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  • Black’s Law Dictionary
  • LexisNexis Get Cases
  • Quizlet
  • ABA Journal
  • Law Dojo

Whether you enroll in a pre-law program in college, or you decide to attend law school, you should download some of the best apps for legal studies students to your phone. These apps are also appropriate for students enrolled in paralegal studies programs. You’ll find apps that help you look up cases, test your skills before a big exam and even stay informed on news in the legal field.

Black’s Law Dictionary

Though the textbooks that you use vary from class to class, one of the books that you’ll use most often is Black’s Law Dictionary. This large book covers nearly every topic in the legal profession and also gives you easy to read definitions for common words. Carrying that book with you is nearly impossible, and you probably don’t want to keep rushing to the library between classes, which is why you should download this app. It gives you full access to that dictionary from your phone.

LexisNexis Get Cases

One of the best research tools at your disposal is LexisNexis, which can help you find case details from modern and older cases. Though you need to pay to use those directories, your law school or college should give you free access. LexisNexis Get Cases is one of the top free apps for legal studies students because it lets you do similar searches from your phone or tablet. The downside is that it limits the way you can search and often requires that you know the case number of other details about the file to view it on your phone. As long as you know that info though, you can view summaries for all those cases.


Creating flashcards can help you prepare for a big test, but many students hate wasting time finding cards, writing down terms and describing those terms. Quizlet is a handy app that lets you access flashcards created by other legal studies students all across the country. You search for the subject you need to study, and the app will show you all the related flashcards that you can use. It also comes with a new feature that will convert those cards to a an actual voice that will read you the cards.

ABA Journal

ABA Journal is one of the top apps for legal studies students and for working lawyers. The American Bar Association is the most prestigious legal organization in the country. Not only does it license lawyers, but it also puts out its own journal of legal news. With this app on your phone, you can view articles from new and recent issues and read breaking legal news. It also lets you share articles on social media and bookmark articles for reading later.

Law Dojo

Briyana Boyington of U.S. News & World Report picked Law Dogo as one of the best apps for legal studies students. This simple app comes loaded with games and fun quizzes that test your knowledge of key legal areas, including torts, criminal law and even real estate law. It’s available for both Apple and Android devices and serves as a great way to test your skills before a big test. You can also use this app as a refresher after doing your readings for class.

Nothing will replace the textbooks and materials that you read for your classes, but certain apps can make learning a little more fun and help you prepare for upcoming tests. The top apps for legal studies students let you read news, view articles published by the American Bar Association, read through flashcards and even access one of the top legal dictionaries from your phone.

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