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Early Childhood Education Jobs

  • Preschool/kindergarten Teacher
  • Teachers Assistant
  • Child & Family Social Work
  • Childcare Director
  • Special Education Teacher

Those who have earned degrees in the field of early childhood education can look forward to a wide range of jobs to go into. Graduates with an associate's or bachelor's degree can put their skills to use almost immediately in several specialties. An early childhood education degree is flexible and can be applied to fields that may otherwise be outside the realm of education, including social work and care aides. Here, we'll discuss five popular careers that an early childhood education degree can be applied to, these are:

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Preschool/kindergarten Teacher

A pre-kinder/preschool teacher profession is by far one of the most popular career choices made by early childhood education graduates. A survey of over 6,000 graduates revealed that the overwhelming majority became a preschool teacher, with a lower sample being placed in kindergarten classrooms. Most kindergarten teachers have obtained an elementary education degree. Therefore, graduates with a bachelor's in early childhood education may need additional training or credentials to become kindergarten teacher. In a rewarding environment, preschool gives a newcomer to the world of teaching a place to teach, as well as learn in preparing adolescents for grade school.

Teachers Assistant

As a TA, employees are expected to reinforce and support the lessons and work taught and assigned by the teacher. TAs may be responsible for helping to grade assignments, monitor standardized testing, and enforce disciplinary protocol in a learning environment. In certain circumstances, teacher's assistants may act as substitutes if the teacher is unavailable. Most TAs also work with students regarding class activities, lesson help, and tutoring in some instances.

Child & Family Social Work

Working with families, schools, and other agencies, social workers help to develop healthy family standards and assist children. This may range from helping children and teens in abusive homes, families who struggle, and those exposed to other harsh environments. Social workers report to a head agency. Here, they may help direct adoptions, foster care, and disciplinary protocol for troubled youth, as well as long-term solutions. They may also advise and report to teachers and the employment of family members.

Childcare Director

To put it blatantly, a childcare director acts as a principal in a preschool or daycare environment. They are responsible for supervising teachers and staff. Ensuring that educational/care protocols are adhered to is the main function of a childhood director. Therefore, they must enforce policies and communicate with teachers parents, as well as implement standards for resolving conflicts. Part of the job also includes hiring and training new staff members, as well as creating budgets and fee plans. Childcare directors have to report to the state and must maintain facilities according to state ethics.

Special Education Teacher

Teachers who work in special education will need a bachelor's degree in an educational field to qualify. These teachers work with students who have learning, physical, emotional, and mental disabilities. They are responsible for implementing Individualized Education Programs (IEPs) and tracking each student's progress according to their needs. Ensuring transparency is met with full communication between administrators, parents, and students is a top priority for special education instructors.

With so many opportunities available, it's no wonder that early childhood education has become a staple for modern education majors. Degrees can be applied to multiple programs and positions, many working with both associate's and bachelor's degree holders. These jobs have the full potential to become lifelong careers in rewarding environments.

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