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Introvert Nursing Careers

  • Nurse Educator
  • Private Duty Nursing
  • Forensic Nursing
  • Nursing Informatics
  • Legal Nurse Consultant

If you're an introvert but are interested in a nursing career, you may be a little apprehensive. Introverts are typically less out-going, preferring solitude over long periods of interaction. If you're classified as an introvert, you may also be a very private person and crave independence. You may also think that a career in nursing is impossible for someone who doesn't enjoy social interactions, but these five nursing careers for introverts can let you live out your dream without sacrificing your comfort.

1. Nurse Educator

A nurse educator is someone who has clinical expertise, but also a passion for teaching. As an educator, you won't have to live with the personal and emotional connections that normal nurse practitioners endure on a daily basis. While you will more than likely be surrounded by people, it is an independent job that allows you to set your own pace for social interaction. Nurse educators are responsible for "designing, implementing, evaluating and revising academic and continuing education programs for nurses," according to Nurses for a Healthier Tomorrow. With this nursing career, you are responsible for preparing the current and future generations of nurses.

2. Private Duty Nursing

This career is absolutely perfect for introverts who want to help people, but do not enjoy frequent social interactions. Private duty nurses typically care for patients in their homes for a variety of reasons. This differs from the endless amount of patients you would see in a hospital setting. These nurses tend to have a set number of patients that they see on a daily basis, forming closer bonds with a few patients instead of having more interactions with a large amount of patients. As an introvert you may also need "mental breaks" after stints of interactions, making this career perfect. Private duty nurses can have irregular hours, working 4, 6, 8, and 12 hour shifts.

3. Forensic Nursing

Forensic nurses mostly serve patients that have been victims of some sort of violence, whether it be sexual, domestic, or intentional injury. These types of nurses don't have regular "rounds" which include numerous patients that must interact with. Forensic nurses work instead with a particular type of patient, so their social interaction is more limited. And since introverts tend to be very caring, emotional people, they are the perfect type of person to take care of patients who have suffered serious trauma. Forensic nurses collect evidence, provide testimony for legal purposes, and obviously provide exceptional medical care.

4. Nursing Informatics

This is quite arguably one of the best careers for introverts who are interested in the world of nursing. According to the Healthcare Information and Management Systems Society, nursing informatics is "the specialty that integrates nursing science with multiple information management and analytical sciences to identify, define, manage, and communicate data, information, knowledge, and wisdom in nursing practice." These types of nursing careers tend to be patient-free, limited an introverts need to socialize. Most interaction is done with co-workers and the administration, leaving you to do an important nursing job without forcing yourself into unwanted social interactions.

5. Legal Nurse Consultant

Much like nursing informatics, these types of consultants are more outside the realm of everyday patients. Legal nurse consultants must interact socially, but on more legal terms. They analyze and evaluate facts and testimonies related to the delivery of nursing and other healthcare services. They also work to determine the nature and cause of injuries. Legal nurse consultants must have a working knowledge of the medical and legal fields, requiring a serious level of independence and discipline; perfect for introverts. These nursing careers can be found with law firms, government agencies, healthcare facilities, and insurance companies.

As naturally caring people, it's easy to see why introverts are interested in a nursing career. With that caring nature also comes a fear and anxiety of social interactions, making it difficult to know whether becoming a nurse would be right for you. With this list of nursing careers for introverts, you can achieve your goal of helping people while still staying true to who you are.

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