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Kenyon College is located in Gambier, Ohio on a picturesque 1,000-acre campus. It is located just 45 minutes away from the capital, Columbus, and includes a 480-acre nature preserve. It is a residential, private liberal arts college, offering student's exceptional degree programs, as well as unique opportunities to collaborate with faculty while living on campus.

Originally founded in 1824, Kenyon College is the oldest private college in the state of Ohio. In the beginning, it was a small college that only educated all-male clergymen for frontier America. However, the school quickly evolved and is now considered a highly regarded educational institution with graduates including statesmen, as well as a former president of the United States, Rutherford B. Hayes.

The literary prominence of the college dates back to 1939 when the Kenyon Review was founded by critic and poet, John Crowe Ransom. Since this time, Kenyon College has grown quite a bit in size and has welcomed 1969 women, expanding intellectually, earning a number of national recognitions in several fields. Alumni from this college include not only quite a few eminent writers but also artists, educators, scientists, actors, and other leaders in various business professions.

Kenyon College Accreditation Details

Kenyon College is a well-respected educational institution and has received accreditation from the Commission on Institutions of Higher Education of the North Central Association of Colleges and Schools. The school has also received accreditation from the Higher Learning Commission.

Kenyon College Application Requirements

Even though Kenyon College appreciates the unique perspective each student brings to the facility, there are a few characteristics sought in students. The College looks for students who are bright and willing to ask questions. Individuals should be at the top of their class, involved in the school by playing sports, spending time as a volunteer in the community, or participating in other extracurricular activities outside of the classroom.

When applying for enrollment at Kenyon College, there are some requirements students must meet to be considered. The college requires a minimum of 18 units in academic work in some type of college-preparatory program. (Each unit is the same as one 2-semester course or two 1-semester courses.) The college also encourages students to utilize honor-level, IB or AP courses where they are offered. The recommended course units a student should have include:

• 4 in social studies
• 4 in science
• 4 in one foreign language
• 4 in mathematics
• 4 in English

Also, the Office of Admissions has recommended (but it is not required) for students to participate in an interview.

Other requirements for enrollment consideration include ACT and SAT scores for all applicants. There is no need to submit SAT II subject tests for enrollment. If a student is an international student, transferring from another college or home-schooled, there may be additional requirements to meet.

Tuition and Financial Aid

Kenyon College offers need-based financial assistance to about 43 percent of students. Approximately 12 percent of students receive some type of merit scholarship.

For students accepted to the college and who qualify for need-based aid, the College will provide 100 percent of the proven financial need for the entire four-year period. The majority of students who are qualified for aid will also likely be offered additional loans. Kenyon College will not "gap" students, which is why the aid packages are considered some of the most generous that students can receive.

The average yearly charges and fees for students who attend Kenyon College is $63,330. This includes tuition, room, board, and student fees. Since all students live on campus, the room and board are not an optional expense.

There are several types of need-based financial aid for students to consider. This includes on-campus employment, student loans, and grants. Merit scholarships, which are not based on a student's need, are also available. These are provided by the admissions office and given on a competitive basis, independent of the need-based financial aid that is provided.

To apply for financial aid to attend Kenyon College, students from the United States, Mexico, and Canada have to fill out and submit the CSS/PROFILE. They can also fill out the FAFSA, which will allow them to be considered for federal financial aid. International students have to fill out and submit the International Student Financial Aid Form, as well as the Certifications of Finances form.

Degree in Political Science

The Political Science degree program offers students a unique, challenging, and vibrant educational experience in the field of politics. This program focuses on analyzing all types of current issues, as well as debating the most enduring and profound problems of public life. This major combines the study of modern and ancient political philosophy, along with the analysis of American politics, international relations, and comparative politics.

There are three basic objectives pursued by this department in the curriculum, which include:

• To develop the capacity for the intelligent analysis and evaluation of various public policies with a sensitive awareness of the opposing ideas and views in political debates.
• To promote the understanding of different types of political systems and the relations of them.
• To explore different types of political systems and the relations of them.

During the program, the course is highly focused on various fundamental ideas that concern the human nation, the purposes of government, and justice. The course readings done will present students with several different points of view and encourage them to participate in the debate and discussion of controversial questions.

Those who enroll in this degree program will find there are some unique opportunities offered during their four-year experience. For example, any student who is interested in political science and who wants to study off-campus during their third (junior) year, is encouraged to take the PSCI 240 and 260 courses before going abroad. There is also a senior exercise that consists of a five-hour comprehensive exam that is typically scheduled the Saturday prior to spring break. Once complete, students in Kenyon College's Political Science degree program will be eligible to receive their degree and begin their career in this exciting and growing field.

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