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Updated August 11, 2020

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Master's in Speech Communication Jobs

  • Hiring Manager
  • Corporate Trainer
  • Copywriter
  • PR Manager
  • Grant Writer

Earning a Master's in Speech Communication can take you up to two full years of study after you finish a bachelor's degree, but earning this degree will open up more career opportunities. Speech communication is the study of human speech. It also looks at how humans interact with each other and what factors can change those interactions. Your studies will prepare you for a variety of jobs in the business field and other industries.

Hiring Manager

With an advanced communications degree, you can go to work in the business field as a hiring manager. Hiring managers work for companies and help those companies find qualified people for various job openings. Managers are usually the ones who compile a list of attributes and skills needed for a job, but they also advertise open positions and interview prospective workers. They may work with existing employees to ensure that they have the training needed for their positions and to help them move up within that company.

Corporate Trainer

If you like working directly with people and have strong public speaking skills, you might consider a job as a corporate trainer. Corporate trainers often work for large companies and train all new workers as well as train current employees. Current employees may require extra training after an accident to ensure that everyone is on the same page and understands what steps to follow to keep other workers safe. Trainers also make sure that new workers understand all policies put in place by the company and the duties associated with their job titles.


Once you have an advanced speech degree, you can also enter the world of writing and work as a copywriter. Copywriters can work independently and on a freelance basis or for specific companies like advertising and marketing firms. They create different types of content based on the needs and wishes of their employers. You might create short blog posts and longer articles for a client's website or create even shorter posts that they can use on social media sites as well as write press releases.

PR Manager

A PR manager, also called a public relations manager, is a professional who is responsible for the public relations of a company or an individual. As a PR manager, you'll lead a team of public relations specialists. Those specialists might work on charity events, fundraisers and parties that bring attention to a specific problem or a new product. They also work to improve the reputations of their clients both online and off. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, managers working in advertising, marketing and promotions earn a median salary of nearly $129,000 a year.

Grant Writer

Once you have your Master's in Speech Communication, you might decide to work as a grant writer too. Grant writers often work for nonprofit organizations and charities that need help raising money, but they can also work for schools or as freelance contractors. Working on a freelance basis lets you work with multiple clients every year. Grant writers often research the types of grants available and help clients decide which grants will best benefit them. They then write detailed proposals to help clients get those grants, which can include a history of the organization, why it needs that grant and how it will use the grant.

Speech communication is a field of study that focuses on the oral interactions between humans. Though you can find work with just a bachelor's in speech, you can find even more work with a graduate degree. Use your Master's in Speech Communication to work as a PR manager, copywriter or in other fields.
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