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Network Security Jobs

  • Software Security Engineer
  • Chief Security Officer
  • Security Consultant
  • Cyber Security Engineer
  • Information Security Analyst

As technology advances and evolves, hackers devise innovative ways to obtain data from large companies and even individuals. Since security breaches are a growing global threat, the demand for network security professionals is growing. Companies are raising the salaries for the vital protection provided by network security experts. These are some of the top jobs in the field.

1. Software Security Engineer

For leadership positions, the average salary for this title is over $230,000. These professionals have duties ranging from developing software for companies to developing employee training programs. They are trained to handle nearly any security aspect of a program. To qualify for this type of position, candidates must have at least a bachelor's degree. Some of the higher-paying jobs require a graduate degree as well. In addition to having excellent network security skills, job candidates must have strong communication skills and the ability to work as a team member. This is a demanding job and is only ideal for those who embrace and welcome challenges.

2. Chief Security Officer

A chief security officer's main duty is to prepare a company for facing threats. CSOs are C-suite experts and must be able to establish existing and possible threats. They develop best practices for dealing with those threats and turn them into actionable plans for the workforce. Communicating those plans and overseeing them is also part of their job. They must maintain data security and monitor their plans to measure the effectiveness of them. In addition to having at least a bachelor's degree, candidates must usually have special certifications. The average annual salary is about $225,000.

3. Security Consultant

For students who like the idea of working somewhat independently, this is a good position. A security consultant builds a client base and helps those clients develop and implement security strategies. They educate their clients about cyber attacks and how to address vulnerabilities. To be a successful security consultant, a person must be a strong communicator and an excellent project manager. This job requires multitasking for multiple clients, which is overwhelming to someone who does not have strong organizational skills. The average salary is just shy of $200,000 per year.

4. Cyber Security Engineer

This is a good job for professionals with penetration testing skills. These engineers use tools to test and improve security. They work with small and large organizations to develop plans for preventing cyber attacks and mitigating damages from security breaches. Some may be employed by large companies, and some may be independent consultants. They must identify and address both internal and external threats. To qualify for this position, candidates must have at least a bachelor's degree. The average annual salary is $170,000.

5. Information Security Analyst

According to US News, this job ranks fifth among the overall best technology jobs. These professionals are the gatekeepers of networks. They are responsible for building security plans and implementing changes. Information security analysts monitor, prevent and respond to cyber attacks and data breaches. This position is available in large financial companies, health care organizations, and government agencies. Some analysts may also work as freelance consultants. The median salary for this job starts at about $88,000 with the potential to earn more. Most positions require a bachelor's degree or higher.

As compromised information leads to more incidents of identity theft, the need for skilled network security professionals will grow. More companies are adding these professionals to their staff every year. The first step toward a successful career in this field is finding the right degree program.

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