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The TED organization began as a conference devoted to Technology, Entertainment and Design (TED) in 1984. Almost since its inception, start-ups have been a hallmark of TED talks about entrepreneurship, and it is one of the best resources for aspiring founders and business people. Over 100 TED presentations on entrepreneurship cover subjects from down to earth advice on how to start your own business, to talks that inspire a creative road map for “out of the box” thinking for start-up businesses, product ideas and innovation.

How to Pitch to a VC: David Rose

If you have a start-up business or are thinking about one that will require capital funding, David Rose’s TED Talk on pitching to venture capital funds is a must-watch. Rose is an expert in venture funding and has advised many start-ups. He also funds startups himself through his membership in the New York Angel investors and his own company, Rose Tech Ventures. Rose’s talk gives at least ten types of specific advice on “dos and don’ts” of pitching your company to Venture Capital individuals or groups for funding.

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Creative Problem-Solving in the Face of Extreme Limits: Navi Radjou

Navi Radjou is an “innovation strategist” who is inspired by frugal innovators in emerging markets. Another term for frugal innovation is “jugaad,” which Radjou explains in his talk. He provides three principles that show how entrepreneurs can do more with less funding, and gives many examples of these principles at work. One example Radjou provides is a Peruvian engineering college which designed a billboard that absorbs humidity in the air and converts it to water, a valuable commodity in the region where less than an inch of rainfall occurs annually.

How Great Leaders Inspire Action: Simon Sinek

Leadership expert Simon Sinek is the author of “Start With Why” and “Leaders Eat Last,” both considered classic leadership books. His TED Talk introduces his golden circle process for leadership, which is centered on the question, “Why?” Simek’s examples of leadership include Apple, Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. and the Wright Brothers. Purpose-driven leadership is presented through a series of examples and answers to the central question of “Why?”

The Single Biggest Reason Why Startups Succeed: Bill Gross

Founder and incubator to dozens of start-ups, Bill Gross’ TED Talk focuses on five key factors that contribute to start-up success. Gross has witnessed outstanding start-ups fail, and mediocre start-ups achieve huge success. The biggest factor he identified in their success stood out, and was surprising to him. Timing is the factor Gross says leads to the greatest levels of entrepreneurial success in his data-driven TED Talk.

How to Manage for Collective Creativity: Linda Hill

Harvard business professor and author Linda Hill presents the stories of 16 different leaders in 7 countries and how they led teams to success. Hill’s talk encourages people to “unlearn” conventional concepts of leadership. She presents three capabilities that all of the successful innovative organizations and companies had in common: creative abrasion, creative agility and creative resolution. The organizations had developed an inclusive, “patient” decision-making process that allowed for multiple solutions to problems, not either/or choices. Hill’s talk features specific examples from companies like Google, Pixar, and companies in India and Africa.

TED Talks cover dozens of topics in science, medicine, art, health, business and more. These five TED talks about entrepreneurship are a sampling of the topics available on their website for start-ups.

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