5 Great Cybersecurity Companies to Work For

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Cybersecurity Companies

  • Kaspersky Labs
  • FireEye
  • McAfee
  • TrustWave
  • Avast

As the virtual world has grown, so too has the number of cyber security companies in operation. Answering the growing demand for security in the virtual world, these companies provide consumers with privacy and security when transacting online. For those interested in a career in this industry, there are many very helpful tools out there with which one can refine their exact, desired path. In this same spirit, we are happy to present our own brief rundown of five great cyber security companies to work for.

Kaspersky Labs

Kaspersky Labs is a top-four antivirus vendor as well as the world’s largest private vendor of ending-point, protection solutions. Founded in 1997 and continuing to be a fundamental facet of the cyber security world, job security is just one perk of working for this leading company. Outside of this, the company has grown a reputation for treating loyal employees well. Kaspersky’s healthy compensation packages include generous pay, volumes of paid time off, employee assistance programs, casual office days, free breakfasts, free gym, comprehensive insurance, and a whole lot more.


FireEye is a very successful internet security business run by industry-leader and past CEO of McAfee, Dave DeWalt. Under DeWalt’s leadership, the company has become a formidable presence in the world of cybersecurity. As an employee of FireEye, one can expect great pay. In addition, the perks are many: excellent, paid insurance packages, free food and snacks, ample, paid time off, employee appreciation days, and more. It is also well-known that employees boast a great deal of morale in working for this trailblazer among cybersecurity companies.


If the name McAfee is not familiar, we could only start by saying that it is the world’s largest, dedicated security tech company. Based in Santa Clara, California, this business has touched the lives of millions with its revolutionary encryption and protection technologies. Working for McAfee will provide one with about as much job security as is possible. Not stopping there, free internet security products, great salary, expansive perks packages, and an amazingly inclusive, team work-group environment also await those who become employed here.


As reported on by Business Insider, TrustWave is a world-leader in information security as well as the responsible party in the discoveries of a string of recent, high-profile malware attacks. Their importance in the industry is unquestionable. TrustWave has been in operation for 21 years and is not going away anytime soon. PTO starting at 10 days paid, high salaries, work-at-home opportunities, excellent insurance, and more await the well-compensated employees of TrustWave.


Our final nod to great cybersecurity companies to work for goes to Avast. Stories abound from current and past employees of this company on just how relaxed and happy the work environment here is. Management is said to be extremely friendly and encouragement of individual creativity unsurpassed. It is also of great benefit when an employee can stand to do very well here with regard to pay and perk packages. In addition, anyone seeking those occasional and much-coveted work-at-home opportunities will be thrilled to learn that there are a number these positions, obtainable from within the company.

In conclusion, we recommend you check further into these companies and others similar to them if interested in working in the cyber security industry. The more you know about a potential employer in this industry, the more likely you are to make better, more informed choices about the right path to take towards your future. Your place awaits, with a great career within the top cyber security companies of the future.

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