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Updated March 24, 2021

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Business Intelligence Jobs

  • Analysts
  • Specialists
  • Consultants
  • Project Manager
  • Directors

The business field is constantly growing, resulting in an array of Jobs in Business Intelligence. Business intelligence characterizes a diversity of software applications used to evaluate an entity's raw data. It is composed of various related activities, such as online analytical processing, data mining, reporting, and probing.

Many organizations used BI to reduce costs, improve decision-making, and find new business prospects. There are many jobs in Business Intelligence, such as business intelligence analysts, business intelligence specialists, business intelligence consultants, business intelligence project managers, and business intelligence directors.

Business Intelligence Analysts

Business intelligence analysts are among the popular Jobs in Business Intelligence. They utilize data to project business and market trends to enable organizations to increase their productivity and profits. They collect the data in numerous ways, such as using software to mine computer data and looking at data from industry trends and competitors. They evaluate the data, including looking at past trends and observing current conditions. Once business intelligence analysts effectively analyze the data, they communication their findings with managers or other upper-level professionals. Most employers require business intelligence analysts to possess a minimum of bachelor's degree in business, information science, or other related areas.

Business Intelligence Specialists

Business intelligence specialists manage strategic design and maintenance of business intelligence activities. They help their companies with information technology and intelligence issues. They choose, blueprint, design, and implement business intelligence solutions. They also recognize and resolve technical issues to make sure the activities improve business decision-making abilities, operations, and profitability. Business intelligence specialists use many types of software tools and compose reports based on discovered business data. Business intelligence specialists usually need a bachelor's degree in business intelligence, information technology, or similar discipline.

Business Intelligence Consultants

Business intelligence consultants apply business intelligence solutions and manage related projects for various clients. They assist businesses and organizations with attaining a competitive edge by employing information management solutions. Business intelligence consultants use many different types of business intelligence devices to provide analytics solutions to clients. They define technical requirements, design, and tailor business intelligence solutions, help marketing staff in the sales process, and work as part of a team for new business intelligence applications. A bachelor's degree in a related area and a minimum of two years relevant work experience is usually required for this position.

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Business Intelligence Project Manager

Business intelligence project managers work with other professionals to establish plans for projects that define the requirements, schedule, and resources. They monitor progress, implement and manage necessary changes, and report progress. They make sure that a specific business intelligence solution is implemented within the specified time frame and meets the necessary requirements. They also ensure the solutions are cost effective. Business intelligence project managers regularly communicate with project boards and other professionals throughout the duration of projects. These professionals often need a minimum of a bachelor's degree with relevant experience in the field.

Business Intelligence Directors

Business intelligence directors are in charge of leading design and development business intelligence activities for organizations. They work with both internal professionals and outside individuals to reach the goals of the company. They strive to increase profitability and operations of the company as a whole. They provide leadership to a variety of other professionals and conduct and supervise training activities. They commonly participate in business meetings to recommend ideas and modifications for future business intelligence solutions. Business intelligence directors often have a master's degree in business intelligence or related area and extensive experience in the industry. Many professionals have industry certifications.

Jobs in Business intelligence are essential aspects of many business and organizations to make sure the best profitability and procedures. With the constantly increasing technology, business intelligence will continue to grow to help organizations maintain a competitive advantage. This industry has a higher than average growth rate, making it an ideal choice for those seeking Jobs in Business Intelligence.

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