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Grace Mission University is a co-educational, private, theological institution. It was created for students coming from an array of faith backgrounds, but who all share the common desire to study the Word of God with spiritual sensitivity and academic rigor. The educational programs at the school also work to help students develop their ministerial skills and spiritual gifts.

Originally founded in Los Angeles, Grace Mission University was a vision of the United Presbytery, which sent more than 2,000 missionaries to locations all over the world. To fulfill this vision, a seminary was needed. The higher arm of the Presbyterian Church International General Assembly, Grace Mission University was created to train Spirit-filled leaders. There are five degree programs offered at GMU including Doctor of Missiology, Master of Divinity, MA in Intercultural Studies, MA in Christian Education and B. TH. In Theology.

The initial inauguration ceremony for GMU took place on February 5, 1996, and on May 10, 1996, the school was approved with the BPPE, in the state of California, to operate as an exempt religious university.

Grace Mission University Accreditation Details

Accreditation provided to a college or university ensures the quality of degree programs offered. Accrediting agencies are all private educational associations at the state and federal level that assess if a program or institution meets the criteria set by the agency. GMU has received accreditation from the Transnational Association of Christian Colleges and Schools, TRACS. Additional accreditations the school holds include The Association for Biblical Higher Education, The Association of Theological Schools in the United States and Canada and the Council for Higher Education Accreditation.

Grace Mission University Application Requirements

Students who wish to enroll at Grace Mission University will undergo an application process that surpasses the applicant's academic record. A high school diploma, or GED, is required for admissions and the person must demonstrate a call to serve the Church, spiritual maturity, the spirit of the Christian experience and gifts for ministry. Any man or woman who manifests faith, the Christian experience, moral character and proper academic preparation are welcome to apply to the school.

Prior to students being allowed to register for any courses, admission has to be granted. To be considered for admission, prospective students must provide the following items to the Admissions department:

• The completed application form
• The required application fee of $30
• Their official high school transcript and any transcripts from a postsecondary institution that has been attended
• Two recent photographs (2" by 2.5")
• Two references (one from a past teacher and one from their pastor)
• An essay of two to three pages that details the applicant's call to the ministry, which should include a self-evaluation of their weaknesses and strengths

GMU also offers special enrollment for special students. These are the individuals who want theological training, but who don't want to work towards an actual degree. These students will be allowed to go to classes, but will not be eligible to receive a degree.

Tuition and Financial Aid

Financial aid is provided for students who are accepted for enrollment at GMU. One option is scholarships. Students are unable to be awarded more than one scholarship for each semester except in the case of student employment scholarships. All scholarships are awarded at the start of every semester and students will receive credit for the total amount of the scholarship awarded toward their tuition. It is important to note, the total amount of the scholarship cannot exceed the tuition that a student has to pay.

For scholarship options are available for students who enroll at GMU, which include:

• Academic Achievement Scholarship: One full time M. Div. student and one full-time BA student who has the highest GPA from the previous year will receive the scholarship for the cost of tuition the next semester. Typically, this amount will range between $500 and $1,000 each.
• Financial Need Scholarship: Any student who has a financial need is invited to apply for this scholarship. The application must be submitted to the student dean. By the end of May, the student Dean will post the names of students who will receive the aid.
• Work Study Scholarship: Any money earned from these jobs will be applied to the outstanding balance a student has for tuition and fees. If they owe nothing, they will receive cash.
• Designated Scholarship: Organizations and churches can choose to support or provide a scholarship for certain students, if desired.

Financial aid is also offered to students who fill out the FAFSA.

The Master of Divinity Degree Program

The Master of Divinity degree program at Grace Mission University takes a student three years to complete. Once successful, they will be prepared for a career as an ordained minister. It has been created with the intention to integrate historical, theological, biblical and the practices of ministry studies, which include a supervised ministry experience. The program was designed to help equip students for a role as full-time vocational pastors. It offers professional training for para-church organizers, church associates, missionaries, chaplains, and evangelists. The student must earn a minimum of 105 credit hours to earn the degree.

Once the course requirements are met, those successful in the Master of Divinity program will have the following knowledge:

• The ability and knowledge to handle basic tasks of ministry.
• The ability to convincingly, accurately and clearly communicate God's truth to one or multiple people.
• The ability to integrate theological and biblical knowledge within the practices of ministry.
• Understanding and knowledge of the historical tenets of the Church and Reform distinctive.
• The ability to apply and interpret the Bible by using sound exegetical and hermeneutical principles.

The course requirements for this program include 36 credits in biblical and theological studies, 21 units for general studies, 30 units for practical theology, 18 units of electives, which equates to 105 total credits to earn the degree successfully. Some of the specific courses a student will take during their time in the program include Intro. To the Bible, Systematic Theology II, Biblical Hebrew II, Ministry Formation, Greek II and Church History I. Students who are interested in this degree program at Grace Mission University should apply today to get started next semester.

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