5 Great Blogs for Math Teachers

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Math Teacher Blogs

  • Math Coach’s Corner
  • Math = Love
  • Keeping Math Simple
  • Math in the Middle
  • Math Teacher Mambo

    Though you might think that math teachers only use the resources their schools and districts provide, many also use some of the top blogs for math teachers. These blogs offer useful information about teaching math to students of different ages and projects that can make math more fun. According to PayScale, the median salary for a math teacher is just under $47,000 a year. When you use some of the tips and tricks found in these blogs, you can improve your student reviews and maybe make some more money too.

    Math Coach’s Corner

    Teaching younger children math skills like addition and subtraction is important because it helps them understand algebra, trigonometry and the more advanced math classes that they will take later. Math Coach’s Corner is a good resource for math teachers working with those younger students. Donna Boucher has more than 15 years of experience as a math teacher and worked with kids in second through fifth grade before becoming a math coach. Her blog features helpful tips on creating lesson plans and fun activities for math students.

    Math = Love

    Sarah Carter is a math teacher who works for a small high school in Oklahoma. She created Math = Love because she wanted both teachers and students to know that learning math skills can be fun. Unlike other blogs that only post once a week or a few times a month, Carter typically posts a new blog three or more times every week. Some of her more popular posts include advice from her former students that new students can use.

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    Keeping Math Simple

    Erlina Ronda started the blog called Keeping Math Simple because she wanted to share some of her own experiences in the classroom. Ronda points out that many people assume that learning math is easy and that teachers should make the process as easy as possible, but she claims that teaching math is much harder than people think. Keeping Math Simple features practical advice on teaching basic math as well as more complex tasks to students and how to break down the steps so that students can understand the information. Posts cover different areas of math like geometry and algebra.

    Math in the Middle

    The anonymous author of Math in the Middle is a middle school math teacher with lots of ideas that other teachers can use. Helpful links on the side of the page let you click on tags to find articles about going back to school after summer break, videos that can help kids with math problems and tips on teaching linear equations. The blog also features lesson plans, tips on creating your own lesson plans and fun projects and activities that you can do with your students.

    Math Teacher Mambo

    One of the fun blogs for math teachers that features regular updates is Math Teacher Mambo. Shireen Dadmehr has 20 years of experience teaching math to high school students and uses her blog as a way to share advice with new teachers and provide teachers at all levels with practical information. She also created a fun activity called Math Libs that takes the Mad Libs game to a whole new level. You’ll find photos of some of the projects she recommends and step by step instructions on those projects too.

    Textbooks and the other resources that the school and school district give you can help you stay on track during the school year, but you’ll also want to look for other resources you can use in your classes. The top blogs for math teachers include both practical advice and fun activities suitable for your students.

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