Best Value Online Schools in Wyoming 2019

By BVS Staff

Welcome to our best value ranking of online colleges in Wyoming.

Admittedly, it's hard to even call this a "ranking" when it only includes a single school! The reality is that Wyoming, which is large on space but very low on people, is not exactly an epicenter of higher education. Truth be told, the University of Wyoming is [currently] the only comprehensive option available for local college applicants who want to stay in-state. But all is not lost! Fortunately, UW has done an impressive job of creating distance learning programs that appeal to undergrads and expand accessibility. So with this ranking, we're bringing you the 1 – the only 1 -"best value" online college in Wyoming. Of course, we will update this ranking if and when more Wyoming colleges establish online degrees. Note that for rankings with 3 schools or fewer, we made the decision not to include individual scores due to a lack of data. However, the order of the ranking still stands as an indication of relative value. For more general information see our ranking of the best affordable online colleges.


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University of Wyoming Best Value Online Schools in Wyoming
Although state residents may not have many choices, they lucked out with a school like UW to represent the best online college in Wyoming.

1. University of Wyoming

Laramie, WY


Facts about Wyoming: it is the 10th largest state by area, but also the least populous. On top of that, it is also the second lease densely populated (after Alaska, of course)! As such, public schools like the University of Wyoming face a unique challenge. As the only public, four-year college in the entire state, this university has its work cut out for it. Fortunately, UW had developed a small (but growing) list of online programs to increase accessibility for students all across the region. With extremely low tuition and a solid set of degree options that includes Business Administration, Nursing (RN-BSN), and Family and Consumer Sciences, UW earns the right to claim its title as the top online school in Wyoming.

In-State Undergrad Tuition: $4,892/yr

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