5 Best Value Online Schools in West Virginia 2019

By BVS Staff

Welcome to our best value ranking of online colleges in West Virginia. For our overall ranking of online colleges, see Best Cheap Online College Degrees.

West Virginia is home to about 20 different colleges and universities – a low but unsurprising number given the state's small size and rural population. Thus, it's also no surprise that the number of schools offering significant online education options falls in the single digits. But it's quality over quantity, as they say. Of those online-accessible schools, we are bringing you the 5 "best value." These top 5 colleges all earned at least 60 points (out of 100) in our ranking.


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University of Charleston Best Value Online Schools in West Virginia
An affordable college degree in West Virginia is not hard to come by at the University of Charleston.

5. University of Charleston

Charleston, WV


Students seeking an affordable and flexible degree in some of the most practical fields today will be pleased to find a plethora of online college courses in West Virginia at the University of Charleston. Spanning Business, Accounting, Nursing, Psychology, and more, the University of Charleston's online bachelor's programs are designed to meet the needs and goals of students of all backgrounds. And although its in-state tuition may not be quite as low as others on this list, Charleston features a number of merit scholarships based on GPA and ACT scores that can automatically qualify high-performing students for up to full tuition coverage.

In-State Undergrad Tuition: $26,100/yr
Score: 62

West Virginia State University Best Value Online Schools in West Virginia
The latest in web technology makes West Virginia State University a shoe-in for our West Virginia best online degrees ranking.

4. West Virginia State University

Institute, WV


West Virginia State University's Center for Online Learning uses the latest software and hardware platform for distance learning to engage students from around the country at the highest level possible. Through continuous instructor training, online student tech support, and modernization of remote curriculum and delivery methods, WVSU is able to stay ahead of the curve in online learning and maintain its reputation as one of the best online schools in West Virginia. Although only a quarter of its students qualify as distance learners, it's only a matter of time before WVSU is recognized as the definitive online school in the state.

In-State Undergrad Tuition: $6,662/yr
Score: 71

Marshall University Best Value Online Schools in West Virginia
Marshall University is among the most affordable online schools in West Virginia.

3. Marshall University

Huntington, WV


At Marshall University, there is no doubt that price is a strong motivating factor for many if not all online students. After all, Marshall's under-$7,000 in-state tuition makes it cheaper than the vast majority of colleges in the country, which means working students can often forgo loans or other aid to finance their undergraduate education. But price alone does not a top online college in West Virginia make. Fortunately, Marshall backs up its low prices with an ample variety of online bachelor's and certificate programs that are all but guaranteed to place graduates on the path to a rewarding career.

In-State Undergrad Tuition: $6,814/yr
Score: 79

Bluefield State College Best Value Online Schools in West Virginia
Bluefield's sheer number of online students attests to its West Virginia best online colleges ranking.

2. Bluefield State College

Bluefield, WV


With well over half of its student body enrolled in its distance learning program, it would be impossible to deny the statute of Bluefield State College among top online colleges in West Virginia. In order to achieve and maintain this overwhelming majority of online students, Bluefield deploys a remarkably sophisticated array of distance learning modalities that allow students to learn online in many different ways. From an Interactive Video Network (IVN) to Moodle and Blackboard, each online class and department at Bluefield utilizes unique delivery methods that cater to their specific curricula.

In-State Undergrad Tuition: $6,120/yr
Score: 86

Fairmont State University Best Value Online Schools in West Virginia
Low price and high quality make Fairmont State University the best online school in West Virginia.

1. Fairmont State University

Fairmont, WV


Like Bluefield, Fairmont State University owes its West Virginia top online colleges ranking to the fact that it primarily serves online students, whether in or out of state. And in this regard, Fairmont far outstrips its competitors, with nearly two-thirds of its student body enrolled in online courses. The reasons for this high level of online enrollment are undoubtedly varied, but regardless, FSU deserves praise for adapting its learning methods to the needs of the local residents. Fairmont's online courses also serve students enrolled at the nearby Pierpont Community and Technical College. And although the majority of classes are 100% internet-based, some may require up to three on-campus visits.

In-State Undergrad Tuition: $6,620/yr
Score: 100

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