5 Best Value Online Schools in New Hampshire 2019

Welcome to our best value ranking of online colleges in New Hampshire.

As a small New England State, New Hampshire is home to just 15 different institutions of higher education. And yet, nearly two-thirds (9 out of fifteen) of these schools enroll a decent percentage of distance learners. Of those online-accessible schools, we're bringing you the five "best value." These top 5 colleges all earned at least 50 points (out of 100) in our ranking. For more information regarding online learning, you may also want to check out our ranking of the Top Affordable Online Colleges


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Rivier University Best Value Online Schools in New Hampshire
NEC has designed its distance learning program to include some of the most popular online college courses in New Hampshire.

5. New England College

Nashua, NH


Like many of the online schools in New Hampshire, New England College's annual tuition rates aren't the most appealing to the budget-conscious. But remember, the best schools are the ones with the greatest value, and this idea goes far beyond price. Where cheaper online colleges might skimp on academic breadth and depth, NEC offers a smorgasbord of high-value, applicable undergraduate programs. As an online student at NEC, your options include psychology, accounting, business administration, sociology, health administration, liberal studies, human services, and criminal justice – in other words, only the most popular bachelor's degree programs nationwide!

In-State Undergrad Tuition: $29,700/yr
Score: 54

Daniel Webster College Best Value Online Schools in New Hampshire
If you're looking for an investment-oriented education, Rivier University's online college courses in New Hampshire can provide knowledge that will serve you well for many years to come.

4. Rivier University

Nashua, NH


When it comes to online colleges in New Hampshire, Rivier probably won't win any awards for being the cheapest of the bunch. At nearly $30,000 in annual tuition, the university doesn't always live up to its claim to offer "affordable, competitive tuition." But that hasn't stopped Rivier from clinching the 4th spot on our best value online ranking. Relevant online programs in Business Administration, Nursing, Public Health, Psychology, and Individualized Studies may quickly convince students that the steep tuition will translate to greater rewards in the job market. And just like many other cheap online colleges, Rivier features rolling admissions, a generous transfer policy, and multiple start dates.

In-State Undergrad Tuition: $15,630/yr
Score: 69

Plymouth State University Best Value Online Schools in New Hampshire
Daniel Webster's flexible scheduling makes it easy for working adults to earn their online degree in New Hampshire.

3. Daniel Webster College

Plymouth, NH


At just 15% average distance enrollment, Daniel Webster College barely makes the cut for this New Hampshire online colleges ranking. As such, one might expect DWC's offerings of online degrees to be similarly light. And yet, this college shines with a suite of seven distinct, highly relevant online programs for the modern world. You can earn a B.S. in Business Administration, Homeland Security, Sport Management, Health Services Management, Accounting, Marketing Management, or even Construction Business Management through Daniel Webster's comprehensive virtual education system. What's more, hardworking students can eliminate tuition costs entirely by applying for the prestigious President's Scholarship – a $20,000 award!

In-State Undergrad Tuition: $13,128/yr
Score: 87

Granite State College Best Value Online Schools in New Hampshire
Granite State College offers more online college courses in New Hampshire than just about any other school in the state.

2. Granite State College

Concord, NH


Granite State College's annual tuition rate, which comes in just above $7,000 a year, is reason enough to consider this one of the best online schools in New Hampshire. But the price alone doesn't explain why 3 out of 4 GSC students opt for distance learning. Flexibility, adaptability, value: these are all qualities that the college offers to explain its popularity amongst online learners. But what really sets Granite State apart from others is its immense variety; students can choose from a whopping 25 online bachelor's degrees, including a few particularly unique options like Computer Science Innovation, Digital and Social Media, and Individualized Studies.

In-State Undergrad Tuition: $7,257/yr
Score: 99

Southern New Hampshire University Best Value Online Schools in New Hampshire
The long list of academic opportunities on offer at SNHU will make the slightly higher cost of this online college in New Hampshire seem well worth the expense.

1. Southern New Hampshire University

Manchester, NH


With the variety and affordability available at Granite State, it's hard to imagine that any school in the region could earn higher placement on this New Hampshire online colleges ranking. And yet, Southern New Hampshire University narrowly takes the gold, earning the #1 spot due not only to its high online enrollment numbers (80%, on average), but also its more than respectable 58% graduation rate. Plus, when it comes to selection, there's simply no competing with SNHU. The university offers well over 100 online bachelor's degree programs – 112 to be exact – spanning unconventional topics like forensic accounting, environmental sustainability, fiction writing, data analytics, campaign leadership, and many more subjects.

In-State Undergrad Tuition: $30,386/yr
Score: 100

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