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Senators Henry Gassaway Davis and Stephen Benton Elkins donated land in 1901 to establish a college with an association to the Presbyterian Church. Citizens of Randolph County matched their donations and the College Board of Trustees met for the first time in 1902. The original campus was on land donated by Senator Elkins. Though it is a small liberal arts college, it has distinguished itself by being one of the first schools in Appalachia to offer an ADHD college program.

In 1926, Mrs. Hallie Davis Elkins, the daughter of Senator Davis and the widow of Senator Elkins, donated land to the college. The property, which included Mrs. Davis' home, Halliehurst, became the site of the college that same year. Halliehurst was built in 1890 and was patterned after a Rhineland castle that Ms. Davis admired. Today, it is a National Historic Landmark and is the location of the college's President, Admission and Development offices.

Senator Davis' original estate, Graceland, was acquired for the college in 1941. Named for the Senator's youngest daughter, Grace, the building was designed by Baldwin and Pennington of Baltimore, Maryland. It was built in French-style architecture inspired by the family trips to Europe. The house features broad porches with smaller porches on the wings. One porch now serves as dining veranda. At one time, it was used for student housing but is now used as an inn.

The school initially included an academy with classes taught by the same faculty that taught college-level courses. When the school moved to the Elkins property in 1926, the academy closed. From the beginning, the school served students from the local area as well as other states and countries. Before World War II, enrollment never grew past 250 students and the school almost did not survive the Great Depression. During World War II, the school was saved when three military training units were based on the campus. After the war, student enrollment grew significantly as soldiers took advantage of the G.I. Bill.

Today, the college has enrollment of almost 800 students. It is still affiliated with the Presbyterian Church and is located on a 172-acre wooded campus with views of the Appalachian Mountains.

Davis & Elkins College Accreditation

Davis & Elkins College is regionally accredited by the Higher Learning Commission of the North Central Association of College and Schools. Regional accreditation lets parents, students and future employers know that graduates are well-prepared for careers in the field they have chosen. Individual programs at the college are also accredited by industry-specific agencies, organizations and associations.

Davis & Elkins College Application Requirements

Students who have not earned college credit after high school graduation are admitted to Davis & Elkin College as freshmen. Students must complete an online application and provide official high school transcripts. Programs may have other admission requirements so students are encouraged to speak to an admissions counselor before applying.

Students who have earned college credit after high school graduation must submit an online application and provide official copies of all college transcripts. Students must also provide official high school transcripts. Students must have a 2.5 GPA from an accredited institution and no more than 62 credits may be transferred. At least 36 credit hours for a bachelor's degree and 28 credits for an associate's degree must be earned at Davis & Elkins. Students should discuss their transfer credits and qualifications with a transfer specialist before applying.

Davis & Elkins College Tuition and Financial Aid

Full-time tuition at Davis & Elkins College is $28,500 per year. Financial aid is available in the form of gift and self-help aid. Gift aid does not require repayment and includes Federal Pell Grants and Davis & Elkins Merit Scholarships. Self-help is aid earned through work or received through student loans that must be repaid. Currently, approximately 90 percent of students who attend Davis & Elkins receive some type of financial aid. Federal work-study and Federal Stafford Loans are also available.

Davis & Elkins College Programs for Students with ADHD

Students with ADHD sometimes have difficulty while attending college. The many distractions, constant noise and long nights of studying can be extremely difficult with students who suffer from attention deficit disorder. For this reason, there is an ADHD college program available at Davis & Elkins known as the Supported Learning Program.

The ADHD college program, which also helps students with other learning disabilities, began in 1989, providing individualized support to those who have documented learning disabilities. In order to qualify for the ADHD college program, students must have an Individualized Education Plan (IEP) which states that they suffer from ADHD or other form of attention deficit.

Students in the program spend one hour each week with a Supported Learning Instructor who helps them with time management strategies, organizational skills, methods for learning and study skills specific to their needs. Some students may receive specialized technology and assistance in order to help them succeed in the college setting. Students must meet all admissions requirements and complete a separate Supported Learning application. There is an additional fee and students are admitted on a limited basis.

In addition to the weekly meetings with the instructor, students receive five hours of supervised study hall and incoming students earn one credit for completing "Study Skills for Success." Students are regularly monitored and are provided guidance throughout the year. Students are also provided strategies for test taking, note taking and studying. There is also instruction on balancing the academic and social challenges that exist at the college level.

Weekly group meetings for students with ADHD and other attention deficit disorders are also available as well as testing accommodations should the student's IEP require them. Students may also be provided notes taken by peer note takers or other technology designed to help them succeed at the college level.

Davis & Elkins is the first college in West Virginia to host the Delta Alpha Pi International Honor Society, which recognizes students with disabilities for their educational achievements.

Davis & Elkins has been providing outstanding education for more than a century. Their program designed for students with disabilities is just another benefit offered to students designed to help them succeed in their higher education goals. The college provides as much assistance as possible to students who may have learning disabilities that could hinder their success at the college level.

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