10 Cheapest Bachelor's Degrees in Teaching

Updated December 6, 2022 · 4 Min Read

A bachelor's degree can help jumpstart a new career. Find out more on our most affordable bachelor's degrees in teaching.

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Bachelor's in Teaching

A foundation in teaching prepares students for employment at all levels, and individuals can earn a respectable salary at each level of the educational system. According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, teachers in the United States made anywhere between $57,980- $78,470 per year. 

A Bachelor's Degree in Teaching gives students access to this job market, and if they wish to progress beyond the high school level, it can be important to earn a master's or doctoral degree. Regardless, however, the foundation of a bachelor's degree in teaching provides valuable experience and knowledge of education in and out of the classroom that is great preparation for graduate school.

For those looking to study teaching, it is important to first consider what grades the degree prepares students for, and students should be mindful of whether or not they want to teach elementary, middle, or high school students. Additionally, some programs offer specialization in Teaching English as a Second Language (TESOL), which can be a valuable marketing tool, as it also often means training for the students themselves in the second language.

Lastly, students should also consider whether or not the program is accredited by a variety of teaching-based agencies and whether or not it allows them to get licensed as a teacher in their state. With this in mind, check out the 10 Cheapest Bachelor's Degrees in Teaching!


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10. Florida International University

Bachelor of Science in Elementary Education (Grades K-6)


To start off, Florida International University offers a Bachelor of Science in Elementary Education that brings together teaching, coursework and experience out in the community. Students are prepared through hands-on practical experiences. FIU also provides two options for the degree: Teacher Preparation and Career Development. Teacher Preparation ensures that students complete the courses required to earn state certification with teaching English as a Second Language and reading endorsements as a teacher and includes student teaching. It requires 126 credit hours of study. Career Development centers on positions outside of the classroom in fields like government and business through 120 credit hours of coursework.

Score: 90.5
Net Price: $12,219

9. Purdue University

Bachelor of Arts in Elementary Education


Purdue University has a Bachelor of Arts in Elementary Education degree that follows state and national standards for elementary school teacher preparation. Professional education classes are taken in a block, and each one ensures that students have a field experience in which students can utilize what they are learning in the classroom to the community. This program also helps students get ready for licensure. In total, the degree requires 128 credit hours of coursework with a special concentration on Reading. The curriculum includes classes like Media for Children, Educational Policies and Laws, Literacy in the Intermediate Classroom, and The Inclusive Classroom.

Score: 100.0
Net Price: $12,117

8. University Of South Florida

Bachelor of Arts in World Languages And Cultures with Applied Linguistics


The University of South Florida brings together language and culture through its Bachelor of Arts in World Languages and Cultures with a concentration in Applied Linguistics. This program requires 120 credit hours of study. This particular degree helps to prepare students for careers teaching languages due to its focus on language-related issues and the role of language in our daily lives. Additionally, it prepares students for a career in a global society. Some of the courses included in this program include Teaching Foreign/Second Language, Sound Systems in American English, Psycholinguistics, and Methodology of Teaching English Overseas.

Score: 94.4
Net Price: $11,766

7. Appalachian State University

Bachelor of Science in Elementary Education


The Bachelor of Science in Elementary Education at Appalachian State University prepares students for licensure in North Carolina, but it also has reciprocity with 37 states. Students have opportunities throughout their career at ASU to complete field experiences. The BS requires 128 credit hours of coursework. This curriculum includes courses like Development of Literacy for Learning, Development of Literacy for Learning, and Social Studies in Elementary School. Additionally, high-achieving students can begin their graduate work early as part of the Accelerated Admission from Baccalaureate to Master's Program that helps students work toward their Master of Arts in Elementary Education.

Score: 96.2
Net Price: $10,473

6. Florida Atlantic University

Bachelor of Arts in English Education with ESOL Endorsement


At Florida Atlantic University, students can earn their Bachelor of Arts in English Education with English as Second Language endorsement. Students take 75-81 credits of upper-division coursework in education and English in order to prepare for graduation. This program is approved by the Florida Department of Education and the Council for Accreditation of Teacher Education. The ESOL endorsement also prepares students to teach English to non-native speakers. Some of the sample courses included in this program include Language Arts: Middle and Secondary, Applied Learning Theory, and Secondary School Effective Instruction. Additionally, field experiences are worked into many of the courses, ensuring that students get professional development as part of their coursework.

Score: 81.2
Net Price: $10,100

5. University Of Washington

Bachelor of Arts in Early Childhood And Family Studies


The University of Washington offers a Bachelor of Arts in Early Childhood and Family Studies. This degree is specifically geared toward helping students to better understanding child development, policy, family support, and human services. It is also a great way to prepare students for graduate work in education, child and family studies, and mental health areas. This program also allows students to focus on Teaching and Learning, in which they participate in service learning. This requires 84-87 credits of upper division courses, some of which have titles like Education on the Playfield, The Purpose of Public Schools in a Democracy, Bully, Revenge, and Belonging: Cultural Perspectives on Social Power, and Education and the Highly Capable Learner.

Score: 97.9
Net Price: $9,443

4. Rhode Island College

Bachelor of Arts in Secondary Education


The Bachelor of Arts in Secondary Education at Rhode Island College prepares students to teach in grades seven through twelve. They must also choose a specific subject area to major in one of the following subjects: Biology, Chemistry, English, French, General Science, History, Mathematics, Physics, Social Studies, or Modern Languages. Students can also opt to have a Special Education concentration. In total, the program requires 34 credit hours of coursework in the major itself. Some of the classes included in this curriculum have titles like Schooling in a Democratic Society; Content and Pedagogy in Secondary Education' and Instructional Methods, Design, and Literacy.

Score: 73.2
Net Price: $9,008

3. Coppin State University

Bachelor of Science in Elementary Education


At Coppin State University, the Bachelor of Science in Elementary Education program is approved by the Maryland State Department of Education, recognized by the Association for Childhood Education International, and is part of a grouping accredited by the National Council for the Accreditation of Teacher Education. This particular degree prepares students to work with students in grades one through six through practical experiences in the classroom and coursework in curriculum development, evaluation, and assessment of student learning. In total, the degree requires 122 credit hours. The core requirements of this program include classes like Diagnosis and Remediation of Reading Disabilities, Strategies and Materials for Teaching Reading, and Curriculum Planning and Management.

Score: 72.5
Net Price: $8,685

2. CUNY Queens College

Bachelor of Arts in Elementary & Early Childhood Education


CUNY Queens College offers a Bachelor of Arts in Elementary and Early Childhood Education. This program prepares students to earn a New York State Initial Certificate in Childhood Education for grades one through six. Students are also required to double major in one of the liberal arts and sciences programs. This degree requires two semesters of student teaching as part of a professional preparation sequence, which also has courses like Modern Learning Technologies, Language and Literacy Development: Teaching Reading, and Foundations in Special Education. These courses are designed to ensure that students have the practical skills needed to succeed in the classroom. This degree requires between 120 and 153 credit hours.

Score: 74.3
Net Price: $4,739

1. CUNY Brooklyn College

Bachelor of Arts in Childhood Education with an Extension for Bilingual Education


Last, but certainly not least, is Brooklyn College's Bachelor of Arts in Childhood Education with an extension for Bilingual Education. This degree prepares students for New York State initial teacher certification for teaching grades one through six. This also helps students to teach in Spanish/English bilingual programs. This program is also a writing intensive program, giving students a strong proficiency in articulating themselves that extends itself into the classroom as well. Courses in this program include Teaching the Creative Arts, Inclusive Education and Teaching Students with Special Needs, and Integrated Methodologies for Literacy Instruction. Students must earn at least 120 credit hours to earn a baccalaureate degree at Brooklyn College.

Score: 91.9
Net Price: $4,144

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