5 Jobs With A Master’s In Public Administration

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Updated August 11, 2020

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Master's in Public Administration Jobs

  • City Manager
  • Public Administration Consultant
  • Director of Administration
  • International Aid Worker
  • Marketing Director

An MPA is an interesting degree with a wide range of public administration jobs available for graduates. Those who major in public administration usually see themselves as ethical individuals who are interested in making a difference in the society. Working as a public administrator gives you a chance to interact with people from all walks of life and earn a good salary. Here is a list of the top five careers you can do with your master's degree in public administration.

City Manager

City managers control all the operations in small towns and major cities. They undertake all the administrative tasks and implement policies developed by the elected city leaders. They also supervise departments, maintain a proper budget and represent the city in meetings and conferences. City managers work long hours and are always available when a crisis develops. They are always in contact with the public and the government officials to ensure the policies adopted by the city's legislature are implemented well. According to PayScale, city managers earn a median salary of $85,303 per year. Those who work in bigger cities earn as high as $160,000.

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Public Administration Consultant

Public administration consultants work with the government and private organizations to help them maintain a favorable public image. They mainly focus on delivering policies and procedural recommendations to their clients. These recommendations may include meeting budgets, gathering the views of the public and managing projects that directly affect the surrounding communities. Public administration consultants work as self-employed professionals. They usually have busy and highly dynamic work schedules due to the wide variety of clients they serve. The average salary is $73,000 per year. The highest-paid individual gets up to $130,570.

Director of Administration

The main duty of directors of administration is to improve the organization's processes, implement policies, manage administrative staff and champion long-term goals. In order to carry out these duties, they must oversee the daily office operations, maintain personnel records, monitor the recruiting and training processes and coordinate the implementation of the organization's strategic plan. Individuals who qualify for this position must have good leadership and interpersonal skills and be able to work on multiple projects. Public administration directors earn a median salary of $72,376 per year. Most of them work in nonprofit organizations and state institutions.

International Aid Worker

International aid workers travel abroad and live in foreign countries for at least some months to facilitate humanitarian activities launched by the organizations they work for. For instance, they may be responsible for ensuring that the children in war-torn and poor countries get food and basic vaccines. Other duties may include assessing emergency situations, collaborating with various professionals, such as police officers, doctors and social workers and coordinating volunteering activities. International aid workers usually operate in highly volatile environments. This requires individuals who are very flexible and able to work effectively under unpleasant conditions. Their salary ranges between $56,324 and $92,540 per year.

Marketing Director

Marketing directors hold a critical position in any organization, as they oversee the development and delivery of integrated marketing strategies put in place. This may include improving the brand's image, identifying marketing channels, overseeing the implementation of marketing strategies and guiding the day-to-day activities of the sales team. Individuals who want this position should show confidence and be dynamic leaders. They must also be able to spot and explore potential marketing opportunities. Marketing managers earn an average salary of $62,759 per year.

Choosing to pursue a master's degree in public administration is a decision you can never regret. It prepares you for a wide variety of career opportunities with a huge potential for advancement. The list discussed above is just a fraction of the numerous public administration jobs you could do with an MPA.

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