues in Criminal Justice Management," and "Criminal Justice Management and Administration."
Average Tuition & Fees: $12,896/yr

7. Franklin University

Online BS in Criminal Justice Administration

Franklin University offers a straight-forward, transfer-friendly online criminal justice administration degree that will prepare you for leadership positions throughout the field. And while some programs focus mainly on legal theory or government, Franklin's degree almost exclusively covers topics related to law enforcement and corrections. The result is a practically-minded curriculum that will qualify you for in-demand jobs - not just as a police officer, but also as a prison guard, probation officer, bailiff, and other similar occupations. Plus, you can specialize your studies with a concentration in one of four areas: Public Administration, Law Enforcement, Homeland Security, or Corrections.
Average Tuition & Fees: $12,241/yr

6. Tarleton State University

Online BAAS in Criminal Justice Administration

For a flexible, broad-based education in justice administration, take a look at Tarleton State University. TSU's program accepts prior college credit as well as training and/or certifications from law enforcement and military programs. If you have documentation that you have at least 496 hours of training experience, you'll earn 33 credits toward your degree - that's an entire year's worth of classes! Your remaining credits will come from taking online correctional administration program classes, which cover a wide berth of topics. For example, you'll take "Community Corrections" and "Criminal Evidence" along with less common courses like "Survey of Forensic Science" and "Criminal Justice Statistics."
Average Tuition & Fees: $12,239/yr

5. Park University

Online BS in Criminal Justice Administration

Park University's BS in Criminal Justice Administration offers a "modern professional curriculum" that not only covers all the basics of the field but also allows you to specialize in a specific career track. These areas of concentration are Law Enforcement, Corrections, and Security. The basic coursework for all three concentrations is relatively similar. However, those on the Corrections track will study probation and parole, while Law Enforcement and Security concentrators will take classes in criminal investigation and security administration, respectively. Another notable feature of Park's accredited online criminal justice administration degree is its capstone experience, which requires you to complete either an internship or senior writing project and seminar.
Average Tuition & Fees: $10,774/yr

4. SUNY College of Technology at Canton

Online Bachelor of Technology in Criminal Justice - Law Enforcement Leadership

Looking for a "dual approach" to your education that combines aspects of both business and public safety? Well, that's exactly how SUNY Canton describes its Bachelor of Technology in Criminal Justice, which has a focus in Law Enforcement Leadership. An accredited online corrections management degree for students seeking supervisory positions in the criminal justice field, Canton's program is decidedly career-oriented. You'll take classes like "Leadership and Decision Making" and "Criminal Justice Agency Management," and you'll even have the option to attend a law enforcement academy in your final semester. You can also choose to cap off your studies with an internship or sequence of upper-level electives.
Average Tuition & Fees: $10,225/yr

3. Missouri Southern State University

Online Bachelor's Degree in Criminal Justice Administration

Missouri Southern State University stands out on this online corrections management degrees ranking with its flexible yet specialized curriculum. To start with, all CJA majors at MSSU will take the same 39-credit core, which covers criminal law and procedure, corrections, juvenile justice, and more. You'll then get to customize the curriculum however you see fit by choosing from a lengthy list of electives. In addition to the standard fare, choices also include unique topics like "Fish and Game Enforcement" and "Family Violence." Lastly, you might consider specializing your education with a related minor. Options include corrections, juvenile justice, and crime scene investigation.
Average Tuition & Fees: $8,817/yr

2. West Texas A&M University

Online Bachelor of Science in Criminal Justice Administration

Offered entirely online, WTAMU's criminal justice degree is perfect for students who have a strong interest in administration. With a relatively small core curriculum, the program devotes much of its coursework to an administrative specialization. Classes within this emphasis include "Administration of Criminal Justice Organizations" and "Ethics, Justice, and EMA Systems," Somewhat uniquely, this affordable online correctional administration programs also require you to take a number of classes from other departments, such as sociology and public administration. This approach ensures that you acquire a broad overview of criminal justice - and related fields - while still getting the targeted managerial training you need.
Average Tuition & Fees: $8,481/yr

1. Colorado State University-Global Campus

Online Bachelor's Degree in Criminal Justice and Law Enforcement Administration

It may be the most affordable online corrections management degree on this list, but that doesn't mean CSU's program is of cheap quality. In fact, this degree stands out for its flexibility in terms of both academics and scheduling. Not only does CSU feature a generous transfer policy and "alternative credit options," but it also supports a large number of specializations - which students can apply to any degree program. That means that while majoring in Criminal Justice and Law Enforcement Administration, you'll have the freedom to tack on targeted electives in subjects like Criminology, Business Administration, Emergency Management, Criminal Forensics, and more.
Average Tuition & Fees: $8,400/yr

Thanks for reading our ranking of the 20 top cheap corrections management degrees online!

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