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This list features fifty of the best online community colleges. Community college online courses are actually quite common. In fact, most of the best community colleges in the USA have online courses. Somewhat rarer are community colleges with online courses that also offer fully online degree programs. The difference between a community college online course and a fully online program is that often it can be difficult to earn an entire degree online if the school doesn’t group their online courses into programs. And for budget-conscious students planning to go on and pursue a four-year degree, enrolling at one of these schools can be just the ticket to earning cheap college credit.

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One of the best things about online programs is the freedom afforded the student. Not everyone lives near a community college, but community colleges don’t offer housing. This means that for students who don’t live close enough, community college wouldn’t help them save nearly as much money. The online programs fix that because the students can continue to live at home, not have to worry about commuting, and even easily do their course work around their job schedule.


In creating this list, we tried to find the best community college with the most online offerings in each state. Unfortunately not every state has a community college with online programs. So, what if you live in one of these states, and aren’t in driving distance to a community college? Are you out of luck? Well, not exactly. See many of the schools we included offer out-of-state students extremely low prices. The prices may not be as low as the in-state pricing for that school, but often times a school will offer an out-of-state price for lower than other schools’ in-state prices. So everyone should be on the lookout for those schools; they’re a great value! Schools are presented here in alpha order by state.

#1. Northwest-Shoals Community College

Muscle Shoals, Alabama


Northwest-Shoals Community College features online online programs primarily designed to enable students to have a smooth transfer to a four-year school. The business program offered online by the school serves the dual purpose of providing vital business training to students who want to start their career as soon as they’ve earned their associate’s

Tuition: $4,231
Number of Online Programs: 6

#2. Rio Salado College

Tempe, Arizona


Rio Salado College offers the widest range of programs among any school on our list and likely features the most extensive offering of online associate’s degrees, and certificates. Students can study a wide range of subjects from general business to computer technology and programming.

Tuition: $2,046
Number of Online Programs: 40+

#3. Cossatot Community College

De Queen, Arkansas


Cossatot Community College offers programs like medical assisting and administrative assistant online that will allow students to enter the workforce upon their graduation. The business management, accounting, and general education tracks are all for students planning to transfer to a four-year university.

Tuition: $2,332
Number of Online Programs: 6

#4. Coastline Community College

Fountain Valley, California


Students at this Fountain Valley school have many courses from which to choose, and one of the overall cheapest community colleges to be found in the entire country. While many community colleges may offer just slightly lower tuition, students won’t find a better selection of online programs at a better price anywhere in the country.

Tuition: $1,136
Number of Online Programs: 19

#5. Community College of Aurora

Aurora, Colorado


All of the associate degree programs at this Colorado community college are guaranteed to be transferable statewide into the four-year versions of the degree. Community College of Aurora has one of the most extensive lists of associate degree programs of study which includes: anthropology, economics, political science, mathematics, psychology, and computer programming among many others.

Tuition: $3,394
Number of Online Programs: 26



The state of Connecticut has a central hub where their public colleges connect to offer a range of online degree programs. Most of the associate level programs are offered through the state’s community college system. The cost listed here is the tuition of Gateway Community College, one of the several colleges that offers the online degree programs through the CTDLC hub.

Tuition: $3,866
Number of Online Programs: 6

#7. Broward College

Fort Lauderdale, Florida


While Broward College offers students options with eight distinct online associate’s level programs that can be combined with 14 different certificates. In addition to the associate in arts degree which is perfect for students looking to take their general education courses at low cost and greater convenience, the many AS programs offered by the school can help a student immediately enter the workforce, or move comfortably into a specific four-year program.

Tuition: $2,542
Number of Online Programs: 8

#8. Albany Technical College

Albany, Georgia


Albany Technical College offers nine degree programs, and eight diploma programs fully online. The difference between the degree and diploma programs seems to be the degree is roughly 20 more credits (give or take depending on the individual program) and is ultimately just as transferable as the degree program. The diplomas have a more technical focus – for instance, the accounting technology diploma focuses just on the courses necessary to understand the subject, while the degree is a more well-rounded approach featuring electives from the general business catalog.

Tuition: $4,746
Number of Online Programs: 9

#9. College of Southern Idaho


The College of Southern Idaho offers a copious number of ways to study its variety of subjects. For instance, there are numerous options when it comes to the kind of AA and the focus you have when studying general business or education. These options lend themselves well to providing students with the flexibility they need to transfer their degree into the program of their choice at a four-year school.

Tuition: $2,760-3,760
Number of Online Programs: 10

#10. Illinois Central College


The only downside here is that the affordable price is only available to in-district students. This means that state residents outside the district will have to pay tuition that’s more in line with what out-of-state students typically pay at a community college. This seems to run counter to the great online programs offered by the school and hopefully will be changed in the future to accommodate online students from outside the district.

Tuition: $3,750-$8,100
Number of Online Programs: 11

#11. Vincennes University

St. Vincennes, Indiana


Vincennes University offers four associate’s degree programs at a reasonable price. While the price may not be as affordable as many community colleges, overall it’s still less expensive than most higher education options. The four programs are designed primarily to provide students with a good basis for transferring to a four-year school and finishing their degree there.

Tuition: $5,174
Number of Online Programs: 4

#12. Western Iowa Tech Community College

Sioux City, Iowa


While this article does its best to find an online community college from each state, it was, sadly, not possible. However, do not despair if you are one of those in a state without an online community college. Western Iowa Tech Community College only raises its tuition $24 for out-of-state students. Ten programs to choose from means great options for every student.

Tuition: $3,624
Number of Online Programs: 10

#13. Allen County Community College

Iola, Kansas


The cores of Allen’s four associate degree programs are offered online and so are most of the 30+ distinct tracks available to students. Over 90% of students taking ACCC online courses say that they would recommend those courses to a friend. The programs are designed for working professionals, and students just looking to save some money while working and taking care of classes on their own terms.

Tuition: $2,784
Number of Online Programs: 4 (With 30+ tracks between them)

#14. Bluegrass Community and Technical College


Of BCTC’s eleven online programs the majority of them are designed to prepare students to complete their majors at a four-year institution. However, programs like Medical Information Technology and Computer Information and Technology can be used to pursue a career immediately upon earning the associate’s degree. Students with an associate’s degree may find success in pursuing a career immediately, but having the option to return and earn a bachelor’s when needed is beneficial.

Tuition: $3,704
Number of Online Programs: 11

#15. Kennebec Valley Community College

Fairfield, Maine


One of the most interesting fully online degrees offered at KVCC is their pulp & paper technology program. The other three programs offered at the college are fairly standard and designed primarily to allow students to pursue their major at a four-year university. While KVCC only has 4 fully online programs, there are six programs that offer courses online but aren’t yet fully online.

Tuition: $3,345
Number of Online Programs: 4

#16. College of Southern Maryland

Waldorf, Maryland


Fourteen associate’s degrees provide students with plenty of opportunity at the College of Southern Maryland. Combined with nine certificate programs designed to teach you valuable skills in today’s job marketplace and students can find themselves to be quite well set up for success. With most colleges, especially online undergraduate programs accepting up to 90 credits or more transfer credits, students can afford to earn the associate degree with a certificate or two and not lose many credits when transferring to a four-year school.

Tuition: $3,395
Number of Online Programs: 14

#17. Bunker Hill Community College

Boston, Massachusetts


Bunker Hill Community College features eight online Associate of Arts degree programs including: communication, english, history, and business. The school is the largest community college in Massachusetts, and one of the top 25 fastest growing community colleges in the USA.

Tuition: $3,384
Number of Online Programs: 8

#18. Lansing Community College

Lansing, Michigan


Like some others in this list, Lansing Community College charges its lowest rates to in-district students, charging more to others, even if they live in-state. However, that’s a sacrifice some students might be willing to make for the convenience of online programs. Art history, and e-business are two unique programs offered by this school at the associate level.

Tuition: $2,930-$5,480
Number of Online Programs: 8

#19. Alexandria Technical and Community College and Distance Minnesota

Alexandria, Minnesota


Compared to many community colleges Alexandria Technical and Community College might seem a bit expensive, but in the grand scheme of higher education it’s still very affordable tuition. out-of-state students should note that this price is good both in and out-of-state making Alexandria one of the most affordable options for students who don’t have any suitable community colleges that offer online programs in their state.

Tuition: $5,397
Number of Online Programs: 12

#20. Mississippi Gulf Coast Community College

Gulfport, Mississippi


If you’re looking for an affordable online community college degree program, Mississippi Gulf Coast Community College is a great value. With 11 online degree programs to choose from, and affordable pricing, this school is a great choice. out-of-state students will be happy to know that the tuition for them is $4,578, making it much cheaper than a typical out-of-state community college degree.

Tuition: $2,732
Number of Online Programs: 11

#21. North Central Missouri College

Trenton, Missouri


It’s not always easy to find good value among community college degrees online. It’s not ideal that NCMC charges higher out of district rates but at least their out of district rates are a little less than $1,000 more per year. The school might only offer four online degree programs but they four of the most common, flexible programs available, ,meaning students will have little trouble applying them to their four-year degree.

Tuition: $2,880-3,870
Number of Online Programs: 4

#22. Dawson Community College

Glendive, Montana


For states where the population is as spread out as Montana, online programs can be a real boon to students who can’t commute. Dawson Community College offers six online programs, and while the selection may not be terribly broad, the six programs have some of the broadest appeal among modern college students because they’re flexible. The criminal justice and law enforcement degrees can be put to use right out of the gate without the student even having to earn their bachelor’s degree.

Tuition: $3,359-4,696
Number of Online Programs: 6

#23. Mid-Plains Community College

McCook, Nebraska


Mid-Plains Community College has one of the cheapest out-of-state tuitions on this list at just $3,540. This is definitely a school students who don’t have in-state online programs should check out. The five programs offered by the school are pretty standard, a couple transfer-oriented options, and criminal justice.

Tuition: $2,820
Number of Online Programs: 5

#24. College of Southern Nevada

Las Vegas, Nevada


The College of Southern Nevada combines a great price with an impressive range of online associate’s degrees including subjects ranging from communication, to the great Nevada and Las Vegas staple, casino management. Among its 21 online programs, the school also offers a hotel management certificate.

Tuition: $2,700
Number of Online Programs: 21

#25. NHTI-Concord’s Community College


Six online programs and a couple certificates are what NHTI-Concord’s Community College has to offer. accounting, criminal justice, and hospitality & tourism management are three of the programs available. The cost of the school, however, is quite high and students could actually find out-of-state schools where the out-of-state tuition is cheaper than the in state tuition at NHTI.

Tuition: $7,104
Number of Online Programs: 6

#26. Atlantic Cape Community College

Atlantic City, New Jersey


While out of district students in the state of New Jersey do pay more, the tuition isn’t too much higher than the in-district price. Atlantic Cape Community College is still a quality, affordable program. With thirteen online programs to choose from, students have plenty of great options for their associate’s degree including computer programming and computer information systems.

Tuition: $4,152-5,802
Number of Online Programs: 13

#27. Clovis Community College

Chicago, Illinois


Eight associate’s degree programs and fourteen certificate programs are offered online by Clovis. The available certificate programs feature two CompTIA and two Microsoft certifications, both of which are incredibly useful in the information technology field. Another feather in Clovis’ cap is its incredible out-of-state tuition which sits at just $2,376 – cheaper than most schools’ in-state tuition.

Tuition: $1,176-1,248
Number of Online Programs: 8

#28. Finger Lakes Community College

Canandaigua, New York


Finger Lakes is in the process of adding eight more online programs to the 12 already offered. Those eight programs, which include criminal justice, communications, and human services, are already offered 50% or more online, but aren’t quite to the 100% mark. Finger Lakes Community College combines a flexible approach that allows for student independence along with quality instructors and a powerful online learning platform.

Tuition: $4,456
Number of Online Programs: 12

#29. Virtual Learning Community, North Carolina Community College System

North Carolina


North Carolina does things a little differently. Instead of leaving it up to each individual community college to determine and develop its online program, North Carolina brings its community colleges together into the Virtual Learning Community. Students can search programs and courses offered online by any of the community colleges in the North Carolina system and enroll in whichever best fits their needs. This flexible approach is one of the best available to students looking for online education opportunities.

Tuition: Varies
Number of Online Programs: 12+

#30. Bismarck State College


Online education is cutting edge and thus is normally associated with big cities rather than rural communities. However for states where the population tends to be spread out, like North Dakota, it makes sense to have community colleges that offer online programs for the convenience of students who don’t live close enough to a community college to commute. Thus you have Bismarck State College which provides students with 20 online degree and certificate programs from which to choose.

Tuition: $3,520
Number of Online Programs: 15

#31. Cuyahoga Community College

Cleveland, Ohio


Students close enough to take a few in-person classes should know that Cuyahoga Community College offers sixteen hybrid in-person/online programs in addition to the six associate’s and two certificate programs that are served 100% online. Tri-C may be the largest community college on this list, serving over 52,000 credit and non-credit students annually.

Tuition: $3,136
Number of Online Programs: 6

#32. Rose State College

Midwest City, Oklahoma


Rose State offers six online programs currently, with plans to add more. The school takes pride in the quality of its online programs which means it puts considerable effort into making sure they are high quality. The six programs offered by the school are fantastic choices for students seeking to go on to earn their undergraduate degree afterward, and the AAS in Library Technical Assistant qualifies the student to work in entry-level library positions.

Tuition: $3,225
Number of Online Programs: 6

#33. Portland Community College

Portland, Oregon


Portland Community College features three interesting programs which it is rare to find offered online. These programs are gerontology, health information management, and real estate. All three of these programs can be useful for people looking to find an entry level job in those fields. Gerontology in particular is a good field to consider because elder care is a growing industry in need of qualified and compassionate professionals.

Tuition: $3,592
Number of Online Programs: 6

#34. Bucks County Community College

Newtown, Bristol, and Perkasie, Pennsylvania

Tyler Hall on the Bucks County Community College campus in Newtown.

This community college features a numerous selection of fifteen online programs. Among the online offerings at BCCC are programs in mathematics and computer science which are both rare to find offered online, and very useful for students looking to transition into a four-year program.

Tuition: $4,034
Number of Online Programs: 15

#35. Orangeburg Calhoun Technical College

Orangeburg, South Carolina


Orangeburg may only offer three programs online, but they’re three strong options: Associate in Arts, Associate in Sciences, and Criminal Justice. The first two are generally the programs that bachelor’s programs are built on and are ideal for students looking to transfer. Criminal Justice can open more doors than most associate-level degrees. The school also features several certificate programs 100% online.

Tuition: $3,925
Number of Online Programs: 3

#36. Volunteer State Community College


VSCC offers programs in information technology, web technology, health IT, and several others. The online programs are designed with the same content and rigor in order to achieve the same outcomes as the traditional programs. All the instructors are trained specifically in online education methodologies, ensuring quality delivery of the curriculum.

Tuition: $3,801
Number of Online Programs: 8

#37. Palo Alto College

San Antonio, Texas


Among the 19 associate’s degree programs at Palo Alto College are a network administrator program, an AA in economics, and an AAS in supply chain management. These programs among the 16 others offered by the school provide students with many online learning options, several of which provide students the chance to enter the workforce immediately upon earning their AAS. While many likely won’t choose that option, it’s still a great option to have.

Tuition: $2,088-5,550
Number of Online Programs: 19

#38. New River Community College

Dublin, Virginia


There are eleven degrees at NRCC that can be fulfilled completely online, however, most programs of study at the school have online courses making them hybrid so if you are local to the school this provides you with the flexibility to earn most degrees on your own terms. The paralegal studies program is a popular one for people looking to work in the legal field. Students planning to go on to law school can use a paralegal studies associate’s degree to find part-time or summer work as a paralegal, gaining valuable experience in the legal profession.

Tuition: $3,325
Number of Online Programs:11

#39. Shoreline Community College



There are a great number of associate’s degrees available at Shoreline, and they are split into two groups. One group is for those who plan to put their associate’s into action by moving straight into the workforce after earning it, while the other group is designed to seamlessly transfer into four-year programs that build on the classes taken.

Tuition: $3,963
Number of Online Programs: 16

#40. West Virginia Northern Community College


WVNCC is just getting off the ground when it comes to offering fully online programs. The school offers many more courses than their three fully online programs and two fully online certificates might lead you to believe. Thus students local to the school may have plenty of online options for their program even if it isn’t available 100% online.

Tuition: $3,154
Number of Online Programs: 3

#41. Northcentral Technical College


In addition to its nine fully online associate degree programs, NTC offers twelve fully online technical diplomas. Technical diplomas differ from associate degrees in that they often require fewer credits, focusing only on classes that will develop specific skills, allowing the student to gain technical proficiency in their area of study as quickly as possible. NTC also offers ten associate’s degrees that can be completed more than 50% online, and sixteen additional technical diplomas that are 50% or more online.

Tuition: $4,148
Number of Online Programs: 9

#42. Laramie County Community College

Cheyenne, Laramie, Wyoming


The eleven programs offered fully online by LCCC include some interesting choices like homeland security, public policy and administration, and computer information systems. The school also has free online surveys about your time management, computer skills, and online compatibility and learning style to help you determine if earning a degree online is a good fit for you.

Tuition: $2,832
Number of Online Programs: 11

#43. Holyoke Community College

Holyoke, Massachusetts


HCC offers seven full degrees and five certificates online. Degrees can often be combined with compatible certificates which in turn add more substance to the degree and enhance your skillset. For instance, a criminal justice degree combined with a law enforcement certificate pair well for somebody looking to move into the law enforcement field.

Tuition: $3,838
Number of Online Programs: 7

#44. Santa Rosa Junior College

Santa Rosa, CA


SRJC offers degrees and certificates in 31 fields 15 of which are degrees offered online. SRJC’s degree programs are mostly offered fully online, however the school considers anything with available classes over 51% to be an online program so some of the programs listed may not be fully online. The school has indicated that they are moving toward making their full catalogue online.

Tuition: $1,280
Number of Online Programs: 15

#45. Dallas County Community Colleges

Dallas, Texas


The community colleges of Dallas have banded together to offer online programs at incredible prices. With over 23 available degrees, and several more certificates and awards available through the combined effort of the Dallas community colleges’ on their online platform, students have plenty of programs from which to choose. The out-of-state and out of country cost of the programs is also very reasonable at around $2,600 per semester, $174 per credit.

Tuition: $1,670 taking 15 credits per semester
Number of Online Programs: 23

#46. Northern Virginia Community College

Annandale, Virginia


With 20 online programs, it should come as no surprise that there’s a little something for everybody at NVCC. For instance, if you want training to become a fireman, you can earn the associate of science in fire science degree and that should help you find entry-level work as a firefighter when combined with some experience. If a community college is a stepping stone to your four-year program, there are plenty of degrees to help you get there, for instance, somebody wanting to go into a scientific field could take the associate of science in science (or science mathematics).

Tuition: $3,882
Number of Online Programs: 20

#47. Southwest Virginia Community College

Richlands, Virginia


This Virginia community college offers six different degrees but four additional specializations, making the total number more like nine, especially for those just looking for the flexibility to get the classes you need before moving on to a four-year school. If your plan isn’t to do that, then you’re still in good shape because between the degrees, certificates, and specializations, you should be able to develop a competitive skillset.

Tuition: $3,312
Number of Online Programs: 6

#48. Hudson Valley Community College

Troy, New York


There are sixteen associate’s degrees available from HVCC, and an additional eight certificates to go along with them, meaning every student has plenty of opportunity to customize their community college education. HVCC has positioned itself to help students achieve their aspirations of transitioning into a four-year degree, while ensuring that students who want to graduate and go to work are in a good position to do so.

Tuition: $4,754
Number of Online Programs: 16

#49. Mitchell Technical Institute

Mitchell, South Dakota


Mitchell is unique in that while students could study the programs it offers online and then transfer to a four-year school, the focus of the programs offered online is to prepare students for a career. The school offers combinations of degrees and certificates in: administrative office specialist, advanced medical imaging, and small business management.

Tuition: $5.072
Number of Online Programs: 6

#50. Western Wyoming Community College

Rock Springs, Wyoming


The eleven online associate degree programs offered by WWCC are supplemented by some unique certificate programs including certificates in journalism and web development. Among the AA degree programs offered are social work, computer information systems, and marketing.

Tuition: $2,400
Number of Online Programs: 11

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